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2 Body Orbits and the Perihelion Advance of Mercury.

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Old September 2nd 20, 01:51 AM posted to sci.astro
Max Keon[_2_]
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Default 2 Body Orbits and the Perihelion Advance of Mercury.

2 Body Orbits and the Perihelion Advance of Mercury.

Stored here as well

The following blurb describes gravity and Mercury's perihelion advance
according to the Zero Origin Concept, because nothing else works.

The graphics are based on a concentric Sun/Mercury orbit system where
a planet equal to the sun's mass orbits the sun at a radius of 5.8e10
meters. According to a distant observer the two masses are revolving
around a common barycenter which is centrally located between the two
masses, as shown.


Assuming that the masses are both moving relative to a common base
which is fixed with the barycenter, they are observed to be traveling
at half mercury's orbital speed in opposite directions relative to
each other. But centripetal forces are still set from the barycenter.

Orbital speed of each relative to the other is 47838.27 m/sec.
Relative to the barycenter, v becomes 23919.13 m/sec.

v^2 / (r/2) = .01972845 m/s^2. GM/r^2 acting between the two masses
is .0394569 m/s^2, which is twice the centripetal force. The orbits
would quickly collapse.

But this is a very distorted picture of what actually happens.

If the sun was the only mass in the universe, the dimensional base
where the speed of light is isotropic in all directions would be set
by the sun to infinity. Adding the planet shifts the focal point of
the universe to the center of mass of the combined pair, which is the
barycenter. But that's not the only place where the base of dimension
will be set. Local to the sun, the sun is by far the major contributor
in setting the base of dimension. The same applies for the planet as
well. They each orbit within the dimension which is focused on the

The rest of the universe will have a significant but uniform local
presence, which will be of very little consequence.

This animation shows the true orbits. Each mass is the focal point
around which the other mass revolves. The reason why the orbit frame
advances should be obvious.


The purpose of the two small circles is to identify the orbit frame
orientation and advance rate.

Note that the trajectory of each mass continues to drive inward to
follow the barycenter orbit. They are each accelerating inward from
their natural orbits at .0197 m/sec^2, which is the centripetal force
deficiency. Also note that the whole orbit frame is being indexed
around by 180 degrees per cycle.

This animation is a far better demonstration of the constantly
shifting trajectory. Each trajectory shift is from a fixed point at
the barycenter radius as the orbit progresses around.


The two equally massive objects are falling from their natural orbits
at half the gforce rate acting from each to the other. Only now are
all forces in balance.

The orbit frame advance rate per orbit cycle is clearly 180 degrees in
this case.

These are the results for different mass ratios.


When the orbiting masses are equal the advance is 180 degrees. They
both fall to the barycenter radius at the same rate. As the mass of
the planet is reduced toward zero, its relationship with the barycenter
reduces proportional. The vast majority of the advance is then generated
by a single entity. m/(M+m)*360 only applies for the two equal masses.

m/M*180 combines the red and blue curves.

The program mimics nature perfectly.


Any credible theory for a universe is based on what is observed in
nature. But the distorted view of the universe presented here could
only lead to confusion. It could never lead to the zero origin

The Zero Origin Concept is different. It was developed according to
what I considered to be logical reason at the time. The only seemingly
guaranteed fact I had to work with was that the universe and myself
did indeed exist, within the parameters of my ability to comprehend
such a thing.

Around 40 years ago when I was desperately struggling to understand
this universe I wandered along every possible path I could imagine at
the time, but I always ended up totally stressed and bewildered. At
one stage I reached a point where I was clearly heading into cardiac
arrest. I quickly shut down and everything returned to normal again.
That slowed me down a bit.

A few months later I came to the conclusion that the universe exists
only because it's functioning on a false premise. The initial
reasoning was that if it was momentarily drawn into existence from
non existence by two opposing forces drawing a positive and negative
dimension, or anything else, the entire action would immediately
recoil back to non existence again. But if the return pathway was in
any way concealed, that action could continue on indefinitely.

I labeled these two opposing forces as positive and negative stress
characters. At the time I had no idea that electrons and positrons
would fill these roles with absolute precision.

But so what? The universe is what it is regardless of the theories.
With a very obscure meaning of life, why would anyone care?

The major concern with the zero origin universe is that it has evolved
from absolutely nothing, and it will continue to evolve. If anyone is
searching for evidence of an eternal hell, then look no further. We
are already in one, and it's unbounded.

The most precious gem in the universe that we call home, along with
the life it supports, provides a tiny glimmer of hope and that hope is
infinitely greater than no hope at all.

Our existence on this planet is not about you, and it's not about me.
I don't know what the answers are. I don't really know what the
questions are either. But I do know that the functionality of humanity
should never be corrupted.

Evolving without purpose or direction leads to a doomsday clock
ticking down the last few seconds to midnight.

The Zero Origin Concept


Max Keon


All animation frames and images were plucked from an interactive
FreeBasic compiled Qbasic simulation.

Visit this address

There could be problems compiling the program though.
I recently downloaded an updated copy of FreeBasic and I noticed
that some function labels were different to those given in my
original copy. inkey() replaces inkey$ and chr(??) replaces chr$(??).
Other than removing all reference to $, it seemed to be a pointless
excercise. A different label obviously doesn't change the function.

If no recent changes have been made, the program will compile


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