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Gravity = mass-gravity + positron-space-gravity #362 Atom Totality4th ed

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Old March 9th 11, 06:38 AM posted to sci.physics,sci.astro,sci.math
Archimedes Plutonium[_2_]
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Default Gravity = mass-gravity + positron-space-gravity #362 Atom Totality4th ed

In the last post, #361, I talked about the idea that Gravity has two
components of mass-gravity and a separate term of positron-space-
gravity. This makes sense, since superfluid helium and spin of
galaxies, stars and planets is better explained with gravity force as
a two term force law.

General Relativity is nothing more than the mathematics of Newtonian
gravity and idealized
with the idea of (1) mass bends space and (2) matter in motion follows
the curvature of that
bent space. Trouble with this is most of the terms are undefined or
ill-defined. What is space,
curvature of bent space and matter in motion? Those concepts are vague
notions without

What the Atom Totality theory can do is to precision define these
terms and then make gravity a force that is more descriptive of
nature. The idea of spin of galaxies, stars and planets need to be
explained in the realm of gravity. The idea of linear momentum,
Newtonian's first law is not really precisely embedded in General
Relativity of mass-gravity.

We have in mathematics the idea that Euclidean Geometry is the union
of Elliptic geometry
with Hyperbolic geometry. This is seen as curvature ) when combined
with ( yields Euclidean
straight line of | where the ) cancels ( and ends up with |.

Similarly, Gravity can be seen as a union or addition of a mass-
gravity term and a positron-space-gravity term.

Here is a picture of that idea. Consider the Sun and Saturn and the
Sun with its larger mass
bends space so much that forms Elliptic geometry in the entire Solar
System where Saturn
is forced to follow its motion inside this Elliptic bent space, like a
marble rolling around inside
a round ash tray. But that is not a full description. So picture
simultaneously a elliptic sphere
caused by the Sun as mass-gravity but also a pseudosphere caused by
the Sun where its equator is the plane of ecliptic of the Sun.
Consider this pseudosphere as geometrical but also as a few positrons
that form the pseudosphere. These positrons that forms the
pseudosphere actually attracts mass-matter of the Sun and Saturn. The
positrons cause the
spin of stars and galaxies and planets.

And without the pseudosphere-gravity we would have only elliptic
gravity and thus we would
not have linear momentum or Newton's First Law, but we would only have
angular momentum. This idea gets at the notion that ) cancels ( to
give |, so that the Universe has linear momentum of Euclidean geometry
and that not every momentum is angular momentum.

Now Saturn itself forms a Elliptic sphere of curvature and also a
pseudosphere. The rings
of Saturn could not exist if not for pseudosphere of positron-space-

What causes spin of Sun and Saturn are those positrons that form the
pseudosphere. What
causes the Sun plane of ecliptic is this pseudosphere of positrons.

So now, Sun and Saturn have linear momentum and the Sun has bent space
into Elliptic
for which Saturn follows in that elliptic path which would be the mass-
gravity or General
Relativity component, but Saturn is also pulled by the Sun
pseudosphere curvature to
revolve in the Sun's plane of ecliptic.

The above is a first draft brain-storming, for which I know I will
make many changes. What I want to put out into the open is the idea
that Gravity is a two component force.

Also, I need to include not only Dirac's Ocean of Positrons as Space
but I need to include
neutrinos. In the history of physics, when the neutrino was first
discovered, one physicist
remarked "who ordered that?" as if to say, what use or need is there
of a neutrino particle?
And that question has never been answered even today, for the use or
need of the neutrino
particle is such a mystery that no insights have yet been revealed.

But perhaps, now, for the first time we can see a need or use of the
neutrino particle. If Space in physics is an ocean of positrons that
forms pseudospheres, then in the inside of
atoms, there are no positrons forming space but rather the job of the
neutrino is to form the
Space inside the atom. So when we split the atom and out comes a
proton and electron and
neutrino, the neutrino was the Space inside the atom. In the Cosmic
atom, both neutrinos and Positrons form space.

It is known that billions of neutrinos traverse through our bodies
every second. So in a sense, Space is neutrinos.

So this has become very complicated for we have many particles of
positrons, neutrinos
and mass matter involved with gravity. And we have many new
experiments that indicate General Relativity was too shallow.

Archimedes Plutonium
whole entire Universe is just one big atom
where dots of the electron-dot-cloud are galaxies

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