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Chapt1 What is this theory #10 Atom Totality Theory replacing BigBang theory

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Old September 26th 11, 07:20 PM posted to sci.physics,sci.astro,sci.math
Archimedes Plutonium[_2_]
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Default Chapt1 What is this theory #10 Atom Totality Theory replacing BigBang theory

I suppose one can say that the difference between the Big Bang and
Atom Totality
theory is that although both are theories for the entire Universe,
that the Big Bang
is a theory of a "process going on" , while the Atom Totality is a
theory of a
entity or something, and how that entity existed in the past and
exist in the

No explosion is needed in the Atom Totality theory, for as described
in a later chapter, Paul Dirac shows how a process of new-
dominates in the creation of the Universe.

The Big Bang theory is like saying that Nagasaki is an explosion,
rather than a city
that existed before the explosion and a city that exists after.
Whereas the
Atom Totality would recognize the city when it first was settled and
where a
explosion was just one day in the history of the city.

So the Big Bang as a theory of Physics is really a paltry piece of
rather than a solid thoughtful theory.

But the worst reasoning of the Big Bang is that it has to violate all
the laws of
physics until much later in the explosion that all of a sudden the
laws of physics
seem to precipitate out of the explosion. So that Quantum Mechanics
comes into
existence about 5 minutes after the explosion and perhaps Maxwell
Equations come
into existence some days after the explosion. All of which is
and piecemeal. So that only a scatterbrained physicist would be
tempted to buy
into the Big Bang theory for what sense is there in a theory of
physics that destroys
universal laws of physics and then creates another batch of so
laws" when they were never universal in the first place.

On the other hand, the Atom Totality theory sticks and stays with
Quantum Mechanics.
Atoms are Quantum Mechanics and so in the Atom Totality, never is
there a breakdown
of the laws of physics and the laws are truly universal.

Now a big explosion can occur in an Atom Totality for we can witness
cosmic gamma ray bursts that hold the energy of an entire galaxy.
in the Atom Totality theory, the Cosmos is a atom-like-machine that
interested in creating the next higher element atom, so that violence
destruction is not part of the Cosmic whole but rather a beneficial
leading into the Plutonium Atom Totality at present to go into the
heavier element Atom Totality of the future.

So, in the Big Bang the universe is not a entity, not a something,
rather a amorphous process. A process that started in violence and
has only two choices of a future-- thin out into nothing or return to
violent big crunch.

In the Atom Totality theory, the only things in existence are atoms
which keep the process going by creating Atom Totalities of higher
number and ordered atoms. In an Atom Totality, life has meaning as
a developer of the new atoms, whereas in a Big Bang, life is only
a fluke of probability, sitting there along for the ride as to
that ride may end up being.

In the Atom Totality, the Universe is a atom of which it was borne or
risen from previous
atoms and the future is a transformation into a higher numbered
Where the Universe
is an "it" a "something" and it includes processes and
transformations. Whereas the Big
Bang is only a process.

Now probably, the only reason that so many scientist accepted and
believed in the Big Bang,
is what happens in all fields of study, when there is only one
and no rival theory to
contend or compete with, well, most scientists will then blindly
accept a scatterbrained theory.
When the only drink in town is bad water, then you drink bad water.
But when someone digs
a well and runs the water through a purifier, then you have a choice
of what to drink.

Archimedes Plutonium
whole entire Universe is just one big atom
where dots of the electron-dot-cloud are galaxies

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