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Chapter 12 Solid Body Rotation for galaxies only in Atom Totality,not Big Bang #433 Atom Totality 4th ed

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Old May 18th 11, 08:00 AM posted to sci.physics,sci.astro,sci.math
Archimedes Plutonium[_2_]
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Default Chapter 12 Solid Body Rotation for galaxies only in Atom Totality,not Big Bang #433 Atom Totality 4th ed

I need to revise the chapters of this book, and as soon as I reach the
end of this edition, I immediately start with the 5th edition to try
to gain for the first time a organized book, rather than jumping all
over the place.

I do not need a chapter on cosmic magneto-hydrodynamics, what Hannes
Alfven proposed.

But I do need to spend alot more time on Solid Body Rotation because
it is a phenomenon that
cannot exist in a Big Bang theory. Solid Body Rotation of a cluster of
galaxies amounts to definitive proof that the Big Bang theory is false
and a fake theory and that there is no way that gravity can come
together to create a Solid Body Rotation.

One of the major problems facing the Big Bang theory was that it never
really had any competition before. When you are the only kid on the
block, you pretty much get your own
way, even no matter how ridiculous that way is. But in real life as in
science, once you have
two in competition for the truth, then every question has to be asked
of both competitors.

So in an Atom Totality, where the electromagnetic force is the
dominant force, do we have
Solid Body Rotation? Of course we do, for the electric motor is a
device that displays pure solid body rotation. And so how do we have
Solid Body Rotation in globular clusters of stars near galactic
centers? The answer is that Dirac's positron space attracts stars
since that space is highly confined in galactic centers and thus solid
body rotation accrues from the positron space attracting the stars
near the galactic center.

Then the other Solid Body Rotation of several galaxies is due to the
fact of the Atom Totality itself is EM force with spin and so galaxies
near one another are in a solid body rotation.

The same question asked of the Big Bang theory, becomes this far
fetched notion that gravity is responsible for solid body rotation and
that the Cosmos is missing mass that causes it.

The two most simple proofs that the Atom Totality is the true theory
and the Big Bang the fake theory would be (a) sighting of a Cosmic
Nucleus, just like a nucleus in an atom. But since the nucleus maybe
in a hidden part of the cosmos we cannot directly see it. And the
second proof of the Atom Totality would be (b) Solid Body Rotation. We
can and have witnessed solid body rotation for many decades now. This
solid body rotation is out of
place in a Big Bang theory and trashcans that theory.

I. The theory and history
(1) what is this theory?
(2) pictures of the Atom Totality theory
(3) history of the theory
(4)*precursor hints of the theory
(5) comparing the Atom Totality theory to Big Bang theory
(6) comparing Big Bang to its precursor Steady-State theory
(7) comparing the rise of the Atom Totality theory to the rise of
Continental Drift theory
(8) What "Deciding Experiment" means in science

II. Observational and experimental support

(9) Deciding-Experiment was uniform Blackbody 2.71 K Cosmic Microwave
Background Radiation
(10) Dark Night sky problem, Olber's Paradox fully answered
(11) missing mass with its solid-body-rotation conundrum solved
(12) Solid Body Rotation: Maxwell Equations applied to the galaxies
(13) Experiment: Dirac's new-radioactivities and Dirac's additive and
multiplicative creation
(14) Dirac's Ocean of Positrons = Space (and tells us what gravity is)
(15) Redshift Experiment caused by refraction and scattering, not a
Doppler effect.
(16) Experiment that shows us what the redshift truly is-- curvature
*of the lobes of an Atom Totality
(17) Experiment using parabolic mirror that indicates quasars are
normal galaxies
(18) Tifft quantized galaxy speeds
(19) Telescope experiments as distance tool
(20) telescopic-eclipse- technique, and upper limit of telescope in
distance is about 400 million light years
(21) Experiment that Space is electromagnetic, not gravitational with
the upper limit of distance as 400 million light years

(22) density and distribution of all the galaxies
(23) layered age of Cosmos with 6.5 billion years new Cosmos yet
**old*galaxies of the Uranium Atom Totality 20.2 billion years old;
(24) layered ages of the Solar System where Sun is likely to be twice
as old as Jupiter.
(25) the cosmic abundance and distribution of chemical elements
(26) shape of the Cosmos as 6 lobes of 5f6 as nonrelativistic as
*Cubic, or as relativistic Dodecahedron
(27) color of the cosmos as plutonium off-white
(28) Universe itself is the one and only magnetic monopole
(29) MECO theory to explain high energy sources and dispel black-hole
theory as science-fiction
(30) Planetary evidence: "Earth evidence" such as age; zirconium
crystal dating
(30) Titius-Bode Rule as diffraction pattern
(31) "Solar System evidence" such as CellWell 1 and CellWell2
(32) planet cores evidence
(33) plane of ecliptic evidence
(34) Galaxy evidence: "Milky Way evidence"
(35) Stars evidence
(36) Exoplanets and exosolarsystems

III. Mathematical and logic beauty support

(37) "pi" and "e" and "i" explained
(38) proton to electron mass ratio explained
(39) inverse fine structure constant explained
(40) speed of light explained and derived purely from math
(41) finite vs. infinite border and infinity explained
(42) Bell Inequality explained
(43) Bell Inequality implies Superdeterminism which fits only in an
*Totality theory
(44) Superdeterminism replaces Darwin Evolution and makes it an
(45) Superdeterminism implies that the Brain/Mind is a radio receiver
(46) Purpose and meaning of life
(47) Atomic theory Syllogism
(48) Physics is the one and only science and all other subjects are
derivates of physics
(49) Mathematics is a tiny subset of Physics
(50) Atoms are the only thing existing, and all else is what atoms do

Archimedes Plutonium
whole entire Universe is just one big atom
where dots of the electron-dot-cloud are galaxies

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