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a scientific "proof" of astrology

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Old June 11th 21, 03:59 AM posted to alt.astronomy
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Default a scientific "proof" of astrology

As the man said, if someone says something is IMPOSSIBLE they are most
likely wrong.

I recalled Einstein's comment in the middle of a project that was
looking into predicting earthquakes. These are the kinds of
interesting number-crunching exercises you get into in the exciting
world of Data Science.

On yet ANOTHER project I tinkered up a simple s/w that runs a series
of statistical tests to decide whether some dataset exists that "looks
like" a given target. The s/w is complex and somewhat AI (aka
"unpredictable" aka "unreliable") so I won't go into that. But the
summary is you can take a dataset like e.g. the average depth of mag
4+ earthquakes month by month since 2015 (say) and find out which
other data seems to predict that.

You could have knocked me down with a feather when 2 things showed up.

(a) cosmic rays
(b) planetary positions

It seems unambiguous that the strength of cosmic rays seems to affect
the depth of earthquakes. The strongest relationship the s/w found was
the more radiation at IRK3 (a cosmic ray telescope at Irkutsk) the
more shallow major quakes around the world. Usually the average depth
of major quakes in a month is at ~75 km. But if radiation at IRK3 is
around 6k events/min higher than the depth approximately halves. A
big effect, one would think.

Almost every cosmic ray telescope in the network I used (based in
Moscow) showed a similar effect. The more radiation the shallower the
average major quake activity in a given month.

As some of you may know cosmic rays are not usually detected directly,
but via secondary radiation that streams down from the upper atm as
"real" cosmic particles slam into gas molecules. So there may be some
quibble as to if we're really seeing something related to cosmic rays
or from some other effect in the upper atm. Either way it's "unusual".

As to the second effect -- planetary positions. Also a bit of a
surprise. The RA and Dec of outer planets seems to highly correlate
with quake depth. How can this be?

The obvious like -- it's the same thing. I.e. the position of some
planets modifies the solar radiation/megnetic/wind fields in such a
way that cosmic rays as detected on earth are affected.

So -- as I said -- you could have knocked me over with a feather when
I realized all that talk from my mother that the planets rule the fate
of men and she was a white witch and all that ... it was all true!

It seems there is then something ever so slightly to astrology. The
positions of the planets seem to affect cosmic rays and cosmic rays
seem to influence at least earthquakes. Other output from the AI also
showed planetary positions affect weather and even climate as well.

So when some scientist examines the data and claims there is nothing
to astrology they are most likely talking through their hat.

If anyone begs me for the outputs from the computer s/w I can of
course post or email them.

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