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Old July 14th 13, 12:25 AM posted to sci.astro
George Hammond[_3_]
external usenet poster
Posts: 8

Absolute physical reality is measured by laboratory
clocks and rulers. This reality is seen by the "physics
observer" which is actually an inanimate lattice of clocks
and rulers which record everything. The "laws of Physics"
obey these recorded observations.
According to these measurements there exists a
Relativistic metric given by:

ds^2 = -c^2 dt^2 + dx^2 (The flat Lorentz metric)

However, this is NOT what the individual person actually
The "apparent size" of the world is judged relative to a
person's own individual body size (i.e. a 9 year old sees a
world which is twice as large as an 18 year old, simply
because he's only half the size of an adult).
The same thing holds true for time. A 9 year old's
mental speed is known to be only half that of an 18 year old
(so called mental age) and this can be easily demonstrated.
Adult mental speed is about 16 bits/sec whereas the mental
speed of a 9 year old is only 8 bits/sec. Amazingly Thomas
Edison himself first discovered this when he invented the
movie projector. He discovered that for an adult you had to
run the film at 16 frames/sec to make it "movie", but for a
9 year old you only had to run it at 8 frames/sec to achieve
the same effect. A century of intense investigation has
confirmed this to be a direct measure of a persons "mental
speed". Fact is, a 9 year old sees a world that moves twice
as fast as an 18 year old. This follows the human growth
curve. And if we call this curve a(t), we can convert the
ordinary Lorentz Metric into a "seen reality metric" by
substituting a(t)dx for dx and a(t)dt for dt which gives us
what I call the "SEEN REALITY METRIC"

ds^2 = a(t)^2 ( -c^2 dt^2 + dx^2)

In other words, as a person grows thru childhood he sees the
world "shrinking" and "getting slower". Notice that dx now
is a "co moving coordinate". And that the metric is what
Physics calls a "conformal metric", because it is
conformally flat. Note: although it is conformally flat, it
is not actually flat, since the Riemann Curvature tensor is
not zero… it contains terms in a’ and a".

Okay, so what I have done is substitute the person's own
"foot size" for the standard ruler, and the persons "mental
speed" for the standard clock. We now have a metric written
using a VARIABLE CLOCK and a VARIABLE RULER, but what we are
saying is that it APPEARS that the person is not changing,
but that actually the world is changing, it is SHRIUNKING
and getting SLOWER.

Now obviously this metric is NOT going to satisfy the laws
of Physics.. a variable clock would mean that Newton's first
law of motion wouldn't even hold true.
BUT THAT DOESN'T MATTER we are only taking about an
"apparent world" not the real world! It is only the IMAGE
of the world that is shrinking and slowing down... but this
is important, because as they say "what you see is what you

Now what I want to know is whether the above proposal,
the "conformal metric" proposal is actually true!
For instance, I explained this to a small group of
physicists once and one of them raised his hand and said "if
the Universe looked like it was contracting, why wouldn't
all of the stars in the night sky appear to be blue?". Well,
I was floored by the question.... of course there should be
a "blue shift in the head" if my proposal was correct. BUT
then I realized that NO, in fact there is NO HUBBLE SHIFT IN
A CONFORMAL METRIC! yes the wavelengths are scrunched up by
the contraction, but meanwhile the stock is speeding up by
the same factor, the net result is that there is NO

So my question really is this.... while the conformal
metric obviously does not obey the DYNAMIC laws of Physics
(Newton’s laws, Einstein's field equations etc.), it DOES
appear to me that the conformal metric obeys the KINEMATIC
laws of Special relativity. Note for instance that in a
conformal metric the speed of light is ALWAYS ONE, so I
think the Lorentz Metric is entirely justified.

So.... can you see any further objections that would
contradict my proposal of the fact that "HUMAN REALITY" is
described by the conformal metric above described.

In closing, let me mention that this is NOT A FRIVELOUS
PROIBLEM. It is actually a scientific explanation of the
phenomenon of "God", so called.

Thanks in advance,
George Hammond

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