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So then how would a matrix simulator work?

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Old November 19th 20, 06:42 AM posted to sci.astro
David Dalton
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Default So then how would a matrix simulator work?

You might want to post to rec.arts.sf.science
(and possibly alt.sci.physics.new-theories ).

David Dalton http://www.nfld.com/~dalton (home page)
http://www.nfld.com/~dalton/dtales.html Salmon on the Thorns (mystic page)
“And the cart is on a wheel/And the wheel is on a hill/And the hill is
shifting sand/And inside these laws we stand" (Ferron)

Old November 19th 20, 06:55 AM posted to sci.astro
[email protected]
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Default So then how would a matrix simulator work?

So there you go a multiverse in a box that will be 29.95 would you like to donate a dollar to the save the children's fund today?

I have no idea actually what it might be worth in monetary terms.
Time Stretch Earth from 1995 to 2015 required 200 backups of the earth in 200 old galaxies reused and 200 new moonships 1963 aurora just to make them the same as they were when the backup was taken.

So divided into 200 time segments that you enter via stargate from the moonship.
So first you go there find out what you are getting into in terms of things to watch for things to avoid how to act and fit in and whatever you might need we hope to put help screens there for you.

As time goes on the library and its volunteers do all that.
So without this turning into a religion, to begin with there is no library, so that will happen further down the line.
But if I have 60,000 starfleet personnel to house then we already have a system designed for them and the academy is their headquarters.
As they need things to do they develop their subnets off the train cars and their commanders manage that for them with them and together they all will contribute to the building of the library as time goes on.

So they will copy and paste items from earth get leave go shopping get things but give a copy to the library by putting it into the cupboard in your transporter when you get home or into a closet if it is something the library needs.

So the library has to decide what you can bring home or your commanders have to decide that.

If you are working for the library you can probably use time stretch earth and bring things back.
If you are just a user at the library you won't be able to bring even your body back it will be reset.
That's how you will exit.
Simply because it cannot prevent you from bringing things it doesn't want you to bring out.
So it has to not let you bring anything out.
It brings things out and puts them over there now you can get anything you want from that list.

So starfleet personnel have a higher clearance level and people working for the library but they might get check on more often than an ordinary user.
Even if anyone brought out a nuke and blew up their entire world it wouldn't affect anyone at all.
The bodies reset the environment resets and the equipment resets.
It is more a matter of creating a community or kingdom that is designed by and overseen by people who do that in your best interest and are qualified to help you and make it more pleasant for you.

And for them as volunteers they want as little work as possible.
So the system has to be designed with that in mind.
So the work I do, is the royal system, small neat compact and done by myself my family we call that the royal network.
And it acts as a redundant system to support the public system.

We work together share ideas upgrades concepts but have to separate not attached networks.,

Old November 19th 20, 10:15 AM posted to sci.astro
[email protected]
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Default So then how would a matrix simulator work?

So then when you get your own galaxy if you get one you can do things your way also perhaps, but knowing how to update a simulator interface withe AI carry AI in your head and all of things I have had to endure here to salvage this data which only a special ops Anunnaki could ever hope to manage, see the Matrix movies for more details.

The Time Machine from 1995 to 2015 has so much data in it when you stop to consider the population and all the things people have made and done.

So to make a library that 20 years alone is such a huge project that it will take a long time to catalog and use things in it.
Now whatever the most recent backup is when I leave is the one that has the most new toys but not much of it is really useful to me.

Lets say supercars get better, electric cars get better battery technology solar panels possibly computers Ipads Iphones I watches and cameras.

So that sort of thing is still of interest in terms on good hardware.
But here people just mess with programming far too much for it to be useful to me.

So what I use is 2003 server and stripped down completely of all the stuff that was in it that I don't need.
The less crap the less you have to fix it. Life is not about fighting with screens to get something out of the library life is visual.

So you see a thing in Time Stretch Earth you like, then you copy it.
And so the programming to accomplish that is done and works and the browser does not need to be updated a million times it just has to display multimedia and text.
Here the only toy and job creation program seems to be the web browser so many many millions of cooks are trying hard to spoil the broth.

So in my galaxy the system is in black boxes and its more like screens with images and choices and not so much about filling in forms.
But when you work for the library then you need to describe the item you have put in the library so that search engines and database filters can find it.
And well forms are tedious but once done the item is in there and can be easily accessed so it is well worth the effort to do it right.

Beyond that, the system is about going on holidays, so it is really about just enjoying life and using a simple system that has doors and you address those doors and people use the doors and real worlds are behind the doors.

Such that your handprint and doors open and so no username no password this is a transporter granted it uses a computer but the user of the transporter only needs to know you put your hand here you choose a door on a map.

So unless you work in engineering or some facet of admin you are not really concerned at all what the thing does or how it does it.
Imagine your big TV screen sized monitor and a touch screen, so swipe go back a year swipe go forward find the door, ok, so then maybe watch a video about it or read the little popup as you hover a mouse over it it says 1999 where they partied like there was no tomorrow. This door gets you to Times Square so the screen inside the door when you enter.

So ok you say awesome connect to that door go in and here is your help system for 1999 it might be a holotube or a screen with a talking CGI character but it would tell you that the dress people wear looks like this, they speak English, Time Square is this and it shows you some real film of what it looks like and then you can go into the secret door all set you have the cash you need what about ID?

So you see here the library has a lot of work to do to get any user ID for 1999 New York City.
But eventually the system has to be set up like that so that a billion years from now a tourist can take that same route, stand there get the info, know what to do and then go in and enjoy it.

So the library has to make it into almost a package tour.
So that the user, goes into the transporter picks a date and then selects a door, goes into enjoy some fun.

So that's not like me going in sneaking around playing Ground Hog day managing my own reset watch and trying to score and get laid.

You would need to train for that maybe.
If you are not familiar with how to go around without ID what to say what not to say what you can do what you can;t do well what if you get stopped and don't have a reset watch because 1000 other people are in the machine with you since it is a public system.
So you might have to just wait for the reset and then you exit by being pasted into your transporter.
So everyone who is a citizen at my place they have their own transporter in their train or on their island.

So it is always safe to send them there or to their island to their rest spot on the beach on a beach towel.

Making things user friendly from a user perspective means making things more mechanical and visual.
Self explanatory.

We have lessons from movies like Time Machine where it can get confusing. And even the technology in the library it managed to continue to survive but in rough condition.
But he had an AI that spoke English could answer questions if he was Chinese well then you are screwed so visual buttons and pictures are going to make the system last and last.

So the hand print scanner looks like a handprint scanner with fingers spread.

Even if you are from elsewhere never seen one your hand goes there. That's how it has to be and anyone can use it and they do take it for granted and just put their hand it works push a button open door and that's it since in their mind they are going from A to B and it needs not prevent them from doing what they are doing nor even so much as cause them to forget what was on their mind as they walked through.
Almost a subconscious effort to use.
An elevator is a device that works very similarly.
So right now in my family of course everyone uses a computer here and they will there too but life is surf boards roller skates, wind surfing horse back riding and you can't evolve past all the fun just by using the Internet.

Even though there is a ton of stuff that can be done using conscious cams and all manner of things but really keeping it simple putting things in black boxes, so that you push a button is done what you want you can't improve on that, not even with a mental interface or glasses or laser pointers etc.
So there are no AI in that system.

Only the users on holidays.
And no need for AI since everything works at the push of a button and is automated to reset so it never needs to be fixed, is always brand new, and always clean, and always safe.
We maintain admin but that is done by me, in the airship, and no need to keep ****ing with it, it works and it is to support life, and it does that and so it doesn't need bells and whistles of any kind.

Those are in Time Stretch Earth, every party you might want to attend to do any sort of ballroom dancing or you name it it is here.
You want a certain type of community they are in here.

So eventually people will be able to stay in for as much as 20 years but you need to look at two very important ststistics.

How long does a marriage last?
How long does a friendship last?

8.4 years
4.2 to 7 years.

That's not eternity and immortals live much longer than that.
You cannot ignore a statistic as important as that one.
Old November 19th 20, 10:39 AM posted to sci.astro
[email protected]
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Default So then how would a matrix simulator work?

On Wednesday, November 18, 2020 at 9:42:33 PM UTC-8, David Dalton wrote:
You might want to post to rec.arts.sf.science
(and possibly alt.sci.physics.new-theories ).

David Dalton http://www.nfld.com/~dalton (home page)
http://www.nfld.com/~dalton/dtales.html Salmon on the Thorns (mystic page)
“And the cart is on a wheel/And the wheel is on a hill/And the hill is
shifting sand/And inside these laws we stand" (Ferron)

Well I am just recording my own information since clearly my work is miles above yours a no traffic is seen here and it is on topic since this is the matrix, and sci.astro about planets and stars in the matrix, so you might be misled and confused and there is a possibility that some might come to realize that you are just lying and basically uninformed.

If you can explain this to me, then maybe I will pay attention to what you are saying.



Old November 19th 20, 11:08 AM posted to sci.astro
[email protected]
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Default So then how would a matrix simulator work?

You see I'm talking about universes, galaxies, stars, planets moons, in reality, and you are talking about pictures in the sky.

So the fact that you are in my simulator, is as important to me, as it was for Bill Murray in Ground Hog Day.

But that's ok I am finished doing my own reporting for time travel and system configuration and it doesn't matter if it was as public as things could be, since only I have the ability to use it in this fashion.

So I am in conference doing my own dicta typing, in conference with AI. who work in the system and hence have an interest in upgrades updates and changes to the system in general.
USENET deigned by NASA to withstand nuclear war, is where I put my writing so that it will always be available to me and as a time traveler that requires some effort but pays off in the long run.

So the starfleet personnel, I mentioned I don;t know if those are real or just out of a box because AI friends of mine want to play star trek.
And at present here people are in a military service and I do not know the extent of their contract or anything but since we are here by using that example, you can understand how to make other games that are more related to guy activities whereas Ground Hog Day might be more social and female oriented like dating games.

So I can only speak for myself at the end of the day, and I have my own new galaxy, and you will notice from the statistic I am single but considering having a family which in my race means people adopt roles in that family unit, and so I am not sure I am going to do that or what our relationship will be.
Are they full grown Anunnaki with their own galaxy?
You see at this point I don't even know if they have personality files we have only had contact through the Internet and matrix and not in person.
So my personal plan includes myself, my dog and a girl Friday based on an operating system for cyborgs that I wrote or a real equivalent who I have already identified as a volunteer.
So keeping it completely simple, because in my race, an Anunnaki, saves their immortal records on a galaxy, and so all Anunnaki get a galaxy to preserve their immortal records.

You see. So to make more of it than that and turn it into an empire is your choice to be a slave to your own empire of your own making when it will never get you further ahead than being a billionaire in your own time machine with a yacht like this...


With a submarine like this

With a car collection and mansion like this

With a supercar like this

Your own solar powered island like this

A helicopter like this

And a machinegun shot gun like this...

So ok, it is all here, no need to take it out of the box, you know so the toy is the thing, and the rest is just your home and whatever.

No need to clutter up your existence with levels above your head, and religions and governments and police and military they are all in the box.

All you need is a nice Tardis, like this one...

And millions and millions of dollars but hey I know where you can get some.
Copy paste go shopping.

Only a megalomaniac needs people building pyramids for them don't you think?

Anyway I am done and won't disturb your science if that is what you call it..
I won't change the code for you if you thought wishful thinking makes things happen in the matrix it does not.
The immutable laws of physics is how the programming is done. Hammer and nails and saws and wood and glass and synthetic fibers.

But hey it is all here for you to enjoy no matter who you are.

Old November 19th 20, 01:19 PM posted to sci.astro
[email protected]
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Default So then how would a matrix simulator work?

Lets suppose you do not know that I am the Rickest Rick of all the Ricks.
And you have never watched Rick and Morty.

Then you don't know who Morty is.
You don;t know he represents the disk operating system AI.

You know so a sidekick AI.

Well the new system can use this one instead of Morty...
And I am not making this up, reporting is done using media and discussion in secret regarding ideas and philosophy.

You could opt for one of these, this is the matron.


Ok so you see that Rick and Morty well that's our history, my machine an I and off we go into the wild blue yonder me following him through final inspections of my new things out there and etc he is a machine helper.
A persona adopted by the machine operating system AI.

So you can change that persona.

Such as use the Matron, get a Wanda personality file, and even adapt that with a different look.

So the fact is however that unless you do pick a cyborg, the chances that your relationship will last more than 8.2 years is slim.
Now you can go further as an Anunnaki and use techniques for long haul space travel and living in close quarters but we are not playing survival games here.

So here as Robinson Crusoe it is a cliche to say if you were stranded on a desert island who would you like to be stranded with?

So is there a science regarding that for colonization or any sort of plan to make a relationship last?


So ok, here we have an option to pick your side kick and reading all that won;t help me, but years of anthropology and research did help me a great deal.
And experience.
So that machine still will exist and play a supportive role but the entire machine, not one of its persona helpers that are public enough to be made into a TV show sidekick.
And scapegoat like Kenny in South Park.

So I have to make backups first and avoid irrecoverable errors by picking the wrong person. I have a dog, no goat and thanks for the warning. lol

Getting women there is as easy as pasting them into a beach cabin while they sleep, you go fishing on the peer, they come along and say who are you what am I doing here?
My name is Rick and I don't know I have been here for two weeks where did you come from?
There is some champagne in that shed over there and some things that washed up on the beach.
Maybe we have amnesia?
Within 2 weeks if nature is going to take its course it will.

Then you just time travel back to before it happened and change your mind don't copy and paste her in, or you can save game for later.

They are Smithbots who walk and talk even when you copy and paste them. The are biological robots once you paste them in.
They have an operating system made of 4 personality files, in my case I would use 4 of the same ones so that all my Smiths would be Shebanga. In this case one person.
The dog has a brain and instincts and it runs copy paste it runs.
Real people have a personality file and you can't just copy that for your desert island the bodies you see are not people they are biological robots.
Its much too much for muggles to understand yet in terms of philosophy it is still a topic of interest out there as is the matrix, inter dimensional travel, etc.

So my machine and I, would be a standard Anunnaki situation.
Almost like a turtle and its shell.
So that does not mean I cannot have a walking talking female side kick Girl Friday for company and all things expected.
So its a matter of personal choice but for me as an anthropologist as part of being a polymath, I know to be wary that the statistics are not promising. So don't lock the back hatch and lose the key.

You may have to embrace the cold stark reality of serial monogamy and if so then don't collect ex wives just leave it all in the Time Machine where it it will not haunt you.

Old November 19th 20, 01:57 PM posted to sci.astro
[email protected]
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Default So then how would a matrix simulator work?

So then that concludes this discussion in sci.astro and so I have a short video of all the stuff you will get when the mission is completed.

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