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Corona Update 10, Is covid-19 pandemic a hoax ?

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Old February 18th 21, 03:01 PM posted to alt.astronomy
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Default Corona Update 10, Is covid-19 pandemic a hoax ?

Is the Corona/Covid-19 a Hoax ?

Let's look at the facts and possible explanations for why it may be a hoax:

1. One of the biggest indicators that it is a hoax is the following inconsistency (spotting inconsistencies is a good method to expose lieers/scammers/hoaxers):

Only old people die. Old people die anyway. Any kind of sickness could be faked in this way.

2. The increased number of old people deaths during january 2020 could have been caused by the flu, maybe even flu does not exist and these sicknesses/deaths are caused by flu vaccines or
winter coldness causing long infections or dry/cold winter dehydriating old people faster so they die faster.

3. The quick corona tests do not work correctly and give many false positives, perpetuating the hoax.

4. Some goverments world wide know it's a hoax and that is why they are so quick with selling "corona/covid-19 vaccines" to try and make big bucks quick.

5. The vaccines themselfes don't work, and possibility couldn't work if there is no corona virus. On the contrary these vaccines could cause more sickness and death and this is already
occuring among old people.

6. Goverments world wide need to perform "virus isolation" and "virus infection" tests with volunteers to see if this virus is real, to see if people are truely infected by it and
if this infection/virus can go from Person A to Person B to Person C, otherwise it is a hoax or something else.

7. Images/video of ICUs are unreliable, these intensive care departments are always occupied by sick people.

8. China could have used the virus/hoax to accuse political opponents of being infected and forcefully remove them from their houses/appartments.

9. China seems to have created a kind of auswitch where more people are to be stored supposedly infected with Corona.

10. Vaccine companies in USA can not be held responsible for any consequences of corona vaccines.

11. So called Corona tests already existed before the crisis.

12. The small little ball that is photographed with electron cannon could be an exosome, a normal cell that is part of human life.

13. Where is the evidence that this little ball causes disease ?

14. Only 80% threshold is used by scientists to indicate that found DNA is related to corona virus/sars 1. Human DNA is 99% same at fruitfly. This threshold is way too low.
This sloppy isolated DNA (supposedly being corona virus) could be anything.

15. Corona tests are testing for some kind of DNA, this DNA could be anything.

16. When people are sick and snotty and sample is taking from their lungs/fluids it's full of all kinds of DNA. Supposedly the virus DNA was never properly ISOLATED.

17. The so called variants/mutants could simply be human's own body cells which slight variations among people.

18. So far United Kingdom of England is going to perform tests among 100 volunteers to see who the corona virus spreads. I hope this research/experiment will be thruthfull.
It's kind of strange that only after 1 year they try and perform this test.

19. Some of the diseases/sicknesses could be caused by auto-immune disease caused by vaccinations in the past.

20. Some of the deaths/sicknesses can also be explained by bad medicine or over medicine use and medical health care itself is responsible for some deaths and sicknesses caused by medicine.

21. In the past there was a report about 5G radiation damaging parts of cells in mice so that these cells could not absorb oxygen anymore. So another possibility is that "covid" patients have been
hit by 5G radiation beams damaging their lung cells causing fluids to be ejected from these burst cells and also depriving them from oxygen.

22. If point 21 is true then communication companies would have to pay billions in damages unless they are also protected from such claims. Hence why they ban these kinds of messages on all
kinds of platforms.

23. Hospitals are being payed/rewarded to put people on ventilators.

24. Whenever people die a covid label is placed on them. "It was covid" to inflate numbers.

25. Wrong usage of ventilators can also cause lung damage.

26. Stimulating sales of medical equipment.

27. Stimulating sales of new information systems, so called "corona passport systems".

28. Acquiring fast quantities of DNA material from humans for sickness analysis and buying of certain medicine to profit.

29. Preventing people from meeting each other + banning critics from information systems/internet/social media etc.

30. Requiring mouth masks and social distancing of 1.5 meters to make communication in real life also difficult.

31. Causing fear of people among each other to prevent discuss the possibilities of a hoax.

32. Criminalzing refusal to follow these "corona counter" measures.

33. Killing off old people with crappy vaccines to reduce costs of old people.

34. Killing off dumb people that believe in corona vaccine, reducing number of dumb people on this planet.

35. Possibly creating new sickness to try and profit from it in future by selling new crappy medicine to combat these.

36. Some believe it may make people invertile.


1. The corona pandemic could be a big hoax/misunderstanding by a lot of people/politicians/medical personal and companies trying to profit from it. Also bad tests and bad analysis.
Also over reaction and panic leading to further mistakes in treatment, rewards, and so forth. To much hearsay from China to little independent verification.

2. Hard core evidence has to be produced to counter all claims above. This so far has not been done.

3. More experiments and investigations should also be done in other causes like 5G radiation or auto-immune disease from vaccinations.


Old February 18th 21, 06:11 PM posted to alt.astronomy
external usenet poster
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Default Corona Update 10, Is covid-19 pandemic a hoax ?

On Thu, 18 Feb 2021 07:01:06 -0800 (PST), skybuck2000 wrote:

COoperate with the VIDeo

(typical military acronym)


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