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Old June 19th 08, 11:49 AM posted to sci.physics.relativity,sci.physics,fr.sci.physique,fr.sci.astrophysique,sci.astro
Pentcho Valev
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On May 8, 7:30*am, Pentcho Valev wrote in
On May 3, 5:07*pm,PentchoValev wrote:

On Apr 25, 7:41*pm,PentchoValev wrote:

Einstein's 1905 false light postulate fiercely attacked in Einstein
criminal cult:

"A brilliant young physicist Joćo Magueijo *asks the heretical
question: What if the speed of light—now accepted as one of the
unchanging foundations of modern physics—were not
constant?....Magueijo is trying to pick apart one of Einstein’s most
impenetrable tenets, the constancy of the speed of light. This idea of
a constant speed (about 3×106 meters/second) - is known as the
universal speed limit. Nothing can, has, or ever will travel faster
than light. Magueijo - who received his doctorate from Cambridge, has
been a faculty member at Princeton and Cambridge, and is currently a
professor at Imperial College, London - says: not so. His VSL theory
presupposes a speed of light that can be energy or time-space

Paul Davies, 2003: "The "c" here stands for the speed of light. It is
one of the most fundamental of the basic constants of physics. Or is
it? In recent years a few maverick scientists have claimed that the
speed of light might not be constant at all. Shock, horror! Does this
mean the next Great Revolution in Science is just around the corner?"

Einstein zombie world, 2003-2008, while the next Great Revolution in
Science is still around the corner:






The idiotic atmosphere in Einstein zombie world allows Einsteinians
not only to safely leave the sinking ship but also to make career and
even fight against one another by refuting Einstein's 1905 falselight

Lee Smolin: "Now, here is the really interesting part: Some of the
effects predicted by the theory appear to be in conflict with one of
the principles of Einstein's special theory of relativity, the theory
that says that the speed of light is a universal constant. It's the
same for all photons, and it is independent of the motion of the
sender or observer. How is this possible, if that theory is itself
based on the principles of relativity? The principle of the constancy
of the speed of light is part of special relativity, but we quantized
Einstein's general theory of relativity.....But there is another
possibility. This is that the principle of relativity is preserved,
but Einstein's special theory of relativity requires modification so
as to allow photons to have a speed that depends on energy. The most
shocking thing I have learned in the last year is that this is a real
possibility. A photon can have an energy-dependent speed without
violating the principle of relativity!"

Lee Smolin: "So I've said, look, if the speed of light isn't
universal, that disconfirms string theory. But the string theorists
say they could probably invent versions of the theory that work either
way. We'd have to change our notion of what science is to accommodate
this proposition. You just can't do science on that basis."

"The next Great Revolution in Science is just around the corner",
Einstein's 1905 false light postulate is a nightmare now, fat rat are
leaving the sinking ship in panic, even Einstein zombie world is not
singing "Divine Einstein" so fiercely:

"DOES Einstein need to be corrected? More specifically, does his
theory of relativity need correction? This might well be the case if
the recently launched telescope GLAST comes up with any new
information regarding the speed of light.....It has been observed that
both low energy and high-energy Gamma rays are emitted and they travel
at different speeds. Such phenomenon is an impossibility in terms of
the theory of relativity. Such differences in speeds are expected to
be picked up by the GLAST. Earth-based observatories have already
suggested that this indeed is happening."

Pentcho Valev


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