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No such thing as "Christian Astrology" Astrology = 666

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Old July 28th 06, 09:44 AM posted to alt.prophecies.nostradamus,alt.consciousness.mysticism,alt.religion.angels,sci.astro,sci.astro.amateur
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Default No such thing as "Christian Astrology" Astrology = 666

No such thing as "Christian Astrology" Astrology = 666

Verify that Astrology = 666 at the link above.

You can repent! I have! http://www.watchtower.org

Non-Atheist wrote:

WHY DO THE WORLDLY "Christians", Atheists, and so many others
who've forgotten who they are, fear "forbidden" knowledge like
judicial astrology, tarot, sacred geometry, intelligent design
(which is all part of the Universal Law & Grace of God Eternal),
why do they "run" from it--and mock what they don't understand?

Why do the worldly rely on the base "authority" of mere mortal
fallible men for what only God the Father & His first-begotten
Son our LORD and Saviour Jesus Christ have sole Authority over
God's Infinite Universe, in all thirteen dimensions, to exert?

It's like worldly astronomers, who believe that their fellow
Liberal Atheists "created the heaven and the earth"--in their
infallible "big bang" genesis account... Stephen Hawking & Co.
would take credit for the whole Universe--talk about insanity!

It's like worldly astrologers, worldly tarot readers, who look
to worldly sources for what God Himself is the sole Author of.
It's like worldly "Christians", "Jews" etc. who believe Moses
authored God's Immutable, Infinite, Eternal and Universal Law!
No mortal man ever invented what only God Almighty takes sole
credit for. So why do the worldly seek anyone but God Himself
for the Truth, the Way and the Life everlasting into the ages?

Anyone can write "2 + 2 = 4". Does that mean they invented it?
Of course it doesn't. So why to the worldly ignore God's Word,
and try to take credit for what only God can be credited for,
and try to open *The Book* and its seven seals, which only the
Lamb of God--the Lion of the tribe of Judah--is worthy to open?

The God-hating, Family-hating, Country-hating Liberal Atheists
hate all non-atheists, most especially conservative Christians;
and most of all, Liberal Atheists *HATE* Republican Christians!
That's a given. That's why God the Destroyer is destroying the
Anti-Christs globally, into global extinction and damnation in
the Inferno--which patiently, fervently, awaits them every one.
^^^^^ ^^^
However, while the self-professed Anti-Christ Liberal Atheists
are hopelessly, unsalvageably, damned to Hell-fire, there is a
significant percentage of self-professed "Christians" who have
the piper, the ferryman, to pay, too... rest assured you shall.

Because the worldly, mundane, organized religions, sanctuaries
of stone and wood, which were made by the hands of mortals who
were bitten rabid by the bite of the serpent, these are hardly
better than the Anti-Christ Liberal Atheist Board of Education!

Such are not free--not sovereign--because only Truth genuinely
sets men free indeed. And Truth was crucified just outside the
ancient gates(of Damascus), and the darkest eclipse in history
since the rebellion and fall of the first men Autumn & Evening
from the formerly upright and stable Earth darkly occulted the
only perfect religion in the world from the world.

They cast Truth to the ground, and the self-aggrandizing world
of the empire of Iron prospered. And they magnified themselves
even to the Prince leaving not one elevated stone upon another,
razing the blasphemous synagogue of Satan, and very nearly the
entire city, flat to the ground, acting as "avenging angels" to
what is utterly beyond their feeble comprehension--astonishment!

The Light was eclipsed from the world, and fell dormant in men,
save for the clairvoyant few--the elect, exiguous, and tenuous,
the meek and the humble. But absconding Light from the sapient
and prudent, i.e. from the potentates and kings, because these
worldly men had fallen into temptation. They'd been terminally
bit banished misled by the evildoer himself: the ego-self, the
devil-incarnate, literally! They became their own worst enemy.

Speaking of whom, so the worldly "Christians" can't understand
the Revelation, the Apocalypse, which is the most Astrological
book ever written! That's why they don't understand Nostradamus,
or Edgar Cayce, or any of the 1000 & two witnesses to the Light...

Thus the third part of heaven, the Mutable--for evildoers--are
cast down to the Earth: as Lucificus, Venus-inferior, the Star
of Morning, Quetzalcoatl rushing forth in sin, making gentiles
vulnerable on account of their *indebtedness* to the Spirit of
the trinity who, by the four, living, breathing animals of the
psychic zodiac i.e. by the Elements, forgives not: not in this
temporizing world, nor in the circles of heaven & hell to come.
Hence is why the Piscean fishes of Jehovah are the Xian symbol.

Recall from the Apocalypse, in the midst and in the circuit of
the throne--the seat--of each eternal, deathless soul, are the
four living, breathing animals of the four Cardinal directions,
the four winds of Iris (the psychic zodiac), in the circuit of
the throne; first unity, then duality, then trinity. These are
the four animals, angels, Gods, etc. of the Cardinal quadrants:

Compass Archangel Heaven Animal Exaltation
North Michael Jupiter Eagle Cancer
South Uriel Mars Man Capricorn
East Gabriel Sun Lion Aries
West Satan Saturn Calf Libra

Remember, each of the four Cardinal zodiacal animals are named
by their exaltation in the four Cardinal reigns of the planets
i.e. Moon, Saturn-superior, Mars-inferior, and Venus-superior,
respectively. And each of the four animals singularly have six
"wings" apiece, referring to the phases, positive and negative,
waxing and waning, in the trinity of each Cardinal quadrant of
the psychic zodiac (i.e. the Creator, Sustainer, and Destroyer).

Each sign has a yin and yang, a feminine & masculine principle,
a door, a gate opening and not closing, closing and not opening.
These are the entering and leaving of each zodiacal sign in the
circle of (small) animals. The chart below illustrates this:

Ari Gem Leo Lib Sag Aqu |
1/2 5/6 9/10 13/14 17/18 21/22 |
| 3/4 7/8 11/12 15/16 19/20 23/24
| Tau Can Vir Sco Cap Pis

The odd-numbered signs of the zodiac peak at opposite polarity
to the even-numbered signs in a way comparable to a wave, with
odd-numbered crests and even-numbered troughs. This "wheel" of
the "four and twenty elders", the Titan rule of the zodiac, is
simply illustrated in my 'Apocalypse Commentary' Ch 4, to wit:

| | | | |
| AQU | CAP | SAG | SCO |
| | | | |
| | | | |
| +-----+-----+-----+-----+ |
| |\ 21 | 20 /|\ 17 | 16 /| |
| | \ + | + / | \ + | + / | |
| | \ | / | \ | / | |
| | - \ | / - | - \ | / - | |
| | 22 \|/ 19 | 18 \|/ 15 | |
| | 23 /| | |\ 14 | |
| | - / | | | \ - | |
| PIS | / | | | \ | LIB |
| | / + | | | + \ | |
| |/ 24 | \|/ | 13 \| |
| |\ 1 | /|\ | 12 /| |
| | \ + | | | + / | |
| ARI | \ | | | / | VIR |
| | - \ | | | / - | |
| | 2 \| | |/ 11 | |
| | 3 /|\ 6 | 7 /|\ 10 | |
| | - / | \ - | - / | \ - | |
| | / | \ | / | \ | |
| | / + | + \ | / + | + \ | |
| |/ 4 | 5 \|/ 8 | 9 \| |
| +-----+-----+-----+-----+ |
| | | | |
| TAU | GEM | CAN | LEO |
| | | | |

A more descriptive, graphical depiction of the zodiac can be
found on page 3 of 'Min's Light & Sound', or directly download
this zodiac graphic (from ancient source material) on this URL:
__________________________________________________ _____________

I'll stop there. I've already written, published and posted seven
comprehensive books and literally 100s of detailed articles about
this, e.g. the battle of Armageddon, the eternal War of Ten Sidereal
Years (between the eternally-youthful Olympians versus the eternally-
elder Titans), the 84 (Universal) Key Signatures of the Gods, etc.,
so there's no reason to repeat what is already a matter of public
record (and what was common knowledge in ancient times, even among
early Judeo-Xians). The point is made: The worldly, regardless of
their "educations", views, religions, observations, conclusions,
theories,--and their inept criticisms ad nauseam(!),--because
they cannot defend what is patently indefensible, they instead
choose to ignore higher learning (of heavenly things), and run
and hide from it, hoping it'll just "go away". That's what they
thought when they crucified Truth at Golgotha on 25 April 31 AD.
They thought wrong. And they've got *Hell* to pay, rest assured.

In Vigilance,
Daniel Joseph Min

*Min's Official PGP Public Key (MIT Keyserver compromised):
http://groups.google.com/groups?selm...stycreek.c om

*Download Min's Banned (Freeware) Books:

*Min's Spiritual I.Q. Test (how smart are you, really):
http://groups.google.com/groups?selm...ymous.pos ter

*Min's Google-Archived Home Page On The WWW:
http://groups.google.com/groups?selm...ymous.pos ter


Old July 29th 06, 06:53 PM posted to alt.prophecies.nostradamus,alt.consciousness.mysticism,alt.religion.angels,sci.astro,sci.astro.amateur
Prai Jei
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Default No such thing as "Christian Astrology" Astrology = 666

(or somebody else of the same name) wrote
thusly in message .com:

No such thing as "Christian Astrology" Astrology = 666

Verify that Astrology = 666 at the link above.

You can repent! I have! http://www.watchtower.org

Non-Atheist wrote:

WHY DO THE WORLDLY "Christians", Atheists, and so many others
who've forgotten who they are, fear "forbidden" knowledge like
judicial astrology, tarot, sacred geometry, intelligent design
(which is all part of the Universal Law & Grace of God Eternal),
why do they "run" from it--and mock what they don't understand?
[& mucel mo vpon this wyse]

Astrology fulfilled its purpose in guiding the Wise Men to Jesus. It's now
just a hanger-on, a non-science among the genuine sciences.
Warning: keel away from child for hot bulb

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