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Granting LIGO's Discovery of Gravitational Waves: Why?

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Old April 1st 16, 12:33 AM posted to sci.astro
Pentcho Valev
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Default Granting LIGO's Discovery of Gravitational Waves: Why?

An interesting discussion that Einsteinians are going to delete (so I will save the two most endangered answers):

"Why didn't LIGO wait for a second observation of a gravitational wave?"

"The LIGO hype is not just unprecedented, it is scandalous. LIGO is not about science but politics and money. The truth is that GR suffers from a fatal disease: Spacetime is a block universe in which nothing happens. Surprise!

Several thinkers, including Sir Karl Popper (see Conjectures and Refutations) have pointed this out to the relativists over the years, to no avail. They ignore it because it's a highly inconvenient truth that destroys the Einsteinian fairy tale. Popper even compared Einstein to Parmenides of Elea, the ancient Greek philosopher (Zeno was his student) who maintained that there was no such thing as change.

So, if nothing can move in GR's spacetime, how did gravitational waves get a free pass, pray tell? Answer: they didn't. LIGO is crackpottery at best and a gigantic fraud at worst.

PS. No gamma rays were detected at the time of the supposed G-wave detection, as should be expected from such a powerful event as black holes colliding. But why am I not surprised?"
answered 1 hour ago Rebel Science

"Wow, just Wow! It is amazing how many folks here oppose the scientific method!

Well, luckily I found the answer to my question online, as to why LIGO didn't/couldn't wait for a second signal, and why they had to forgo the scientific method and reproducibility:


Where are all the expected "orbiting black hole merger" LIGO Events? Why all the LIGO hype after only just one supposed black-hole-merger event?

This paper states that LIGO should be expecting 40 events/year now:


That means that LIGO should have seen at least 15 more events since September 15th.

Where are they? Just one more event LIGO! Why not wait for just one more tiny little single event? Especially when you're expecting over three events every month!

The LIGO team was obviously asking the same question. And since they hadn't seen any more events as month after month dragged on, they naturally concluded that more events probably wouldn't be seen over the next few months nor years either.

And so they panicked as their billion-dollar pseudoscience hype window was closing fast, and they pulled the trigger and held a press massive conference centered about the one and only signal they would likely ever receive.

In football this is called a Hail-Mary!"
answered 3 hours ago Physics Ph.D.

Pentcho Valev
Old April 1st 16, 01:15 PM posted to sci.astro
Pentcho Valev
external usenet poster
Posts: 7,873
Default Granting LIGO's Discovery of Gravitational Waves: Why?

"You know, there's a small group of LIGO "truthers" out there, convinced it's all just one big conspiracy by fame-hungry scientists to hoodwink the public.

Janna Levin: No! Really? That's hysterical. This detection was much louder than anyone expected. LIGO heard it clear as day. If anything it's too clear.

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