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Help to disprove this theory

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Old March 6th 21, 10:49 AM posted to alt.astronomy
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Default Help to disprove this theory

Rick C. Hodgin wrote on 6/3/21 8:29 am:
On Fri, 5 Mar 2021 21:19:53 +0000 (UTC) R Kym Horsell
Rick C. Hodgin wrote: ...
We don't know what gravity was like in the past, so it's not
something we can prove.

Non-fringe science would have it we can look up in the sky and can
see how it was in the past upto 14 bn years go.

But as I said if you're going to keep using appeals to logic you
have fallen into a trap probably set by demons.

We've only been experiencing things on this planet for as long as
our civilizations are. Do things change on the Biblical cycle? In
this theory the answer would be yes.

But we also have a pattern for this in the natural world. Seasons.

We have a planting, growing, harvesting, and a season where things
are not active (winter).

If this pattern was given us, and is part of a larger pattern of the
Earths over these multiple "seasons" which are the 7,000 year
Biblical cycles, then we can gain knowledge about this from what we
see naturally applied to the larger scales.

The New Jerusalem that comes out of Heaven is a cube approximately
1,200 miles on a side (it's just the right size to fit inside the
moon, by the way). But, it's a cube. Why a cube? It has three
gates on the North, three on the East, South, and West. 12 Gates

Hmm!! Twelve Gates ..... Twelve Tribes of Israel!! A connection??

But WAIT!! What about the other two faces of the Cube?? Do they also
have three gates each??

Or, maybe, there are only two gates on each of the six faces!!

To me it sounds like a block or a brick. If there are other solar
systems out there like ours that have "crops of man" being created,

There is only *ONE* Solar System .... the System that surrounds the Star
the Ancient Greeks/Romans/Whomever named *SOL* !!

then the New Jerusalem would be a transport taking the crop of man
from this Earth to wherever we're going after this time of man on
this current Earth.

Would be!! Could be!! Should be!!

But, probably isn't!!

There's so much we don't know about what's out there.

Sure is!!

We have mainstream secular scientists telling us this that and the
other thing about how it all works,

And we have Internet Idiots telling us the 'mainstream secular
scientists' have it all wrong 'cause the Internet Idiots know better!! ;-P

but if they aren't seeking the truth, don't have a foundation in
Biblical knowledge,

Why would a man of the Sciences *need* "a foundation in Biblical

don't trust in God, aren't born again, then how can we know what they
say is correct?

How would 'we' know what YOU say is correct??

I admit that I do not know if my theory is correct,

Good!! Some *TRUTH* !!

but I'm very seriously trying to disprove it with something that's
actually provable. Because in the absence of that proof it remains

I appreciate your reply. If you have more thoughts or insight I
would welcome it.

Sure you would!!
Old March 29th 21, 09:02 PM posted to alt.astronomy
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Default Help to disprove this theory

Il 2021-03-04, Rick C. Hodgin ha scritto:
It's a theory that states our solar system was created by God in the
beginning to manufacture subsequent Earths. Each Earth exists for a
"season" which is the 7,000 Biblical cycle of in-service duty.

It's impossible to disprove. God could arrange any aspect of our
universe to make it appear billions of years old even if it's only 7,000
years. If that's the case, no empirical observation could ever finally
'disprove' what you said.

But if you accept empirical evidence then you can measure the age of
fossils or rocks using the decay rate of radioactive isotopes
(carbon-14, potassium-40, uranium), which shows that some rocks on Earth
formed over four billions of years ago. And before you say it, claiming
that the decay rate of a specific radioactive atom could change over
time has no basis whatsoever.

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