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STS-107 Columbia top secret spy mission, and even our moon isstill taboo.

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Old July 17th 14, 06:47 PM posted to sci.space.history
Brad Guth[_3_]
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Default STS-107 Columbia top secret spy mission, and even our moon isstill taboo.

Our moon is on average quite physically dark, but it isn't nearly as monochromatic and inert as our Apollo era discovered of so many areas of nearly off-white terrain with little or nothing of physically dark stuff, much less of any mineral/element colors (not even of any UV secondary/recoil hues) to speak of.

William Mook:
"The moon has a few things to recommend it over the Earth. The first and foremost, especially for planet wide constructions, is the lack of geology on the scale of the Earth. The second, is the lack of an interfering biosphere. We can do many things on the moon that we would not want to do on Earth. The third aspect of the moon is its nearness in space. We can signal the Earth from the moon, and vice versa, and we can easily travel between Earth and moon with modest space vehicle technology."

As based upon exploiting just 0.1% of the lunar interior volume (2.2e16 m3 of easily enough TBM excavated lunar innards), whereas it seems like this tunneling excavation process is offering us more than a good enough volume of providing a very failsafe habitat, and those easily extracted common and rare elements from the TBM spoils seems like it should hold us for many thousands of years worth of continued mass consumption, even with most everyone living large, not to mention processing the surface accumulation of loose rock, soil and dust for obtaining those rare elements including He3.

A century of tunneling into the moon isn't even capable of reducing the mass of the moon by any measurable amount, not even if utilizing its material for creating the L1 and L2 elevators and of whatever rare elements that eventually get processed and exported back to Earth would be more than easily offset by the accumulating mass which is derived from Earth and otherwise via the continued influx of asteroids and dust attributed to lithobraking impacts and extensively held by the local gravity. In other words, a net mass exchange of remaining nearly equal to its original 7.348e22 kg even though large volumes of its helium, sodium and a few other vapors of sufficiently lofty elements are leaking out or simply subliming because of the surface heat by day and its hard vacuum, thereby getting easily solar wind blown away.

The physically heavy and offset core of our moon provides a nearly perpetual thermal energy bank of its residual heat plus offering numerous fission elements, and because of this highly insulated interior that's so nicely protected by its fused paramagnetic basalt crust and thereby hosting its core of geothermal energy as efficiency maintained better than the core energy of Earth, should take us at least thousands of years in order to 50% deplete, and of its accessibility as well as for mining of the raw solar influx worth 1.4 kw/m2 is going to become about as straightforward renewable energy and fully integrated with relative ease, especially once we reposition the moon as being station kept at Earth L1.

The mostly basalt crust that is physically dark and extensively paramagnet (unlike most any of our Apollo era samples of a medium-light monochromatic gray and relatively low composite density), instead offering 3.5+ g/cm3 density and likely loaded with numerous heavy elements of more than sufficient value (including portions as carbonado that can be directly made into continuous fiber for tether applications), is going to represent yet another treasure trove for humanity and for accomplishing our future off-world exploitations of other planets and moons. Unlimited carbonado could even be rather easily commercial manufactured on the moon or at either tethered outpost/gateway/oasis.

Amateurs with somewhat limited optics and as even obstructed by our polluted atmosphere can still manage to do so much better geology science than any observationology expertise of our NASA, JPL or ASU has to offer.
As once again we get to see for ourselves, with the use of proper narrow bandpass color filters and proper composite image layer stacking, and otherwise by using only the natural colors as merely enhanced though not even accomplished by 10% as good as our NASA, JPL and ASU could have done for us as of decades ago from such an unobstructed close lunar orbit along with their heat and radiation proof Kodak film, and otherwise especially as derived from their spendy LROC mission that's still mostly colorblind. None the less, and once again from an amateur is where we get a full visual spectrum with its color saturation merely cranked up, offers a very look-see at what seems to depict a surface treasure trove of common and rare elements worth mining.

Why minerals are colored:

So, indeed the moon is an extremely valuable item, not to mention the obvious geoengineering solution as to resolving our resource demanding GW+AGW issues right here on Earth by blocking up to 3.5% of the solar influx, as well as greatly reduced seismic triggering and fully regulated tidal considerations that'll accomplish far more good than harm, and when combined is worth well over ten trillion per year in 2115 dollars (possibly worth a trillion per month by 2115).

As is, our moon can be easily evaluated as worth over a trillion per year to us, in preventing damages caused to our global environment that's losing its essential cache of glacial ice faster than we can manage to upgrade and/or adapt our technology and social infrastructure.

Efforts by others to essentially hijack topics in order to harmlessly plagiarize and/or divert their focus or intent isn't always helping, and because Mook tends to provide too much information, although as of recently his topic feedback has become somewhat less naysay and more constructive. Indeed Mook has has proposed many off-world exploitation examples (some of which having included our moon), and for that I've taken his feedback talent and expertise as a serious contribution rather than topic hijacking with ulterior motives. However, to the new and/or easily intimidated reader or mainstream media in search of interesting material, it's unlikely that they would understand and exercise sufficiently selective reading in order to interpret such reply context as being helpful.

Our topic context stability needs to be given a greater focus, upon informing and educating the casual readers that may have accidentally come into reading some of our topics and replies. Perhaps only a few of those are likely to be much better off than a typical 5th grader at understanding what we have to offer. Topics from William Mook and his replies to others are typically of those by far the most sophisticated and science/physics advanced beyond that of most graduate doctorate degree status, or in other words at least 10 years too far ahead of the average educated readers and otherwise seemingly 15 years above most of the regular Usenet/newsgroup contributors that have always been mainstream indoctrinated and/or snookered by their peers, instead of their being educated to deductively interpret and think for themselves.

On Friday, April 18, 2014 6:03:27 AM UTC-7, Brad Guth wrote:
Seems we're still very much on a need-to-know basis with our government agencies (besides our MIC run Pentagon, NSA and GCHQ that each get to screw with us because whatever rules and policy such as our Constitution or whomever we elect and/or appoint ever gets in their way doesn't even slow them down), and otherwise we're given the usual nondisclosure and/or obfuscation treatment by the likes of our public-funded JPL and ASU.

As of well enough before those Columbia reentry overheating issues, STS107 had already been thermally and structurally ravaged, at least according to the official audio and bogy issues that were caught on NASA STS107 video. The following video is highly questionable but certainly not out of story context. Our NASA has been known to create infomercials (aka PR damage control), both good, bad and even the most outrageous or ridiculous in order to help divert attention away from the true issues. NASA also allows for private and/or intentionally fake images and videos to circulate as unpoliced, because that method always helps to disqualify any honestly deductive investigative research that might be offering a bit more honest context than they can afford to deal with.

NASA WTF Did You Do To **** Off E.T - STS107 I Want ANSWERS On This One



What else is orbiting and even multiple hitting or soft-impacting our moon? (not of anything officially NASA, and it's not of exactly small stuff either). These substantial items were going way too fast to be orbiting, So what exactly are they if not some part of those Sirius asteroids and the truly enormous Oort cloud of considerable debris (conceivably a millionfold more than our Oort cloud has to offer) that we're passing through.



It's like we're seeing a shallow glancing blow after blow after blow, by something truly tough and large, and as per usual our JPL, ASU and NASA are remaining dead silent on this one, as they consistently do with all independent research and interpretations by outsiders.

Our moon is by far the most imaged and video recorded item, and those cameras of our NASA, JPL, ASU, USAF and more than a few other public funded agencies have imaging technology that is always at least tenfold and even some thousandfold better than anything accomplished by outsiders/civilians.

Of course our physically dark moon is bound to be extremely dusty, as in places it should offer several km depth of mostly its own crystal dry, uncompacted and highly electrostatic charged material of microfine basalt and carbonado that's offering mostly paramagnetic kinds of physically dark dust as providing very little surface tension. Of course, lots of truly interesting stuff about our moon is not getting mainstream published nor much less reviewed and interpreted by way of getting any official NASA, JPL or ASU attention that we know of. Perhaps that lack of attention is because they always have those better things to be doing with our hard earned loot (namely job security related).

Perhaps this mainstream obfuscation policy of denial and banishment is why my topics of exploiting the innards of our moon, the relocating of our moon as to being station kept within the halo orbit of Earth L1, much less as for dealing with anything Venus related, have always been mainstream taboo and otherwise avoided by those which usually claim as knowing all there is to know (second only to Einstein none the less). Go figure, as to who if anyone of our public funded agencies can be trusted to ever do the right thing.


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