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"Another space tourist to fly to ISS" -- on OCTOBER (!!) Soyuz

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Old July 6th 05, 06:40 PM
Jim Oberg
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Default "Another space tourist to fly to ISS" -- on OCTOBER (!!) Soyuz

All Russian accounts describe the Soyuz launch as "October". NASA
documents still list it as "September 27". WHEN will a launch date be
and what are the current alternative dates under consideration?

Inquiring minds -- and potential Baykonur tourists -- want to KNOW!!

Jim O

Another space tourist to fly to ISS
MOSCOW, July 6 15:29 (RIA Novosti) - American space tourist Gregory
Olsen will fly to the International Space Station (ISS) on a Russian
Soyuz-TMA spacecraft with the ninth ISS crew in October, the Russian Federal
Space Agency said Wednesday.

Agency head Anatoly Perminov met with Gregory Olsen, who has a chance
to become only the third space tourist.

The first, American Dennis Tito visited the ISS in 2001, while the
second, South African Mark Shuttleworth flew to the ISS in 2002. Both paid
$20 million for the privilege.

Old July 7th 05, 07:16 AM
Alina Chernoivanova
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Old July 7th 05, 06:35 PM
Craig Fink
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Who is Kostenko? Kostenko will fly is Olsen can't make it?

On Wed, 06 Jul 2005 22:59:01 -0700, Alina Chernoivanova wrote:


During October on S will leave the third space tourist. Company Space
Adventures did conclude contract with?Roskomosom? to the flight of its
candidate in the composition of?Soyuza-TMA"?. The American businessman of
Gregory Olsen simply did not enter into the basic crew? for the first time
in tourist understudy appeared. The federal space agency of Russia did
conclude contract about the flight to the Russian segment S of?Uchastnika
of space flight? from company Space Adventures. As they reported in the
press- service of?Roskosmosa?, in the medium the leader of agency Anatoliy
perminov met candidate for the flight by the American of Gregory Olsenom,
who?imeyet all chances to become the third in the world space tourist?.
During October 2005 the businessman from THE USA will leave for space
aboard the Russian ship of?Soyuz-TMA?. Olsen will conduct in flight 10
days? 8 of them at the international space station, during peresmenki of
crews S -11 and S -12. Cost of flight, according to official data,
standard? $20 million. As described Olsen To perminovu, in orbit it will
conduct several scientific experiments, with the aid of the infrared
camera it will make photographs of the earth's surface and atmosphere, and
it also brings together to the station the sprouts of grapes. American
businessman hoped to leave for space even in the past year. In the spring
of 2004 he arrived to Moscow and passed commission of medical experts in
the institute of biomedical problems (IMBP). Specialists allowed Olsena to
the preflight training in the Russian center of training cosmonauts (TSPK,
the Zvezdni Gorodok), but at the end of June main medical board removed it
from the occupations because of the problems with the health. However,
businessman did not forego his purpose to fly in orbit. In this year he
successfully passed international board of experts, group on questions of
crew activity S recommended its into the composition of the 9th expedition
of visit, Russian main medical board allowed it to the special trainings,
and on 30 May international group on medicine recognized as its suitable
for short term space flight. Businessman approached the preparation in the
center of training cosmonauts in the Zvezdni Gorodok. How did report
Perminovu the representative OF TSPK Maxim kharlamov, now Olsen does study
the Russian language, does pass the course of theoretical preparation
along the systems of the ship of?Soyuz? and S, and also biomedical
preparation and training according to the contingency situations.
Businessman himself in the conversation with the leader of?Roskosmosa? it
complained, that?na leisure practically does not remain time, but for the
party into the golf in Sunday will always be located pair it is hour?.
Together with Olsenom the course of preparation in TSPK does pass its
understudy? the chapter of the Russian representation of company Space
Adventures Sergey kostenko. As it reported to correspondent
to?Gazety..Ru?, if not had, until now, of understudies the space tourists,
then, beginning from Olsena, the designation of candidate to the
replacement becomes required. ?Chto not happened, place remains for Space
Adventures?, ? it explained. I.e., the flight, during which the company
transfers money to the calculation of?Roskosmosa?, it does take place in
any event? will fly either Olsen or Kostenko. Kostenko freely manages
English and successfully passed medical examination. To a question
to?Gazety..Ru?, he would want to fly, the chapter of the Russian
representation Space Adventures it answered: ?Konechno?. The flight of
space tourist will become the third in the history S. During April 2001
Space Adventures by agreement with RKK of?Energiya? and
by?Rosaviakosmosom? it sent in orbit of the businessman from THE USA of
Dennis Tito. The second during May 2002 was mul'timillioner from REPUBLIC
OF SOUTH AFRICA Mark shattlvort. However, the third tourist flight always
was torn away: first did not fly singer N`.Sync Lens Bass (his sponsors so
they did not transfer to the calculation of the agency of money), then
they removed from the flight Of olsena, but on medpokazaniyam they soon
abolished flight and Russian businessman of Sergey polonskiy. 07 JULY

Craig Fink
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Old July 7th 05, 06:36 PM
Craig Fink
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On Wed, 06 Jul 2005 23:16:42 -0700, Alina Chernoivanova wrote:
Something in Russian,

From http://babelfish.altavista.com/tr

As officials speak, the starting date is refined. But this beginning of

Craig Fink
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Old July 7th 05, 07:28 PM
Jim Oberg
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First, I express very warm greetings to alina for her contributions here.

My question: If Kostenko flies in place of Olsen, who pays? Nobody?

I was told a few months ago that the backup would be Sergey Zhukov.
Was that true, once, and if so, what happened?

Jim O

"Alina Chernoivanova" wrote

Old July 7th 05, 07:35 PM
Jim Oberg
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"Alina Chernoivanova" wrote in message
??? ??????? ??????????? ????, ????
?????? ??????????. ?? ??? ??????


Old July 8th 05, 07:45 AM
Alina Chernoivanova
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LCDQv9C+0LvQtdGC0LjRggrQmtC+0YHRgtC10L3QutC+LgrQkt C+0LfQvNC+0LbQvdC+LCDQntC7
gdCy0L7QuCDQtNC10L3RjNCz0Lgg0L7RgiDRgdGC0YDQsNGF0L 7QstGJ0LjQutCwLgo=

Old July 8th 05, 01:43 PM
Craig Fink
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On Thu, 07 Jul 2005 23:45:21 -0700, Alina Chernoivanova wrote:

From http://babelfish.altavista.com/tr

The details of the contract between Space Adventures and Olsenom are
stored in the secret. This is understandable. But, as I understood, Olesn
can not fly only because of the extraordinary situations. If we they occur
ourselves company do not bear before it the responsibility: money to it
will return neither company nor Roskosmos. So that they not would be
istrecheny in I be empty, will fly Kostenko. Possibly, Olsena insured
against "nepoleta on S" and so it will be able to return its money from
the insurer.

Old July 9th 05, 06:12 AM
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My understand was that the contracts on previous tourist flights provided
that the tourist paid $20 million, and the Russian side agreed to put the
tourist on a rocket, ignite the engines, and leave the ground.

I think I assumed that the funds transferred at this time but now realize
that I have no material justification for this idea. Perhaps space
tourists should devise an escrow clause in the contract so that the funds
transfer when they are are earned.

Old July 9th 05, 06:15 AM
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"Jim Oberg"

The September date on NASA's books is wrong.


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