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comparing how General Relativity works versus how EM-gravity worksChapt16.15 Gravity Cells #1470 ATOM TOTALITY 5th ed

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Old April 5th 13, 07:03 PM posted to sci.physics,sci.astro,sci.math
Archimedes Plutonium[_2_]
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Default comparing how General Relativity works versus how EM-gravity worksChapt16.15 Gravity Cells #1470 ATOM TOTALITY 5th ed

In the past few days I have made numerous mistakes, but this material
is exceedingly complicated and complex. We can sense the complications
because we had an entire century of astronomy where astronomers and
physicists alike knew the Sun moved in Space at 220km/sec whilst Earth
is 29km/sec and Jupiter is mere 13km/sec. Those speeds alone tell a
rational person that Newtonian gravity and General Relativity are fake
theories for they cannot lock planets into their orbits when the Sun
is moving faster than the planets themselves.

Newtonian gravity was built under the premiss that the Sun had 0
motion in Space. When General Relativity came along, it was to solve
the precession of Mercury, but they ignored the greatest problem of
all, how to reconcile that Jupiter moves in Space at 13km/sec and the
Sun at 220km/sec.

Gravity is complicated and complex and so when problems arise, it is
easier to ignore and dismiss them rather than admit the problem and
look for a solution.

The solution to the Sun's 220 and Earth's 29 involves replacing
gravity with the EM forces of physics which are 10^40 stronger than
Newtonian gravity or General Relativity. We picture each planet with a
mass and the mass is proportional to how many magnetic monopoles
compose that mass. And magnetic monopoles are always attractive where
north attracts south and north attracts north, never any repulsion.

Since the Sun has the most magnetic monopoles, then the Space around
the Sun is the most bent or curved space.

Now imagine a planet Y similar to Jupiter travelling in space at 233km/
sec in a straight line in Euclidean 3rd dimension and the Sun at 220km/
sec and the Y comes up and meets the Sun at a distance of 5.2 AU
alongside the Sun. Since the Sun is so much more massive, it bends the
space around Y so that Y would be locked to the Sun in an orbit which
would look like 13km/sec only it is really 233km/sec.

So General Relativity says that space is not Euclidean but rather is a
bent Space like the surface of a sphere, what can be called a gravity
cell. But GR assumes the Sun is going at 0 km/sec in Space and then it
can say that Jupiter is going at 13km/sec and gravitationally locked
to the Sun. But that is wrong, since we do know that the Sun is moving
220km/sec and Jupiter is not moving at 233km/sec but merely 13km/sec.

So what is the solution? The solution is that gravity is EM-gravity
and the Sun sets up a gravity-cell, of Faraday lines of force. Space
is not Euclidean but rather it is the surface of a sphere and so as
Jupiter pulls up to the Sun at 13km/sec it is gravitationally locked
to the Sun if this gravity-cell spins on an axis at a good pace of

So the solution involves the Sun moving at 220km/sec and Jupiter
moving at 13km/sec but that the Solar ecliptic is spinning around a
gigantic axis of the Solar gravity cell. The best I can make of that
rate of spin is 110 days for one circuit. I arrive at 110 due to
Mercury is 47km/sec and so 47/220 is about 1/5, so that Mercury's
contribution to the 88 day revolution is a 1/5 contribution and the
other 4/5
is the contribution of the Solar gravity cell spin. Unless I am
mistaken again 5/4 x 88 days is 110 days that the Solar gravity cell
makes one complete turn.

Now I do not know if this Solar Gravity Cell is solid body rotation
throughout the Solar System, or whether each planet as its own gravity
cell attached to the Solar gravity cell. It really gets complex here.

If it is solid body rotation, then the further the distance from the
Sun such as Jupiter is 5.2AU whereas Mercury is 0.4AU, the speed of
Jupiter has to be far smaller than that of Mercury because the solid
body rotation lifts Jupiter around the Sun.

So basically, General Relativity had the Space around the Sun the same
as what I am having the Space around the Sun. The only big difference
is that I have the Sun moving at 220km/sec whereas GR has the Sun
motionless. I solve the problem by making gravity a EM force and
having a spinning gravity cell. In GR, they have a gravity cell, but
it is not spinning.


An author archive search for AP reveals massive vandalism starting
2012 where only one or two posts per month survive, whereas
another poster David Bernier, all his posts continue to be author-
A Google search of just Archimedes Plutonium reveals massive search-
engine-bombing, and likely the reason for wanting to destroy the
author-archive of AP.
If we listen to the fool Jeff Relf:
Google Groups is 100% uncensored, so it isn't fully
indexed. Were Google Groups fully indexed, it'd be used to game
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We would think all posters have most of their posts missing in the
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deletions of his author archive posts.

Only Drexel's Math Forum has done a excellent, simple and fair author-
archiving of AP posts for the past several years as seen he


Archimedes Plutonium
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