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What is or is not a paradox?

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Old January 11th 13, 03:25 AM posted to sci.physics.relativity,sci.physics,sci.math,sci.astro
external usenet poster
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Default What is or is not a paradox?

although Newton was the aboriginal decategorizer,
namely of Kepler's beautiful orbital constraints
into "an equation of universal gravitation
after the apple hit him on the head,"
it is an easy subsititution to show "curvature
of Universe."

KW... never be intimidated by they-the-them ganging up on you.

the mercury leaching from the tossed tubes
is far more important than incidental exposure
to UV, to folks who don't get enought sun, anyway;
surely, it is not even comparable to the God-am beach,
I say from youthful experience.

"room T q-devices,"
sounds like Copenhagenskooler puffery;
chlorophyll is what it is, a haeme with the iron knocked-out
by a magnesium. however,
it may be indicative of some radiative phenomenon.

through evolution, which could provide the inspiration
for new types of room temperature quantum devices.

Lead and Violence
quod erat demonstrandum cogito ergo sum summa cum laud,
kids & cars?... I went to a seminar on the lead that
is still out there, on the freeways, but
I don't think that the professor had gotten out
of his vehicular. of course, after I totalled the used car,
I only use a bicycle.

just don't use it to hold your booze!

I think it is more to do with baby booms.

Old January 11th 13, 06:31 AM posted to sci.physics.relativity,sci.physics,sci.math,sci.astro
Koobee Wublee
external usenet poster
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Default What is or is not a paradox?

On Jan 10, 10:07 am, Mahipal wrote:
On Jan 3, 6:07 pm, Koobee Wublee wrote:
paul andersen wrote:

“Given two hypotheses where each is an antithesis to and thus
invalidates the other, common sense says one must find experiments to
validate only one of these hypotheses.”

KW, you can never teach the willfully blind to see a rainbow.

You are very correct. The little professor from Norway, paul
andersen, thought that was a fumble and urged the sperm lover to haul
it away. shrug

The exact episode is like the children’s story “Blind men and the
elephant”. Apparently, paul is too busy chasing chickens near the
Arctic Circle that he lost the meaning of what scientific method is.
Gee! You can even take hints from children’s story books.


Your argument are as lethal as always.

You bet. shrug

Only an idiot would write what Paul did.

Now, you are getting the picture of how shallow-minded this person
is. shrug

For example, you proved me wrong when I in this paper:
thought it was possible to set three clocks to zero
at the instant when they were co-located:

On page 3 right below Figure 2, you have

delta = (delta_A – blah blah blah) / sqrt(1 – B^2)


** B^2 = v^2 / c^2

That's my favorite equation of all time! Just love it.

It is full of mathematical contradictions if one is smart enough to
see where they are. shrug

It can easily be

Delta_A = (delta – blah blah blah) / sqrt(1 – B^2)

The bottom line is the equation describing the segment of Minkowski
spacetime using your labeling system:

** c^2 dt_AC^2 – ds_AC^2 = c^2 dt_BC^2 – ds_BC^2


** ds^2 = dx^2 + dy^2 + dz^2

The equation can be written as follows.

** dt_AC^2 (1 – B_AC^2) = dt_BC^2 (1 – B_BC^2)


** B_AC c = Speed of C as observed by A
** B_BC c = Speed of C as observed by B

From A’s point of view trying to compare the rate of time flows with
C, B and C are the same. Thus, the equation above simplifies into the

** dt_AB^2 (1 – B_AB^2) = dt_BB^2 (1 – B_BB^2) = dt_BB^2


** B_AB c = Speed of B as observed by A
** B_BB c = 0

On the other hand, from C’s pint of view observing A, B and A are the
same. Thus, the spacetime equation has to be interpreted differently
as the following.

** dt_AA^2 (1 – B_AA^2) = dt_BA^2 (1 – B_BA^2) = dt_AA^2


** B_AA c = 0
** B_BA c = Speed of A as observed by B

The only time when there is no paradox is when (B_AB = B_BA = 0).
This is what the Lorentz symmetry is all about such that there is no
special treatment on the one that is moving, and the little professor
from Norway fails miserably on this one. SPANK SPANK SPANK

It is time for paul to join another paul aka sylvia, absolute dick,
little bitch, etc. better known as PD for another divine vision to
resolve the paradox --- projection of proper time. Tom used to
believe in that crap, but he is now back to the first divine vision
promoted by promoted by Olivia Newton-John’s grandfather, Max Born.

Nice connection! ONJ and Born. "Have you never been mellow, have you
never tried, to find the comfort, from inside..." try Dan Singh with
QT's VV of Travolta fame. Sorry, I had one of those greasy free
thought moments.

Have you seen Koobee Wublee’s Relativity Play where Born was singing
that same song?


Actually KW, I was searching for your recent Zardoz reference, and
instead, found beautiful Born Olivia. Still perusing threads...

Zardoz was an interesting movie.



By far, the best part about that movie was Charlotte Rampling.

KW... never be intimidated by they-the-them ganging up on you.

Thanks for the encouragement. No, Koobee Wublee would not be bullied
by any of these idiots. shrug

Best regards.

Old January 11th 13, 07:06 PM posted to sci.physics.relativity,sci.physics,sci.math,sci.astro
external usenet poster
Posts: 974
Default What is or is not a paradox?

I think, he may have been being ironical, but
you'd have to ask him, since there was no attempt
to quantumfy any thing. anywawy, if
you persist with Newton's untheory of rocks
o'light (and the screw-up of Snell's law
of refraction), you will neever get any where-

Where minless (unitless) equations reside.


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