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Time. What Is It? Is It A Non-Dimensional Non-Quantifiable Factor? OrIs It Multi-Dimensional, Including The Past And The Future, As Well As The Present?

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Old October 2nd 10, 03:18 PM posted to alt.astronomy
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Default Time. What Is It? Is It A Non-Dimensional Non-Quantifiable Factor? OrIs It Multi-Dimensional, Including The Past And The Future, As Well As The Present?

The Dimensionalities Of Time

Modern Western scientists say "Time is non-dimensional" and that "It
can not be quantified." I say time is eternal, and that from my
experiences in Eastern Mysticism, I have experienced time as something
that flows from the eternal and infinite past, to the eternal and
infinite present, to the eternal and infinite future.

Western so-called scientists boo-hoo this, and consider it a wacko
interpretation of time. Well, since 2005, nightly, I have been taking
trips into my past, and possibly into my future, after I close my
eyes, and go to sleep. I used to think that they were just dreams
about past lifetimes, but one of them, that I had yesterday, showed me
something that couldn't be explained as a "dream".

Here is my latest trip into "another world" that exists simultaneously
in the eternal flow of time.

Time: Past, Present, And Future Are One

Before I begin, I should state that I've had one other trip at night
while asleep to postwar Japan. It occurred on a planet that was much
more advanced than ours. Our military had developed hi-tech weapons,
and the Japanese gave up their ambitions to fight the U.S., without a
fight. We, nevertheless, occupied their country. I won't go into the
details of my trip to Japan that night, as it is not necessary at this

Tonight's Tour Of Postwar Japan

I've realized, that time is an ever flowing entity, flowing from the
eternal past, to the present, and to the eternal future. I see now
that what I thought were dreams every time I closed my eyes and fell
asleep, are actually me taking a trip to one of my former lives, or to
one of my future lives, as I had one such event take place, a trip to
one of my other life times, which was not in the past, but I think it
occurred in the future.

It goes to prove that time is multi-dimensional, just as I had said,
and that we are linked to our lives in the past, and in the future.
From the one event I had of a future lifetime, that I wrote about,
previously, my future looks pretty good to me.

This morning, at around 5:30 a.m., before I woke, I traveled to
postwar Japan and landed somewhere in Japan. I was on a beach in an
area near the main city. I guess it may have been Nagasaki on that
planet that I had landed on, because of it being near the water's
edge. On this planet that we live on, Nagasaki City is right on the
water, and it was a trading port for the Portuguese when Japan first
opened up its doors to trading with Western countries.

There were defensive perimeters along the water front. GI's and
officers were at the water front kneeling in the water, and kneeling
on the beaches praying for the souls of the deceased, who had died
from the dropping of the atomic bomb on that city. They were all
facing out to sea, so I guess the bomb had been dropped in the harbor

I realized, the press corps never show this kind of stuff with
American G.I.'s and officers distraught over what had happened and
showing their remorse for what had happened.

I was apparently a GI or officer. I don't know which because I never
saw anything I was wearing except for the sleeves of a leather flight
jacket, and I had a bluish shirt on, of a coarse material, that was
long sleeved. I guess I was in the Air Force, since I don't think they
issue leather flight jackets to members of other divisions of the
military. Though, traditions on different planets aren't the same as
they are on this planet. I had a wallet that was full up, stuffed
nearly, with Japanese name cards. It is the custom in Japan to give
your name card to a person you meet and talk with at any length. So I
must have been getting around, talking with the Japanese people. I
speak Japanese in this life, and during my little trip, I used

From the beach, I rode in a truck, and made it back to the base. I
interacted with the GI's, officers, and others, the local Japanese. I
found a barracks where I was staying.

I learned that most of the soldiers didn't want to show up for work,
they were so upset at the devastation and horrors they saw all around
them. But if they didn't show up for work, they would be sent to the

One very peculiar thing was there were monkey carcasses, or the
remains of monkeys all over the place. They were baboon like
creatures, so this was a different planet from ours, since they don't
have these types of monkeys indigenous to Japan though they do have
relatively smaller monkeys in Japan. People had apparently been
capturing them, killing them, and roasting them over fires for food,
and then eating them. The remains were all that I saw. They left the
head, mainly, and the ferocious looking mouth and jaws of the baboon
like creatures where about all that were left, except for in some
cases, there seemed to be the back bone and ribs, and maybe the legs,
which were pretty scrawny looking.

I saw an experiment take place, where outside, red gas was rising up
in a thick cloud from the ground up to about seventy feet or so in the

Someone told me that it was an experiment with a mini-nuclear device.
Why there was red gas I have no idea. On the ground inside a garage,
they had laid out pictures of Japanese people on a concrete floor. It
was like a garage and you could drive a truck into the building from
the outside. The pictures were placed where the truck would have
parked. Inside the building, to the right of where the truck would
park, there was an area that was protected from the outside. They laid
down pictures on the concrete in that area of American people. The
test of the mini-nuclear device after exploding it shredded the
pictures of the Japanese, but did not waste the pictures of the
Americans, though it did break the glass of a framed picture of a
woman. Overall, the test demonstrated that the blast could be
controlled on such a small scale.

I looked over the different pictures. I obviously didn't have the
clearances to be in that area, doing what I was doing. It was like I
was just walking around the base, going where I wanted to go.

There were a lot of trophy items that had been stolen from the
Japanese. I noticed that one item, called a kabuto, I think it is
called that, it is the Japanese samurai head piece, was an item
American's were fascinated with. In one of the garage complexes, a few
of these head pieces where collected with the intent of taking them
back home to the States.

I wandered to another complex, and apparently some Americans and
Japanese officials had noticed me. They started monitoring me with
ceramic encased listening devices. I don't think ceramics are used in
the making of listening devices on this planet at least not during
WWII. Apparently, you could use the ceramic listening device once you
powered it up. Waves are sent out, and noises are picked up, is how I
assumed it worked from what they showed me.

Before meeting up with a security detachment, after doing other
things, just fooling around in the buildings where the Japanese
worked, and talking with them in English, I was approached by Japanese
security, and they asked me my name.

I didn't know my name, since I don't take my given name on this planet
with me on these trips to other lifetiimes. But, after much searching
for a piece of identification in my wallet, someone said to me, "You
aren't John Ayres" are you? And I said, "Yes. How did you know?" And
then the men started saying things like, "John Ayres saved my life",
and another person said, "He saved my life, too", and everybody, the
G.I's and maybe some of the officers, too, wanted to shake my hand or
pat me on the back. I was at a complete loss as to what they were
talking about.

By then the Japanese security had gone off, figuring there was nothing
further to ask me about and that it was a matter for the Americans.
There was a large crowd of GI's, mainly, but maybe there were officers
mixed in, and I said something like, "You'll have to excuse me. I was
just taking a tour of the area." Then one of the GI's said, "Well, do
you mind if we whitewash it?", And I said, "Sure, if that's alright
with you?" And he pulled a beer out of the back of a truck, and handed
it to me. The cap was not secure and bubbles and foam were rising up
and out from under the cap. He asked me if I had a bottle opener. I
told him I didn't. Apparently, by drinking the beer, it was the custom
that it meant, "We'll white wash it by sharing a bottle of beer
together". Then I woke up.

I used to think these were dreams of past lifetimes, but now I'm
beginning to realize that I'm traveling in time to past lifetimes, and
in one case, to a future lifetime. Don't ask me how I'm doing it, but
it is very strange. Again, this has been going on, every day, since
2005. It is beginning to prove to me that it is a time travel of some
sort, and that the infinite eternal past, and the present, and the
infinite eternal future all exist in the present moment.

If this is the true nature of time, then time is a multi-dimensional
entity, and modern Western science is incorrect about time being a
"dimensionless" "non-quantifiable" "factor".

John Ayres


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