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Gravity = mass-gravity + positron-space-gravity; reconciling neutrinowith positron #363 Atom Totality 4th ed

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Old March 9th 11, 10:11 PM posted to sci.physics,sci.astro,sci.math
Archimedes Plutonium[_2_]
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Default Gravity = mass-gravity + positron-space-gravity; reconciling neutrinowith positron #363 Atom Totality 4th ed

I am going to start a new adventure here in physics. An adventure that
hopes to
understand the meaning of the neutrino and positron and how gravity

In the history of physics, we discovered a particle of the neutrino to
explain how
to keep conservation of energy true to form by saying that in the
decay of a
neutron that there must exist a neutrino in order to keep Conservation
of Energy true.

But all of us would recognize that Physics does not create particles
just to keep
human accounting books of conservation of energy pliable. That the
neutrino does
not exist for just accounting, but that the neutrino must perform
something of importance
as its reason for existence. Same goes for the positron, for it is
unexpected that the
vacuum of Space should be full of positrons.

So here is an adventure to extend our understanding of the reason of
existence for the neutrino and the positron.

What if the reason for existence of the neutrino and positron is that
they are the key particles
that compose Geometry of Space and are the particles that intermediate
the force of gravity? That sounds like a much better reason for
with a full fledged job at hand for the neutrino and positron, then
merely some accounting
books of conservation of energy in physics.

The idea is that the neutrino particle is the particle of Space and
gravity inside an atom and inside a neutron. The positron particle is
also a particle of Space and of gravity only it exists
in the single atom of the Atom Totality, for we are not going to find
positrons come out of a
neutron decay. In a neutron decay we are going to have a neutrino come
out, for the neutrino
job while in the neutron was to mediate geometry and gravity inside
the neutron. For the Atom Totality is a special atom, the cosmic atom,
and although Space of the Cosmos is full of neutrinos and Space is
neutrinos, we also have positrons as Space in the Atom Totality.

So this new adventure is to wander up a new road of looking at the
neutrino and positron as the force particles that mediate gravity and
create the Space that is talked about in Physics.

Now I may have a immediate proof of the above, in the fact of pulsars.
All physicists know how to build a radio transmitter, or at least all
good physicists know how to build a radio
transmitter. What does it take to build the most rudimentary radio
wave transmitter? How about a radio transmitter built from that of
neutrinos as mass-gravity and positrons as positron-pseudosphere-

Are pulsars when a star's mass gravity with its positron-pseudosphere
gravity form a radio
transmitter? So that a pulsar is not a star shining and emitting
photons of light but rather
a radio emitting radio waves due to the fact that the mass-gravity has
locked with its
positron-space-gravity and become a radio transmitter? When gravity
has two components
of force, then gravity can become a radio transmitter.

Now a long time ago I had a vinyl phonograph record of the sounds of
the planets. Sort of like the music of the sounds of whales. Now I do
believe the planets emit a "sound". And pulsar stars are dead stars
with a radio wave but hardly what we would consider to be music.

Archimedes Plutonium
whole entire Universe is just one big atom
where dots of the electron-dot-cloud are galaxies
Old March 10th 11, 07:39 AM posted to sci.physics,sci.astro,sci.math
Archimedes Plutonium[_2_]
external usenet poster
Posts: 858
Default Gravity = mass-gravity + positron-space-gravity; gravity particle =neutrino with positron #364 Atom Totality 4th ed

Now one subject I missed in school was to study particle physics to
make sense
of Group theory on physics particles, their symmetries.

What I mean is that if I blurted out a statement that neutrinos form
those who studied Group theory will immediately chime in to the
conversation to
tell me I am wrong because a graviton must have such and such
properties whereas
a neutrino has different properties.

I would thence retort that they have a incomplete understanding of the
force of gravity
and that gravity has more than one component.

Gravity force = mass-gravity plus the component of positron-space-
gravity and which both
terms are likely to be almost of equal strength to one another.

The question I need to resolve is when the neutrino comes off the
neutron decay into
proton + electron + neutrino, the important question is whether that
neutrino energy is
equivalent to a EM ratio of 1 to 10^-39 in electric charge?

To put that question in its most simple form, is that I am asking
whether the force strength of the EM force as 10^39 stronger than the
force strength of gravity, whether that number 10^-39 reappears as a
distance of the proton and electron that sits inside
the neutron before it decays? So that a neutron decays in about 15
minutes of time and is that related to how close the proton and
electron became inside the neutron of a distance
measured in some distance unit of 10^-39? So that the Space occupied
by the proton and electron inside the neutron was converted into a
particle known as the neutrino which radiates out upon the neutron

Now protons do not have associated particles that electrons have with
neutrinos. So whereever there are electrons, there are neutrinos. But
whereever there are protons, they are not accompanied by proton-
related particles.

And the difference between say a Tau neutrino and Muon neutrino and
the regular neutrinos
is only a difference of electrons in different energy excited states.
So if you have a highly energized electron, then a tau neutrino or
muon neutrino is emitted.

In the case of atomic physics, the neutrino is going to come out of
the decay. In the case of Cosmic physics of playing around in the
vacuum of Space, we can expect positrons
to come out of the experiment. And I am not saying that we have some
sort of way of
neutrinos converting to positrons, but that in the tiny space inside
atoms, the neutrino
is that gravity particle but in the Cosmic Atom, playing around with
Space can extract the positron particle.

Now my earlier post today I remarked about pulsars as perhaps evidence
that gravity is a
dual component of mass-gravity and positron-space-gravity and how the
two, in a bound
state can create inside a star a radio transmitter. If we consider the
mass-gravity as a
Ellipse shaped Space and the positron-gravity as a pseudosphere shape,
and both nested
within one another and where the positron-gravity is actual
positrons-- volume of a cherry for the sun and volume of a blood cell
for Saturn, that as those positrons forming
the pseudosphere space of the Sun intersects with the mass gravity,
that a radio emission can occur.

So has anyone noticed a radio emission of infrequent occurrence from
the Sun? A radio emission that is similar to a pulsar type of radio
beat? The photons and ions of the
Sun would drown out this pulsar beat. But maybe the radio beat of
Jupiter or Saturn would
be easier to detect?

Archimedes Plutonium
whole entire Universe is just one big atom
where dots of the electron-dot-cloud are galaxies


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