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Illiterate Einsteinians Are Crafty Moneymakers

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Old April 7th 16, 08:21 AM posted to sci.astro
Pentcho Valev
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Default Illiterate Einsteinians Are Crafty Moneymakers

Kip Thorne: "A second crucial proof of the breakdown in Newtonian gravity was the relativistic bending of light. Einstein's theory predicted that starlight passing near the limb of the sun should be deflected by 1.75 seconds of arc, whereas NEWTON'S LAW PREDICTED NO DEFLECTION. Observations during the 1919 eclipse of the sun in Brazil, carried out by Sir Arthur Eddington and his British colleagues, brilliantly confirmed Einstein's prediction to an accuracy of about 20 percent. This dealt the final death blow to Newton's law and to most other relativistic theories of gravity."

The individual who doesn't know that Newton's theory did predict deflection is nevertheless a crafty moneymaker, a famous teacher, and will be given the Nobel prize:

"Thorne helped produce Interstellar and co-found the Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory, which successfully detected gravitational waves for the first time in February, according to the University. Thorne used Interstellar to explain gravity, black holes and the warping of time and space."

"Gravitational waves: who should win the Nobel prize? ...in brief poll of physicists, three names were cited instantly. These are Rainer Weiss of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Kip Thorne and Ronald Drever of the California Institute of Technology, the three founders of Ligo, the Laser Interferometer Gravitational-wave Observatory in the US."

We all live in Einstein's schizophrenic world don't we:


Pentcho Valev
Old April 7th 16, 11:46 AM posted to sci.astro
Pentcho Valev
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Posts: 7,856
Default Illiterate Einsteinians Are Crafty Moneymakers

Discussions in Einstein schizophrenic world are much sillier than the proverbial medieval discussion of how many angels can dance on the point of a needle:

2016 Isaac Asimov Memorial Debate with Host Neil deGrasse Tyson: Is the Universe a Simulation?

Einsteinians sing in praise of Einstein's 1905 false constant-speed-of-light postulate and its absurd consequences:

Michio Kaku, Brian Cox, Neil deGrasse Tyson, Brian Greene, Lisa Randall: "Light travels at the same speed no matter how you look at it. No matter how I move relative to you light travels at the same speed. No matter who is doing the measurement and no matter what direction you are moving the speed of light is the same. The speed of light is the same no matter what direction or how fast... As you travel faster time slows down. Everything slows down. Everything slows down. Time slows down when you move. Time passes at a different rate. Clocks run slow. It's a monumental shift in how we see the world. It's a beautiful piece of science. It's a beautifully elegant theory.. It's a beautiful piece of science. It's a beautiful piece..."

Are Einsteinians well paid for behaving so idiotically? Of course they a


Pentcho Valev
Old April 9th 16, 04:01 PM posted to sci.astro
Pentcho Valev
external usenet poster
Posts: 7,856
Default Illiterate Einsteinians Are Crafty Moneymakers

Sabine Hossenfelder was given an FQXi grant of $126,000 to find a consistent theory that combines two inconsistent ones:

"In particular, Hossenfelder is searching for a good theory of quantum gravity--a framework that would bring together Einstein's theory of gravity, general relativity, which describes how cosmic bodies move, and quantum theory, which governs the behaviour of particles on the smallest scales. "Some people work on problems that I don't think are problems at all," she says. "But the question of how to find a consistent theory that combines gravity with quantum field theory is one that everyone agrees is a problem--and one that has to have a solution." (...) "We know the theories we have right now are inconsistent--when you combine them the answer is nonsense," she says.. "It is clearly not how nature works, there has to be a better answer."

That is, Sabine Hossenfelder is going to find a theory where the Newtonian absolute time and the Einsteinian relative time coexist consistently. Bravo, Sabine Hossenfelder:

"One one hand, time in quantum mechanics is a Newtonian time, i.e., an absolute time."

"In quantum mechanics, time is absolute."

Perimeter Institute: "Quantum mechanics has one thing, time, which is absolute. But general relativity tells us that space and time are both dynamical so there is a big contradiction there. So the question is, can quantum gravity be formulated in a context where quantum mechanics still has absolute time?"

"In Einstein's general theory of relativity, time depends locally on gravity; in standard quantum theory, time is global - all clocks "tick" uniformly."

Pentcho Valev
Old April 12th 16, 04:11 PM posted to sci.astro
Pentcho Valev
external usenet poster
Posts: 7,856
Default Illiterate Einsteinians Are Crafty Moneymakers

"Neil DeGrasse Tyson's View On The World Will Leave You Questioning His Sanity. On April 7th, 2016, a bunch of really super-duper smart scientists, including high profile physicists and the current world master champion smartest guy in the world Neil deGrasse Tyson, got together to introduce the hypothesis that we are all just part of a super-intelligent being's computer program or game. Yes. This happened."

Neil deGrasse Tyson deserves respect - he's the craftiest moneymaker in Einsteiniana:

"Neil DeGrasse Tyson's speech to the University of Massachusetts class of 2015 drew cheers, laughs and a standing ovation. But this was the first time, UMass paid a commencement speaker to provide words of wisdom. Astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson received $25,000 fee - with another $1,235 to cover the projected tax he will owe for that fee and $1,500 more to cover travel and hotel costs. (...) "They said I would have eight minutes," Tyson told graduates. "The universe needs a little more than eight minutes. I need at least nine minutes, maybe 10 to share things you should know going forward in life. Maybe you already know it. I don't think everyone knows all of this." He spoke for more than 15."



Pentcho Valev

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