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Chapt47: Purpose and meaning of life #460 Atom Totality 4th ed

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Old June 2nd 11, 06:18 AM posted to sci.physics,sci.astro,sci.math
Archimedes Plutonium[_2_]
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Default Chapt47: Purpose and meaning of life #460 Atom Totality 4th ed

Of course, the purpose and meaning of life is not flattering in an
Atom Totality.
But it is better than in the Big Bang theory where life is a
probability odds and is either "thinned out of existence" or "crushed
out of existence."

In an Atom Totality, atoms exist for the advancement of other atoms.
And the only reason that life exists is because it is far easier to
new atoms from intelligent life rather than create a huge star to do
that Nucleosynthesis.
So life in an Atom Totality is a "cold star". Life is created on
special planets in order to
carry out the nucleosynthesis of new atoms.

And some long futuristic day, the present day 231Pu Atom Totality
recreates itself
into the next Atom Totality of element 96.

Now in an Atom Totality there are several possibilities as to life.
There is the chance
that life is unique to Earth and that the 231Pu Atom Totality via its
needs just one planet to have life that will do all the
nucleosynthesis to transition the
present Element 94 Atom Totality into the next Element 96 Atom

The cost of having intelligent life in a Atom Totality maybe a huge
cost for the overall
Atom Totality that it cannot afford to have 10^11 planets with life
like Earth.

Then there is the countervailing argument that there must be even
distribution of
intelligent life throughout the Cosmos, say about 10^11 such planets
as Earth.

Me personally, I tend to favor the 10^11, for it seems as though other
atoms are
evenly distributed and so the higher atomic elements need that even

There are two physics principles we must focus on with regards to

(1) Principle of Least Energy
(2) Principle of Uniform Distribution

The first of these is detailed by Feynman in his books.
The second of these is less well known and has a version in Geology
the "principle of uniformity" which says that the laws of geology or
physics in one region of the universe or solar system are the same
laws in any other region. But I like to include the distribution of
matter and of chemical elements in the
Cosmos, so that one region of the Universe is not going to have more
of technetium than another region of the cosmos.

In the Atom Totality, Life is cold-stars. Stars are created in the
Atom Totality to nucleosynthesize the
elements from Hydrogen all the way up to as far as
stars can nucleosynthesize such as uranium and plutonium. And
there is nucleosynthesis by Dirac new-radioactivities. So we have
three processes of nucleosynthesis: (a) stars (b) Dirac new
radioactivities and (c) life. So that the
enormous amount of nucleosynthesis is carried out by stars, but they
a struggle to nucleosynthesize elements beyond plutonium. Thus, the
Atom Totality created life which eventually becomes intelligent life
and thus able to
make scientific laboratories where elements beyond
plutonium are nucleosynthesized.

So life was created to do the work that hot stars could
not do, and this is following in the steps of the principle
of least-energy.

So life on Earth was created for the task of nucleosynthesis.

And that makes alot of commonsense that if the Cosmos is one big atom
of plutonium, isotope 231,
that it is quite nice and handy to have living creatures
on planets that can nucleosynthesize a transplutonium
atom which may one day become the next Atom Totality. So, unlike the
Bible that says, God created man in the image of god. Here in the
Totality we
have a reverse of that idea where God created humanity to help in
creation of the next and future-God, the next Atom Totality.

So in an Atom Totality, the most sacred work of humanity is
nucleosynthesis. And it is the purpose of life.

Now are there advanced alien civilizations throughout the Cosmos, all
which doing nucleosynthesis?

Well, if the purpose of life is to make the next Atom Totality via
nucleosynthesis, then you need only one
civilization such as humanity on Earth. You do not need any other
alien life, you can do it all on Earth.
This would tend to say that humanity is alone in the

But the second principle of Cosmic uniformity of law
and atoms would tend to say that we need nucleosynthesis by
scattered uniformily throughout the Cosmos. And that one of those
civilizations, would be the "blessed civilization" that
makes the new Atom Totality.

We see signals by "pulsars" daily. Many have suggested these pulsars
are due to physical means
and are not life. But I would contend that pulsars are
probably alien civilizations making pulses, whether to
signal they are dying or whether they are signalling of
some sort of success on their part that they may have
nucleosynthesized element 120 whereas Earth has only achieved

Another physics guess is that since Fusion energy is never able to
work due
to the Fusion Barrier Principle, that old intelligent lifeforms on
alien planets
build these pulsing machines to sort of inform other aliens that they
lived but are not going extinct.

I do not know, and the above is the best summary
at this moment in time.

However, a new glitch to the above recently arose in
connection with the idea of Earth going to Volcano-electricity for
nearly all its energy needs. So that planet
earth will be covered by many electrical grid lines. We
will tapp into the internal energy of Earth and thus abate global
warming and greenhouse carbon gases.
So the thought occurred to me that if we were standing on say a
star and trained our telescope in the direction of Earth where it
a magnetosphere and on the surface of Earth all this high powered
electric system, that would cause a "pulsation emitting
from Earth?" So that maybe, as our civilization becomes ever more
electrifyed with a electric grid system that covers much of Earth
it would create a pulsation that could be detected by nearby star
systems. Just a thought.

Archimedes Plutonium
whole entire Universe is just one big atom
where dots of the electron-dot-cloud are galaxies

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