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"Earth Expansion" crank theory QUESTIONS

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Old February 5th 07, 02:56 PM posted to sci.geo.geology,sci.geo.earthquakes,aus.science,scI.engr.mining,sci.astro
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Default "Earth Expansion" crank theory QUESTIONS

On 5 fév, 12:12, (Florian) wrote:
Timberwoof wrote:
That's what I understood. Just like a balloon when outside pressure
changes, except the expansion is slowed down because the "balloon" is
not very elastic.

The size of a balloon can be predicted from the amount and temperature
of gas inside, the pressure of gas outside, and the elastic properties
of the balloon. This seems to make the analogy to expanding earth rather
weak, for the Earth's structure is not like that of a balloon: it is not
an elastic membrane holding a gas inside. It's a rock.

OK, that was a poor model but very visual.
May be you'll prefer a balloon made of different foamy layers?


"Tout est au mieux dans le meilleur des mondes possibles"
Voltaire vs Leibniz

Not at all, that balloon analogy is the closest to reality indeed. Now
you have a small balloon to start with some paint regularly spread all
over it, then you allow your paint ( or plaster say ) to dry ...
Okay ?
( coming to the planet, we are then on our analogy to an orbit where
such cooling of the outside is possible, making it a crust, like on
Venus orbit by ex. )

No you blow up that balloon and lo & behold, faults are forming and
stiffer, stronger or thicker parts are remaining together ( as
continents ) while appearing in relation to others to drift apart...
here you have that perfect model of what is officially known as
Continental Drift !
In fact all arguments and counter arguments are play on words. Yes,
how do you differentiate relative from absolute drift, if you are on
board one of the continents ?
Hey ?

....as Don noted rightly, Timber must have been attending the Dumb
School, since his poor arguments are just part of the usual array of
systematic opposition to anything new, and indeed to something going
to blow the whole castle of cards of present Geology out of the

Now what is the mechanism behind the Earth Expansion, and which to
this day the True Geology is the only one to have understood and hence
to teach ?
A most interesting subject indeed.

Anyway & on conclusion, do not believe what you see, your senses are
very limited and this is part of the game indeed. In clear to accept
such limitation and make your intelligence transcend such limitation.
I admit it takes some humility to accept that Mankind is in fact a
very narrow minded congregation, and probably one of the most crude
amongst all the sentient beings inhabiting the Universe. Probably some
definitive embarrassment to the superior entities of Sirius ß or the

Note. re Earthquakes prediction contest on sce, Sicily seems to me the
next probable location ... a overall one century cycle by the look of
it !

Best regards

Sir Jean-Paul Turcaud
Australia Mining Pioneer
Founder of the True Geology


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