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DEATH DOES NOT EXIST -- Coal Mine Rescue Proves It

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Old July 2nd 03, 10:39 AM
Ed Conrad
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Default DEATH DOES NOT EXIST -- Coal Mine Rescue Proves It

Proof of Lfe After Death, here handed you on a silver platter.

Who are you going to believe? Members of the Pseudoscientific
Establishment who for decades have ignored -- and played games with --
solid evidence in order to protect their vested interests?

Or me, someone who has long been aware -- and have said so -- that
"experts" in certain disciplines of science are a disgrace and an
embarrasment to the sacred word Truth.



The question of whether God exists has been the subject
of controversy probably as long as people have been able
to talk -- and argue.

If He does exist, God certainly doesn't often make it
obvious, undoubtedly for some very good reason.

But every once in awhile, He allows the incredible reality
of His existence -- and His awesome power -- to be known
in the most unlikely sort of way.

It not only provides the evidence that He is, but also offers
the proof that life certainly doesn't end when you or your
loved ones die.

This, of course, is what happened back in August 1963
when a pair of lowly rather insignificant coal miners were
entombed more than 300 feet below the surface following
a cave-in inside a mine in Pennsylvania's anthracite region.

David Fellin, 58, and Henry "Hank" Throne, 28, seemed
destined to die a horrible death because their chance
of being rescued was astronomical, probably even worse.

However, when all hope seemed gone, God stepped in,
flicked His finger and, all of a sudden, Pope John XXIII
-- who had died in a hospital in Rome, Italy, 10 weeks earlier --
appeared to Fellin and Throne in their pitch-black tomb,
radiating a bluish light that cast no shadow.

Pope John, half the age of the old man he was when he
passed away, was grinning at the two miners, his arms folded
in front of him, and he remained inside their subterranean
chamber for at least eight full days.

It was in the 14th day of the ordeal that the most incredible
mining rescue of all time took place as Throne, then Fellin,
were hauled to the surface through a bore hole, wearing
football helmets and parachute harnesses.

After being entombed for 14 days -- the first 5 1/2 without any
contact whatsoever with the outside world and the last 7 1/2
during a phenomenal rescue operation watched by people
around the world in complete fascination --the two miners
finally were safe on the surface, a most happy ending that was
front-page news in every newspaper throughout the Free World.


Okay, so God didn't actually stick His visible presence -- His
blessed Nose -- into the making of the many miracles that
had taken place inside the mine. But, being All-Wise, He
had sent a fitting ambassador to "supervise" the rescue
operation to make sure the miners would come out alive.

God undoubtedly had picked Pope John for this particular
job because, during his lifetime, his incredible humility had shone
like a beacon, even after he had become world famous.

And that humility was never more obvious than on Christmas
Day in 1958 -- beloved Pope John's very first Christmas at
the Vatican -- when, on the spur of the moment, he decided
to pay an impromptu visit to a prison in Rome that housed
the city's most hardened convicts.

When Pope John entered the outer reaches of the prison,
both Vatican and prison staff expressed concern for his safety
but breathed a sigh of relief realizing that impenetrable bars
of steel offered sufficient protection from the usually angry
men on the other side.

Imagine, then, how stunned they must've been when Pope
John, smiling and waving to the prisoners who were some
distance away, suddenly ordered the main cell door opened
because he said he wanted to go inside.

When Pope John entered the cell block, these so-called
hardened criminals dropped to their knees and began applauding
this incredible gesture of love and compassion for his fellow man.


That's why it isn't difficult to figure out why God, when He
needed a fitting representative to keep a pair of crusty miners
from their appointment with certain death, certainly couldn't
have made a better choice.

This is because Angelo Roncalli, who had spent the twilight
of his life spreading sunshine as Pope John XXIII, tried to unite
people of all different faiths and yet respected those who did not
believe. He was a true brother in the Brotherhood of Man -- and
it was just coincidental that he happened to be a priest.

The clear, unmistakable fact is that Pope John XXIII was one
of the 20th Century's most noble, most admired and most loved

Obviously, that's why even God liked him.



Proof of Life After Death
Man as Old as Coal



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