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A system assembled by action disassembles by opposing action

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Old May 21st 14, 12:47 AM
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Default A system assembled by action disassembles by opposing action

How does the universe operate? The short answer is: The universe appears isotropic and operates as the observable view indicates, revealing no other confirmable evidence for the beginning from a small entity, except the observed phenomenon of red shift. Although, there is another side to the universal operations that cannot be observed, not now or perhaps never. This invisible environment is a stage where primeval matter is assembled into action, hence bringing the viable universal matter into existence. All this is happening, because of the cooling of matter into state of Totally Absolute Zero Temperature (TAZT).
There are plenty of obvious indicators that point to the matter in the cooling process. However, the man-made mistakes are keeping space science focused on a different direction. The big bang universe is built on the foundation of mathematical science. However, science is not taking into account the basic mechanical actions, which are the best manner to confirm all mathematical theories.
The concept of the big bang model is not workable, and here is why: Quote “According to big bang theory the universe began by expanding from an infinitesimal volume with extremely high density and temperature. ”
For a single micro- object of high density and high heat to exist in the empty space, it require a internally functional system, which volume and mechanics must be explainable.
The volume of a solid spherical object, when the content is forced to fast expanding motions all at the same time, yields an action where the speeds of motion change as forceful distributions of solid substance continue. Therefore, the substance in the inner core cannot move until all the substance beginning from the outer layers has moved progressively faster, resulting in a variable speed environment, where wide variation of speeds of the celestial objects should be observable.
About the accumulation of the matter for evolving galaxies. In the case of the BB model, the matter in the fast forward inflating motion and in the simultaneously growing apart, doesn’t have the necessary means to defy the energy of motion of the extremely fast moving objects of matter. Mass in motion tends to stay in motion. Hence, to change the direction of extremely fast moving matter for clumping and accumulation, requires higher force of gravity than is available from the weak gravity of a small particle matter. Hence, the big bang model is missing not only the logical component for the beginning, but it has provided no workable mechanics nor a logical explanation of the way it began to inflate and eventually clump together this fast moving primeval matter.
A system assembled by action disassembles by opposing action. The system developed in the environment of extremely high temperature is also subject to cooling down. Objects of matter are cooling naturally anywhere you look in the universe. It happens in the atmospheric environment of Earth as well as in the environment of the space vacuum; objects are radiating heat and cooling down. This cooling process continues until interfered with by surrounding hotter objects of matter. In the space vacuum this interference for cooling happens by radiated heat waves, of equal or higher temperature than the objects they are landing on. This is a natural cooling process of active matter, which has no obvious mechanism that makes the interfering condition permanent. Hence, in the outer space where the particle density is low, a lonely atom and its sub-particles are free to decay into an atomic mass only existence. It’s a state where no other particle but mass can penetrate and exist, at TAZT.

Dark Matter, the "invisible" mass that scientists believe makes up a large part of the universe, can be explained as mass that is at one end of a cooling process that all matter goes through. This cooling theory is based on observed indicators of matter’s behavior in the space environment, where the temperature of objects is directly related to intensity of activity within the object. Hence, without outside interference the temperature of a lonely object can be anywhere from TAZT to an extremely hot object. This cooling action doesn’t jibe with scientific assessment of how the matter behaves at 0K, and in the totally motionless condition of TAZT nor does it jibe with details of the big bang model. Therefore, this essay is all about the temperature of the particle matter and how it can change outcomes with issues concerning how the universe operates.
All form of matter in the universe originates from the MG particles at TAZT. How the universe operates is also controlled by this substance of MG, the entity which is effectively present in every form of the universal matter. Also, the MG may represent a smallest active and most creative system of all universal substance. Although, its construction, intrinsic property of gravity, and source for existence is yet to be understood, it is actively present everywhere. The temperature of the matter holds the key to a recycling universe. In a logical sense, the state of zero temperature is like an invisible divider that separates mass from the matter. Because the particle matter is anything that is actively present in an atomic system, and the mass is an entity that remains when an energy and related factor are isolated and removed from the system of sub-particles, hence it makes sense to reason that the mass is a most suitable component to represent a primeval matter in the environment of TAZT. This neutral particle of MG, may also represent DM, the invisible mass that scientists believe makes up a large part of the universe.
So, regardless of the problems with the man-made restriction, let’s move forward with MG at TAZT. While MG. would lack any thermal energy, it would maintain an active force of gravity. Therefore, it has the means to assemble a dense and large moving object of constantly accumulating MG. The direction of motion is initiated by the strongest combined force of gravity, which can apply from any direction. Therefore, these massive objects are subject to colliding events, resulting in extremely hot and fast-moving explosive action, the kind of action where the sub-particle systems for atomic structures are created. Hence, each colliding action yields working matter for a new galactic system in the visual universe.
Why does this formula work? In the described BB model, the formula for clumping and accumulation has to happen in the environment of fast-moving particle matter, to which action there is no executable mechanics. On the other hand, within the single galaxy format, the density of distributed matter is highest in the central area of the developing galaxy and gradually thinning towards the outer edge. The action of the force of gravity slows down or stalls the fast expanding matter, therefore making it possible for clumping and accumulation to happen. Hence, creating matter for the individual stars and their planetary systems is possible.

In support of this galaxy creation concept, the distribution of matter as shown in the artistic illustrations and in images from nearby galaxies, has a typical footprint of the explosive action. Interpretation of observable images obtained from nearby galaxies leads to the conclusion that the distribution of matter is in a manner consistent with an explosive force that originates from the center of the galaxy system, pushing matter outwards, so that the inner area of the galaxy has the highest concentration of stars and thins gradually toward the outer edges of the galaxy. What is inside of the system’s center isn’t observable. Hence, in the mechanical perspective, the void is followed by a dense accumulation of stars, gradually distributed more diffusely toward the outer edges of the galaxy. This action is consistent with the aftermath of an explosive action, where matter is forced to move away in progressively slower speed in the center of origin. This action makes perfect sense and has logically working mechanics.
Again, where are the mechanics of the BB universe? If the galaxy was born by the accumulation of matter from the external source, then within this object what is the mechanism to start accumulating matter for stars, instead of constantly increasing the object’s density by ever increasing force of gravity, till the complete collapse occurs?

Furthermore, as previously indicated, in an environment of TAZT, these accumulated invisible objects can move in random directions having various angles of attack. Hence, they are subject to collide with other similar moving objects, from any impact angle, and creating various forms and densities for distribution of primeval matter. This action may explain the chaotic orientation and formation of different shapes of the observed galaxies. For example, in order to create an elliptical or spherical distribution of matter, the impact action requires a head-on collision of two speeding objects. The more complicated variety of spiral galaxies can be the result of two rapidly moving and most likely spinning objects, colliding in various degrees off from the head-on impact. This action explains the galactic rotation and various shapes and number of galactic arms. Hence, RCU. the recycling universe explains and makes it possible to create the universe that is a perfect match to all universal observations. RCU also explains why it’s possible to see images of the Hubble deep field, that look the same regardless of what direction the deep sky is observed. The view should appear the same, whether the point of view is from the Earth or from the any galaxy in the sky.

Jaakko Kurhi

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