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Doppler Tortures Einsteinians

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Old January 15th 16, 02:53 PM posted to sci.astro
Pentcho Valev
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Default Doppler Tortures Einsteinians

The Albert Einstein Institute http://www.einstein-online.info/spotlights/doppler teaches that, when the light source starts moving towards the stationary observer (receiver), the distance between subsequent pulses emitted by the source DECREASES:

http://www.einstein-online.info/imag...ler_static.gif (stationary source)

http://www.einstein-online.info/imag...ource_blue.gif (moving source)

In contrast, when the observer starts moving towards the stationary source, the distance between subsequent pulses emitted by the source REMAINS UNCHANGED:

http://www.einstein-online.info/imag...ler_static.gif (stationary observer)

http://www.einstein-online.info/imag...ector_blue.gif (moving observer)

Clearly the moving-observer scenario is fatal for Einstein's relativity. Since the distance between subsequent pulses REMAINS UNCHANGED, the frequency measured by the observer shifts (Doppler shift) because the speed of the pulses relative to the observer shifts, in violation of Einstein's relativity.

Pentcho Valev
Old January 16th 16, 12:04 AM posted to sci.astro
Pentcho Valev
external usenet poster
Posts: 7,618
Default Doppler Tortures Einsteinians

Professor Martin White, UC Berkeley: "...the sound waves have a fixed wavelength (distance between two crests or two troughs) only if you're not moving relative to the source of the sound. If you are moving away from the source (or equivalently it is receding from you) then each crest will take a little longer to reach you, and so you'll perceive a longer wavelength. Similarly if you're approaching the source, then you'll be meeting each crest a little earlier, and so you'll perceive a shorter wavelength. (...) The same principle applies for light as well as for sound. In detail the amount of shift depends a little differently on the speed, since we have to do the calculation in the context of special relativity. But in general it's just the same: if you're approaching a light source you see shorter wavelengths (a blue-shift), while if you're moving away you see longer wavelengths (a red-shift)."

Professor Sidney Redner: "The Doppler effect is the shift in frequency of a wave that occurs when the wave source, or the detector of the wave, is moving. Applications of the Doppler effect range from medical tests using ultrasound to radar detectors and astronomy (with electromagnetic waves). (...) We will focus on sound waves in describing the Doppler effect, but it works for other waves too. (...) Let's say you, the observer, now move toward the source with velocity vO. You encounter more waves per unit time than you did before. Relative to you, the waves travel at a higher speed: v'=v+vO. The frequency of the waves you detect is higher, and is given by: f'=v'/λ=(v+vO)/λ."

Who is lying? Prof. White, who claims that the wavelength varies with the speed of the observer (which implies that the speed of the waves relative to the observer remains constant), or prof. Redner, who insists that it is the speed of the waves relative to the observer that varies (not the wavelength)? If prof. White is the liar, Einstein's relativity is doomed.

Pentcho Valev

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