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Don't Be Surprised by Stuffed Shirts Full of Promises

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Old September 4th 08, 07:43 PM posted to sci.space.policy,alt.sci.physics
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Default Don't Be Surprised by Stuffed Shirts Full of Promises

There are many who refuse to represent REAL promises of the
kingdom of FTL technology in government, as well as in public
and private industry, who have forsaken the "kingdom age"
for the "age of man" under a falling away - a falling away
from the technology that promised a new industrial revolution
to those that would have sought it - sought it as free and
sovereign citizens of the United States of America, as well as
in the rest of the free world.

Those who refuse in this country will ultimately be crushed
under the wheels of its progress, while being subjected to a new
economy of collateral effects - collateral effects that will
promote the free trade of metals and minerals from the asteroids,
from the local asteroid belt to some of the most remote regions
of the galaxy - while those who are left on the earth will have
to fend for themselves under the predatory markets of

As the condition of mankind continues to worsen, wars and
rumours of war will continue to increase the propensity for
conflicts of interest over national and
international resources.

However, with popular, mass induction into the online, shared
gaming experience on the upswing, remote access to groups of
individuals' BLM's, e.g., marketing behaviors, online
experience, global communication, will increase the phenomenon
of prospecting for tracking, i.e., endorsing certain kinds
of behavioral "footprints" of those who frequent the online
experience, as part of a greater pastime, actually
PROMOTING the idea for hyperspatial decompression into
alternate VR utopias, as a SIMULATION new worldline prospect
in the making, all from the practice used to acquire these
BLM's from the knowledge and wisdom for the sovereign use of
the k-shadow lowering operators.

Many will become overly conscious of their innate desire to
lead in the conquest of subsummation because of their being
deluded and seduced by the great whore of Babylon, and as a
result will end up on the side of anti-Christ, taking action
to stall and prevent the return of our cosmological
inheritance, on a universal, and not just global, scale.

The NWO is inadvertantly spun as the leader of the rush
to globalism, when it is indeed just a step between
colonialism and universalism. BLM entrepreneurialism
is the key to the next step in human progress as a
species of extraterrestrials.

BLM entrepreneurialism opposes the economic imprisonment
of overtaxation and economic dependency, through the opening
of the heavens for expanding extraterrestrial resource
acquisition and development. The application of the quantum
physical laws of BLM technology have now become the new
laws of extraterrestrialism - the "extraterrestrial" that
reaches beyond own sun's own sphere of influence.


In quantum theory, both the raising and lowering operators
define the Pauli spin operators (in terms of the spin angular
momentum) in their use of integral values (0,1,2,..etc.) for
orbital angular momentum. The raising and lowering operators
are each described by the following equations:


With respect to these fundamental creation and annhiliation
operators, which have become so aptly named the raising and
lowering operators, we have for each arrangement possibility of
the operators, the process for dipole coupling is identical to
the production of resonant wave's inverted phase angle, e.g.
@-45 degrees vs.+45 degrees. When the hyperpolarized medium is
then chirp pulse amplified from A1 to A_a space group [1] in a
plane perpendicular to the longitudinal axis, with a slightly
detuned probe beam at 90 degree angle with the pulse beam, the
resultant output along the axis of the probe beam provides
the energy required for hypertranslating ONE OF THE FOUR

our perception of the 4th dimension, and the
SPACELIKE perception is our perception of the
first three dimensions.

In both cases described above, one may wonder, "what
is the contracting and/or dilating phenomenon
describing? The phenomenon represents the compression
and/or stretching of the Schumann wavelength ABOVE
and BELOW 7.486 Hz., and the human 'personality'
that resonates with this wavelength from birth
to death. Even in the space of days or weeks,
there are minute fluctuations in the spacetime that
governs psychometric phenomenon. Yet modern society
has practically eliminated the Godly part of this
our DEPENDENCE on *worldliness* as a replacement
for our 'God-given' inheritance.

The white noise VR "phonon screen" becomes synonymous
with the Bekenstein-bounded, holographic storage medium,
as described in a previous post:

"The geometries that model these theories consist of
cubes, diamonds, hypercubes, and hyper-diamonds. They
ARE the BLOOD and the WATER of ALPHA and OMEGA
(upper and lower) HARMONIC representing the
ZERO POINT of FAITH. Where the LAW is the
screening utilizing the non-Abelian gauge theory
of QCD (quantum chromodynamics) becomes
"Bekenstein Bounded", and is a relationship that is
based on the viewer's perception of what is happening
on a "Thing enclosed in a finite boundary" (The
CREATION or KILLING VECTOR) becoming programmed
syntheses of holographic storage medium(s). The
area of the screen must change when energy flows
through it, as the geometry of space changes with
the flow of energy. These technologies are already
being investigated by several companies inter-
nationally, and they entice us to imagine ourselves
as part of a collection of space-time geometries
on a networked holographic screen of consciously
LIMITED capacity, in contrast to EXTRA-
LIMITED (Faith-based, Positive Law), whose collective
purpose is to transmit holographic information about
a "collective environment" that was "hypertranslated"
through space and time. This is our inheritance, based
on our ability to REACH OUT using only our
in FAITH for ACHIEVING what was formerly thought

The "screen" becomes our programming medium between real
space and imaginary space, as each of the three-quark
triplets with their superpartners are non-relativistic,
and are represented by three separate charged
electromagnetic HF (35 THz or 10^-11 meters),
optothermal polarized gases (lasers) with combined
phase velocities, pulsed when combined to form the
white (noise) interference pattern.*

The type of pattern employed is a harmonically stitched,
local phase conjugated, off-NMR, and off-beat
frequency wavelength, which is induced by the
quadrupolarized lasers described above.

This comprises the white noise envelope that becomes
utilized, in resonating the far field pilot wave upper
harmonic limit, with it's stretched version deltronic
wave in the near field.

By filtering the unwanted harmonics, the optothermal
lasers can be programmed to resonate the upper harmonic
pilot in unison with the near field BLM pilot wave.

The white noise interference pattern can be used to
project an HF signal into field space, as well as
entrain the LF within the white noise envelope.
(Notice that 35THz is a HF (subsummated) harmonic of
the LF 3.5 Hz., which, in this example, represents
the DNA frequency regenerative stimulator).

Originally, the LF of the blackbody photon would have
to be super-compressed to 35 THz in order to manifest
some decompression element into the field space.
In that sense, the white noise filter is a two-
directional high pass/low pass frequency filter:
in one direction, only the triggered and compressed
(from low-high) specified pilot frequencies pass,
and in the other direction, only the triggered and
DEcompressed (from high-low), SUBSUMED
frequencies pass.


A vote for McCain is much the same
as a vote for Barack Hussein;

The status quo
still has no place to go;

While the value of a single vote
shrinks like the federal reserve note;

Look at how the greek statue
reflects the spotlight in vain;

Or look at how the gender gap
slaps you on the back;

They will stop you on your track,
as the one-horned goat leads the pack.

Old September 6th 08, 03:31 PM posted to sci.space.policy,alt.sci.physics
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Default Don't Be Surprised by Stuffed Shirts Full of Promises

The aforementioned link was mis-stated. It should have been


Sorry for the inconvenience.

Old September 6th 08, 03:49 PM posted to sci.space.policy,alt.sci.physics
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Default Don't Be Surprised by Stuffed Shirts Full of Promises

More on the dynamic transition theory for phonon/electron
metals can be found he



The NMR wavelength at 60 MHz is 5 meters, so this represents
the lowering operator frequency at some harmonic value projected
into the field space, for example 21THz, which represents a
multiplication factor of 35, when harmonized with the pilot
wave for DNA regeneration. We can do this for several other
deltronic type wavelengths at various other frequencies that
have become PROJECTED by their pilots, into the field space
for sensory decompression.

Other subsummating deltronic wavelengths include those for
muscular relaxation, muscle coordination, anti-oxidation,
absorption, LDH [4] health, bone health, balance, retention,
strong heartbeat, relaxation, and improved hearing range. The
frequencies that help to induce these biological states com-
prise the foundation for projections of deltronic wavelengths
into human consciousness.

* The Result of a Consciousness That does not Belong to Its *
* Owner, But to the Brothers and Sisters of the Light, Will *
* Traverse Pathways where most Paths Lead to Noisy Anarchy, *
* and Not the Way that Disappears Into a Parallel Worldline *

In the Fortran program that calculated the deltronic arclength,
or "R" for polarization of similar worldline decompression, the
LCF's were "optimized" for pulse driving the magnetofluxgate
(tube and disk) by calculating a measured value for the radius
of decompression. The reference link is:


Einstein's energy = mass x c^2 is fundamentally flawed when one
takes into account the mass-to-length conversion:

wavelength (meters) = mass (grams) x Avogadro's number x 10^-2

If one kg of mass represents 17.053 x 10^50 action switches/second
of quanta across the surface of the crystal, this represents the
glow intensity component mentioned in the above link:


for the visible flux exchange between the mass and environment,
where one switch equals h/(4pi). Fundamental equations in
physics require that the form invariant method provides the
super- and sub-scripts necessary for an object to transform
itself as a tensor. For example, T'_ij..n can transform tensor-
wise as T_pq..t (g_ip) (g_jq...g_nt). If the polarizability
tensor of an atom in a laser field can be written in the form:

alpha_ik (w) = alpha_b(w) delta_ik +
i(alpha_vue)(w)(epsilon_ikn) F_n + alpha_t(w)Q_ik

where F denotes either the total atomic moment F = I + J,
where I is the nuclear spin, J the total electron moment of
an atom) or the electron moment (F = J), depending on the problem
under consideration, epsilon_ikn is the completely antisymmetric
Cartesian Levi-Civita pseudotensor, Q_ik = F_t F_k + F_k F_i
ó 2/3 F (F + l) delta_ik the quadrupolarization tensor, and
w is the frequency of an external monochromatic field.

For each level width, the scalar, vector, and the tensor
polarizabilities are real and have the following properties:
alpha_s,t (-w) = alpha_s,t (w), and alpha_vue(-w) =
-alpha_vue(w). Notice that the alpha_s,t, or scalar polar-
izability in terms of its tensor notations are mirror-
symmetric in terms of the WAVELENGTH, NOT POLARIZABILITY,
and with the vector polarizability, the minus sign
creating the symmetry for the "exchange". Thus in the
vector representation, the symmetry for the "exchange"
includes a CONSCIOUS DECISION that affects the outcome
for reversing the magnitude and direction of polarization
(i.e., 'mirror plane diagnostics, or the k-shadows being
reflected back to the 'user'). The scalar polarizabilities
represent the anti-symmetric deltron interface to
fractalized consciousness, where the deltron exchange repre-
sents the "mirrorverse" between bosons, while the bosonic
exchange represents the "multiverse" between deltrons.
One cannot exist without the other, but only "one" is al-
lowed to exist simultaneously, but in different field
spaces (4-spaces) with the other.

Since a a phonon is a boson with integer spin causing collective
excitation of the crystal lattice atoms or ions, the "multiverse"
acts between the near and far field components of harmonic
convergence between the freed ion and the pulsed scalar wave
(or plasma) that subsumes it. Under the influence of para-posi-
tronium, the wave states for the neutrons are EVEN under the
interchange of momenta, involving the neutron electromotively.

The phonon/boson with integer spin disturbance traveling
at the speed of sound within the aligned magnetized spin vector
medium of Bi89, acts to transmit the far-field component for the
Pb88 magneton hypertranslation into the direction of the applied
para-probe beam, by inducing a polarization while reversing the
precession frequency of the proton or electron, using the
superconducting, counterrotating disk/tube arrangement.

The wave states for ortho-positronium are ODD or EVEN,
involving the proton or electron MAGNETOMOTIVELY, but this
only occurs AFTER the para-positronium separates the COLOR
FORCE from the nucleii.

In the magnon mode, a moving magnetic spin disturbance traveling
at the speed of sound within the aligned magnetized spin vector
medium of Pb88, acts to restore the near-field component back to
the Bi89 magneton from the direction of the applied ortho-probe
beam, by reversing the polarization while inducing the precession
frequency of the proton or electron, using the superconducting,
counterrotating disk/tube arrangement.

An average atom is about 200 millionths of a centimeter in
diameter, and while the earth's distance from the sun is about
100 times the diameter of the sun, the orbiting electron in a
hydrogen atom is about 100,000 times the diameter of the nucleus.

Each proton and neutron in the nucleus is about 2000 times the
mass of the electron, so with Bismuth we have 83 protons and
126 neutrons contained in the nucleus, making it a huge size
nucleus and electron field for a total of 7 shells of electrons,
with a total compressed spacetime radius of 1.60 angstroms.
The uncompressed spacetime would amount to about 12.0 angstroms.

The multistrange characteristic of the quark-gluon plasma
marks an opportunity to initiate hyperon activity in order
to create the chromodynamic gauge transformation continuously
from the anti-positronic ion to the positronic ion. Thus the
g-field of the crystal constantly switches back and forth
between that of LEAD and BI-IV with NEGATIVE gravitational
potential of the atom increasing to 21 orders of magnitude
GREATER than the mass quantity of diffusing, positively
charged ions. In spacetime units, that's roughly
[83/(6.02 x 10**-23) grams/atom] ** 21 = 13.782 * 10**(-2)
= 0.137 grams. How many atoms (or ions) would be "diffused"
according to this process? It would depend on the CHARGE of
the beam applied, as well as the strength of the orthogonal
or parallel polarized field induced by either of the two
counterrotating superconducting disks or tubes.

This would be the effective electron radius for establishing
a resonant condition in the 7th energy level for Bismuth.
The gravitic field, which exists outside the perimeter of the
atom (up to 20.5A^3 in COMPRESSED volume), would be equal to
7238A^3 in UNCOMPRESSED volume).

The LCF networks mentioned in the above link are the storage
networks required for tweaking the 4-space translations through
"hyperspace". The memory capacity of the super-series/parallel
network becomes proportional to the bandwidth shared between
the FTL occupants.

Old September 17th 08, 04:15 PM posted to sci.space.policy,alt.sci.physics
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Default It's the World Against Real Progress, and Real Progress Against theWorld

A possible explanation that seems to fit all the experiments
on magnetosphotophoresis, which is the collateral effect induced
by the rapidly shifting NMR magnetic field, due to pulse chirp-
ing the magnetofluxgate near the NMR frequency, which splits up
the flow of magnetic monopoles and causes single monopoles to
get trapped in blood plasma, esp. for the magnetosome particles,
has been researched.

A fluorescing light source such as provided by fluorescing
quantum dots, would be necessary to keep them from escaping. The
effect doesnít show up when using an external source of magnetism
or in a slow varying magnetic field, and it doesnít show up
(either externally or internally) without a light source.

Labeling blood plasma cells with inorganic cellular probe
'quantum dots' that fluoresce when energized by specific
frequencies can help to de-luminate the harmful inten-
sities of Cherenkov radiation during hypertranslation and
restore the lightbody health contained in memory water.
The glow intensity component mentioned in the link,


contains a spectral region of radiation requiring some
frequencies to be filtered while others, such as the 'interband'
types, require enhancement and/or filtering by each 'occupant'.
For such a 'filter' to be designed, it is recognized that
the spin of the electron is only weakly coupled to its
"charge degree of freedom", and must be "tuned" in order
to limit the phenomenon of dephasing of noise in the
surrounding and programmed VR environment.

The definition of a "qubit" would be the "information that
is contained" by the light source or quantum dot that gets
"fluoresced", thereby destroying the "qubit" in luminessence
when the quantum dot becomes activated by an RF signal. These
signals comprise part of the information contained in memory
water that gets erased by the fluorescing quantum dot.

Bandwidth of the fluorescing quantum dot variety can thus allow
the further investigation of what some particular infolded
harmonics can lead to the discovery of dormant DNA w/degenerate
Goldstone Boson variety, in terms of both secondary spectral
thermoluminessence and radiative amplitude (temperature dependent).

While the REAL part of memory might be contained in dephased
memory water, the VIRTUAL part of memory becomes the new
"working part" or "erasable" part of memory that would
be required by the dephasing of white noise within the
VR environment. Some kind of model architecture for a human-
type "VR assistant memory", that features the most important
aspects of growth and self-organization in the human biogene
would be in order here, while a zero-time reference point,
used to establish the occupant in REAL space-time, preserves
the DNA imprint of the occupant across 4-space.

The part of the negative or "unexposed" DNA imprint is also the
part that can be used for artificially exposing or VR programming
the conscious environment in projecting one's VR assistant memory
into the field space, using the same zero-time reference point
as the memory water. This is accomplished by INFOLDING the
fractal-pulse-chirped quadrupolarized positronium beam with
an artificial phonon/multiplexed version of the VR "memory",
external to the near field, yet giving the human the ability
to become a "more fully exposed negative DNA imprint" within
the "supra-conscious environment of parallel worldlines".


"A fair field and no favor"
-Toasts and Declamations

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