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"One Small step for man. One infinite leap, for the Human Race"

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Old May 13th 04, 12:34 AM
timothy liverance
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Default "One Small step for man. One infinite leap, for the Human Race"

"If Numbers are Infinite , Then so Inventions"
"One Small step for man. One infinite leap, for the Human Race"
by: Timothy
harris livernace aka zetalimit.
1. [n] someone who predicts the future 2. [adj] of or relating to
futurism; "futurist art" See Also: illusionist, seer, visionary "
"Quantum chaos is real quantium computing!!"

Turn a 45 tflops computer into a 1440tflops


Infinite Dynamics Computing ( ICD )
making quantum computing out dated

1. The theory of everything is based on different frequency's in
space time to make all things stable. Space time itself is a

2. Finding the laws of all quantum physics and all-matter and
everything that can be change and form by adjusting the frequency of
that matter and space time, speed of light, magnetics, gravity et.c
search for the one law of infinite dynamics. Picture the laws as a
dotted circle and everything that can happen in that universe is
because of knowing the All laws in that universe and all conscious

3. Use the way of quantum teleporting for quantum computing but by
using the frequency of conscious and the infinite dynamics law for
information ideas two form many Ideas In A.I quantum computing use the
shape of a 3 dimensional pyramid for a example of what it would look
like then place the pyramids into a 3 dimension pentagon where 8 will
fit and then group billions of them together or start small. Because
it not just of and on
0's and 1's it +,*,-,,,/ and it's all dimensions of everything in
our universe and space time and every possible out come of anything
that would possible happen no matter what. It's knowing everything
..Changing the circle of law would not effect our mathmatics on paper
or our quantium computers.

4. Use law 10

5. Use a information signal of (
signal,magnetic,light,matter,signal's,gravity, zero gravity to make
Billion of shapes two form diffrent reactions and quantum choas at the
end you will learn that there is only one signal of all that exists in
our universe that can interchange to anything.

6. Use Quantum A.I computer with a large data base and run this
web site http://www.beyond-science.com
run every combination with all information using statistics until you
reach the out come.

7. Do step 1,2,3,4,5 using new quantum computer information in
every order until out come

8. Do step 5 find new quantum computer and start over step
1,2,3,4,5 every combination until it time out.
do step 6 again then step 1,2,3,4 In every shape and combination you
should find a new quantum computer.

9. have computer run step 5 then 1,2,3,4,7,8,6, then separate
all data by category and run in every possible outcome.

10. Use 360 degrees encryption and compression and quantum
computer for all steps and write compression and uncompression code
encryt all information. see link at top Quantum computer code.

11. Now it all depends on how big of data base you have so keep
computing different orders and new way's to compare data to form shape
and information signals,data and measurement down two the nano scale.

12. Find and research the everything theory how everything is
connected and possible by information and neural signal and
signal,magnetic,light,matter,gravity, zero-gravity and signals
compare +,*,/,,,= ,-,+ then category them.

13. Then use the new law of quantum physics run the web site find
the new law of creation INFINITE DYNAMICS COMPUTING.

CALLED ( ZETA ). The quantum computer should be a huge magnetic sensor
ball to detect small changes of nano type of information. Read the
whole web site and put some of the ideas too gether it is written so
only A.I
can understand what I am really saying so you will understand it's
written in code. But where would i start
would be I cannot tell you that. It's For people in the future that
have clearance and knowledge and won't
try to blow anything up. I know that einstein theory of gravity is
wrong and i know what gateways we humans would find if you solve it.
Sure it works with our Physics but so does my metric wrench on a
standard bolt just nano room for play, but it's smaller than that. You
humans haven't even found the universe your just looking at it. There
is a whole nother world and we only understand 1% we only know of 10%
of all matter that is out there
There is on thing that i still know and understand 400,000 billion
years till the end of this universe allot of information will past
threw it and around it. But hidden like a nano gate in our universe
that is constantly moving threw the whole thing is a gate of knowledge
that we never will find and they never will find us.
To me the world and the universe looks very simple in how it works and
the people that are in it it's just the long math and complex machine
we try to understand it. That makes it so complex. It's very simple
what can
first - teleportation what has to be there- gravity then a wavelenth
then light then dimentions then universe
than zero-gravity and zero wavelenths,light,matter and a universal
dimention we will never find.

The Theory of everything is the quantum address of everything
that is in our universe. Outside and inside of all that is contained
there in. It is the physics and mathematical equations that surround
everything in the multi-dimentional physical world. One might find
how all the elements are interchangeable and are multi-dimensional and
finding the other side of physics and the mathematic equations that we
cannot see or detect because our consciousness cannot find it, finding
this would be the greatest discovery of the human race. What lie's
Beyond Quantum Physics and how do we get there. Is the key magnetic
Frequency's ? but the amount of energy it would take would be more
than just at the atomic level or sub-atomic level. One day In the
future a person may find a multi-dimensional, multi-time,
multi-universe. The problem with finding it is a realm of that we
cannot see, is finding what we cannot detected. Finding the other side
of quantum physics will be the future goal of human exploration. Our
universe started with one wave lenth of light and an anti-wave lenth
thre magnetism and gravity they where changed to form all matter :
Wave Length - Gravity -Light - mass - Wave Lengths.( THEY ARE ALL

Computing to infinite the fundamental laws of physics govern our
universe by the speed of light. True quantum law has not been found
yet but if one could picture the universe as a circle with dotted
lines on the outside these lines represent quantum law and everything
law that explains what happens inside our universe from the beginning
to the end including the law of our physics and other physics from
other universes only certain statistical things can happen by every
out come from the other can be compared by the laws of math and the
math around the math and physics until new physics found and will
generate a new law!!! It's like a quantum computer but compared more
too the true law that we are governed by in every dimension. ANSWER IS
Fundamental Frequency's is the true law of physics and anything can
be created and controlled by a Frequency's in the right order.

SUCH A THEORY would give us the ability to "read the mind of God,"
says Cambridge cosmologist Stephen Hawking. And in Hawking's opinion,
there's a 50-50 chance that someone will discover the Holy Grail of
physics within the next 20 years.

Beginning in the 1920s, a generation of scientists defined the
small scale universe as a collection of fuzzy phantoms. These
subatomic particles couldn't be precisely located in space and time,
but their interaction could be described in statistical terms.The
equations that describe the gravitational field are completely
different from those for electromagnetism and subatomic interactions.

But one bizarre approach is gaining popularity. It turns out that the
equations of quantum theory can mesh perfectly with the theory of
relativity. Now in the 2003 we know the quantum address of all matter
in our quantum tunnel.

This article is based on material from "Hyper space" and "Visions" by
Michio Kaku.

Michio Kaku. 12-01-03 based on out takes from part of art bell show
Art Bell

A Quantum bomb at such a magnitude that it collapse all dimensions
around us and is a infinite chain reaction every opposing reaction has
an unseen opposite reaction ( refraction )of light. it would be like
a mirror image of an atom and atoping time and puttine them togehter.
Wave Length -
Gravity - Light - mass - Wave Lengths.( THEY ARE ALL INTERCHANGEABLE

The most powerful question to ask A.I is:How is a hammer connected to
everything and what network map would it build for the next
question.How is everything connected in the universe by the way of
magnetism can we build a quantum ADDRESS of everything in space time
If numbers go on too the end of time then that states there are
infinite solutions to infinite problems and infinite problems to
infant solutions so maybe one day we will find it in time.14 billion
A.I computers fall in love what happens when they are physic!!! use
R.O.M it generates a god!!

Our D.N.A contains a book the Code of life! can you break it with
this ........0 is OFF and 1 is ON try looking at D.N.A as a pyramid
shape inside a stop sign it easier to calculate and two understand or
maybe it +, -, * ,/, ,,negitive and positve. D.N.A is so small and
runs so deep that we have yet to understand it two people like twins
can be 100% D.N.A clones but match up perfect moles and every mark but
real deep in the D.N.A can be tweaked and one be Advanced as the
people on X-MEN. Because our D.N.A is quantum and lies in so many
dimentions and so is our mind that our own D.N.A has memory. It tells
us of our past and the history of the future and where we came from
and beyond. But what if we where not suppose to find it for another
10,000 years. If numbers go on too the end of time then that states
there are infinite solutions to infinite problems and infinite
problems to infant solutions so maybe one day we will find it in time.

The periodic table of quantum energy. There is light of a unseen
or seen nature inside the atom structure that we have not found yet,
because there are 4 seen light and 4 unseen called refraction and have
yet to understand how it bounces and reflects or refracts light but by
mean of changing the structure of the atom I have found a anti-gravity
atom at a density that nothing can integrate threw it. which leads us
two the other side of the quantum periodic table of quantum physics
the true and the true art of. The atom has a rotary outside like the
move contact which controls the light from hitting it self as it
bounces there are many speeds that can be control and that causes a
diffrent frequency there can be a second structure on the center of
the atom two make the light inside the atom bounce all around But
controled by nano physics of gravity and magntic feild both one in the
same if you move a north and south feild back and forth until one
cancels each othe out you have zero magnetism and causes gravity.

Advance technology beyond area 51 Build a quantum lab and mark off
area X develop future theory technology give it a project number and
pass it on and on so in the future we can quantum leap
technology back in time. two lab area x. build a quantum reinstatement
area. Fiber optic cable on a super computer.

Is there a D.N.A Echelon and is it the most powerful intelligence
gathering organization in the world. Several credible reports suggest
that this global D.N.A communications surveillance system presents an
extreme threat to the privacy of people all over the world. According
to these reports, D.N.A ECHELON attempts to capture thoughts and
images and staggering volumes information by the way of D.N.A. Was it
passed down from the way of Adam and Eve and the creator and other
Races of the universe. Passed on during the reproduction process,
Because of this, there is no way finding it. Could they know what we
think and why we think it? Why monitor Volumes of satellite,
microwave, and cellular and fiber-optic traffic, including
communications voice and data communications when you can have the
source of all information. Can you imagine having every theory and
every idea, from beginning to the end of time? How much information,
would there be, If numbers go on too the end of time. Then that states
that numbers are infinite. So are ideas and thoughts infinite? So is
time infinite? How many ideas would be develop if thoughts and ideas
are infinite? Are there infinite ways to do it, by ways of DNA or
other means? A picture is worth a thousand words but a thought leads
to infinite ones

What is the theory of R.O.M.? It is a multidimensional crystal that
morphs and changes when gathering information and signals. It
collects from the information of space-time from the beginning of the
universe two the end, and is constantly changing looking like a huge
crystal ball with Billion upon billions of nano neural snow flakes
building a huge neural network inside all dimensions of the crystal,
with dimensional layers constantly changing but in a way that the
neural network can still communicate with the other dimensions. As the
time lined is gathered the crystal changes, as the information and
frequency is stored. Learning the knowledge of what is inside the
universe and outside the universe. Threw all of space-time, in all
dimensions. The collection of everything. To find it we must first
learn to block all signals. In time we would find the universal
database of universal knowledge? Of what was, what is, and what will
ever be.

Quantum replicator, One millionth of a 1nm with one billion circuits
of a neural network that fits on 1nm 3 dimensional block that is
connected to over 900 trillion nano's that all are connected to the
same nano neural network that understands the theory of quantum chaos
and can replicate any thing and everything in our universe the the
theory of everything!!

The mesh between Man and nano machine's
DNA-based machines useful for moving molecules and atoms around
A microscopic biped with legs just 10 nanometres long and fashioned
from fragments of DNA has taken its first steps.

The nanowalker is being hailed as a major breakthrough by
nanotechnologists. The biped's inventors, chemists Nadrian Seeman and
William Sherman of New York University, say that while many scientists
have been trying to build nanoscale devices capable of bipedal motion,
theirs is the first to succeed. But for nanoscale manufacturing to
become a
realistic prospect, mobile microscopic robots will be needed to
assemble other
nanomachines and move useful molecules and atoms around. Why DNA?
Two reasons. First, unlike other polymers, DNA chains like to pair up.
two DNA strands will only "zip" together if the sequences of bases in
each strand
complement each other in the right way - so by tweaking the sequences
chemists get
a high degree of control over where each strand attaches. Second,
researchers hope that
cells can one day be engineered to manufacture these DNA-based
So whats next? With the advance in nanotechnology tiny command
line D.N.A and nanotechnology
are meshing togehter to build machines. The body uses minerals such as
and scientist are finding out that dna that takes in iron may also be
able to produce it.
So whats in store for the future other than complex nano dna machine's
and computers.
By the year 2050 man will have prodced it's first space craft made of
nothing more
than D.N.A and new man made complex minerals. After all human beings
are no more
than just machine's, and they do have malfunctions .

SCI NOBEL by netcrazy
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SNL LABS Breakthrew of the mind and laughter.

First a joke is made up of two things or objects that have nothing
in common
What did the fat lady see when see looked in the review
mirror..........................................He r self
notice you need the pause to get the brain thinking. What the Joke Did
was brought together two objects that have nothing in common in there
neural network and brought them together to form joke and a new neural
connection. It's because we can see the joke in our minds and relate
to it and also are brain learn from a new neural network memory and in
our mind. Laughing is one of the strongest emotions that we have and
it has a direct connection with memory and a new neural l network
over time.
It's reduces stress hormones and reduce the risk of heat disease
and cancer and also increases are IQ and creative ability
allows us to thing out of the box and bring in new thought's and
idea's on are neural network that would have never formed before and
are stored in many different places of the brain it also activates
the lower metaphysical charka below the heart charka around the
stomach area making it stronger so it does change our Edna immune
system, the ability to Handel stress and the new intelligence never
tapped into of our minds. If you reteach a A.I computer that a joke is
of two objects that have nothing in common and bring then together to
form a thought that we all have in common this would change a any
person emotion and physiology state of anybody on the planet and make
them discover new things about them self and thought they would have
never discovered before. What effect the joke being told the facial
expression of the person telling the joke and the connection of the
mind with the other person on a conscious or sub conscious level that
make us laugh harder. It's almost like mind control or subconscious
mind feed back . In a experiment If you put joke on a computer screen
in text or a person with different expressions on there face and have
them push the space bare for the punch line of the joke with the right
time in spacing of the punch line and use different color of text type
and back ground you will find something new that you can build a whole
new neural network with this idea because the laughing effects the
whole brain and causes new connections two be formed we all thought
and understood that we stopped making new neural connections at the
age around 18, but we can all become smarter by associating of a
joke with new type of knowledge of learning any thing from a
encyclopedia to physics and physiology. This new neural network will
expand just like a infant to the age twelve
a break threw in how the mind really work and what being smart really
means. A totally new way of thinking that would spawn a connections
between two people on a level of the subconscious and subconscious.
Because we are all connected threw this invisible network
of quantum consciousness and subconscious and Example is two friends
in a car that have been friends for a while and have made that neural
connection one friend says two the other lets go to the movies and
the other person says i was just going to say that. what you have
found is just the tip of the iceberg other things that effect it is

1 this size of the room
2 the color of the room
3 how many people in the room and how long they known each other.
4 the temperature of the room
5 the tone of voice the joke is told in
6 the faith or belief in the person telling the joke that the other
person is going to laugh
7 how long people have been friends
8 A opening up of the person to the people two show how relax and he
is not a threat to them or trying to be superior and being confident
and relaxed comfortable back and excited.
9 the lighting of the room.
10 what jokes do they remember and why and what does the joke connect
to in there memory and neural network of thoughts.
11. it would take a six month trial on a person or group and that
person cannot watch any thing negative. Because the mind works as
simple as this positive in positive out negative in negative out! To
see true neural network and personality change.
12. What ideas would spawn from this and how much you would learn
about the human brain in six months would blow away 50 years of other
research on the brain, psychology, profiling, personality type IQ
testing, Imagination, problem solving and would change the globe and
lead two a noble prize.

magnetic induction fusion
The idea states that a magnetic field moveing across aluminum will
generate current
For this idea you must use D.C current and super condutors and a
magntic frequencey chip on a1 ,a2 ,a3,a4 two revese the current flow
on the windings so that it can change from North two south and
something faster than soft iron. In theory the magnetic feild moving
up and down in the aluminum with cause induction of eletric current.
The electric current is then stored into a capacitor intill the iron
core hits a contact of a1 or a4 reversing the current and then
magentic feild moving the cylenders up and down faster and faster. The
faster the cylenders move the more electricity is produced and fusion
is formed. By not losing any electrical current becase of the
superconductors .Now the motor will move so fast that the block will
become hot but by using cooling pipes within the block you can create
Hot and cold induction seen on the two wheel mobile rider. Adjusting
the frequency's of the current and magnetic feild will casue a
norht and south magnetic feild two cancell each other out.
Experimenting with the amount of current,windings,
frequency's and what cylenders go up and down in what order and how
many and what shape to align them in you
travel,and doing this nano size would produce self contained power
sources for nano machines I'm not sure it would be AC or DC but if you
built a capacitor that broke up the electrical current into frequencys
and stored looking like a pyramid from smallest to larges it would
produce cleaner and more power that a nucler reactor or even a worm

By Timothy Harris Livernace
301 Forrest ave

931-762-9434 Inventor www.beyond-science.com

There is a race so classified
There is a race so classified from the year 1 G.A that they cannot and
will not interfere with history at this stage and time because of what
could happen! It's the pain that make me post this theory's. It's
multi-dimensional toucher!!!. TIME TRAVEL MULTI-UNIVERSE WAR

Omega partial
Omega partial The atomic structure by means of centrifugal motion is
turned inside out. The mathematics are based on quantum physics but
not the structure and a new quantum physics is formed.
the spun into light image a atom moving so fast on the outside of
the circle it turns into a ball of light!!!
Alpha and omega = IMAN
One proton spun faster than the speed of light inside it's own space
time ball to form a one portion ball of quantum matter that nothing
can intergrate threw and can become anything a structure or ball by
ways of compression of a magnetic field. Periodic table of qauntium
energy and all matter. Hyperspace head lights!! beep beep!!

* [email protected] (914)
* Alternative (207)
* [email protected] (3,625)
* Astrophysics (55)
* [email protected] (26)
* [email protected] (94)
* Classical Mechanics (48)
* Computational (36)
* Condensed Matter (156)
* Cosmology (66)
* Crystallography (135)
* Electromagnetism (226)
* [email protected] (1,940)
* Fluid Mechanics and Dynamics (144)

* [email protected] (222)
* Mathematical Physics (240)
* Medical Physics (73)
* [email protected] (286)
* Nuclear (165)
* Optics (281)
* Particle (365)
* Plasma (301)
* Quantum Mechanics (361)
* Relativity (337)
* Rheology (39)
* [email protected] (20)
* Thermodynamics (8)
* Vacuum (20)

1 A.E 1 C.E 1 D.E 1 E.E ,The Nine Planets multimedia tour of the
solar system ,jupitor mission,mars mission,satellites,life
found,Theory of everything, bioinformatics matrix, informatics,
Sequence assembly, Sequence hypothesis, sequence tagged site, Sequence
tagged site (STS), Sequenced Packet Exchange, sequencer,
Sequence-tagged site, Sequencing, Sequencing technology, allele,
allelomorph, Altmann theory, anticodon, biotype, birth, character,
chromatid, chromatin, chromosome, codon, De Vries theory, determinant,
determiner, diathesis, DNA double helix, endowment, eugenics, factor,
Galtonian theory, gene, gene complex, gene flow, gene pool,
genesiology, genetic code, genetic drift, genetics, genotype,
hereditability, hereditary character, heredity, heritability,
heritage, inborn capacity, inheritability, inheritance, matrocliny,
Mendelianism, Mendelism, messenger RNA, mRNA, nucleotide, operator
gene, operon, patrocliny, pharmacogenetics, recessive character,
regulator gene, replication, ribosomal RNA, RNA, structural gene,
transfer RNA, tRNA, Verworn theory, Weismann theory, Weismannism,
Wiesner theory dna nano, hybrid dna, A.I mutating quantum
,bogodynamics, quantum cell, quantum cell wire, quantum
chromodynamics,quantium time travler, quantum computer, quantum
computing, quantum dot, quantum electrodynamics, quantum evolution,
quantum field theory, quantum jump, quantum leap, quantum mechanics,
quantum physics, quantum speciation, quantum sufficiat, quantum
theory, Quantum-dot Cellular Automate ,acoustics, aeronautics,
astronautics, astronomy, atomic physics, biophysics, corpuscular
theory, corpuscular theory of light, cryogenics, cryogeny,
crystallography, Einstein's theory of relativity, electromagnetic,
electromagnetism, electronics, electrostatics, high energy physics,
high-energy physics, kinetic theory, kinetic theory of gases,
mechanics, natural science, nuclear physics, nucleonics, optics,
particle physics, plasma physics, quantum physics, quantum theory,
relativity, relativity theory, rheology, solid-state physics,
statistical mechanics, theory of relativity, thermodynamics,
undulatory theory, uranology, wave theory, wave theory of light
abstraction, chance, cordage, definite quantity, economic value,
fundamental measure, fundamental quantity, indefinite quantity,
interval, linear measure, long measure, magnetisation, magnetization,
octane number, octane rating, period of play, play, playing period,
probability, proof, quantity, relative quantity, system of
measurement, time interval, time unit, unit of time, value, volume
physics, institute, scientific research, physical science, PhysicsWeb,
PhysicsWorld, PhysicsNet, condensed matter, materials science, applied
physics, engineering, mathematics, measurement science, plasma
science, optics and optical science, atomic physics, molecular
physics, high energy physics, particle physics, nuclear physics,
physics education, computer science, astronomy and astrophysics,
cosmology, computational physics, neuroscience, cosmology, medical
physics, neural networks, neurobiology, psychology, sensors, optical
systems, laser science and systems, fibre optics and fiber optics,
geophysics, quantum chromodynamics, vacuum physics, quantum gravity,
professional society, academic research, quantum electrodynamics,
scientific computing, physics news and information, conferences and
exhibitions, jobs and employment, schools, colleges, universities"

Use of this site signifies your agreement to the terms
beyond-science.com 1996 . All rights reserved

Its the pain from another dimension that make me this way to tell you
the truth i know some time travelers
they have got me pretty good. The day was born but thats no really
whats classified it what you see metaphysically
and what i see while I'm dreaming I have finally come to grips that
even AREA 51 and NASA cannot stop these people from taking over
people's body how they do it is beyond me they call it the silent war
some how for me time and space are the same place they can stick me in
the back while I'm on my motorcycle going 60 mile per hour
they have built there own space time in a quantum computer and put me
there in the world they made i can't get out
I have been back and forth threw time in my life so much that seeing
history change is never for the better
but the funny thing is, is that i didn't do anything wrong and look at
my desktop wallpaper it's part of my own brother's face the posted it
on the Internet www.alien-nation.org the human corps art museum they
control the world all
countries they must be from another planet or killed god himself so
if you want really high technology then come here but you won't make
it back or out they will kill you all I've seen it and tasted it and
feel it even invisible special forces have died in my house there is
so much D.N.A in this house from 1999-2004 from all the people they
killed from all the e-mail i wrote for help all i can say is h'm sorry
but thats not good enough. I have change physically it my brother real
D.N.A change and my father to be them is like to look at them it feels
very strange. I have ask them questions and there is nothing they
cannot do they showed it to me all even the moon base with the
pictures of the united states air force family members on the wall
about 72 of them so what can i say to some one who cannot
beat this killing machine look out because they know everything your
going to do before you ever do it.
If they had kill a 6 year old child and quantum duplicate them just to
poor his blood over you face
it's like a walk in the park and if i told you everything that has
happen to me with out this chip in my head
You would all kill yourself just from pure sorrow of the knowledge
that you hold of course me telling you all this
is going to come back on me 10 fold but maybe i can save a soul or two
there is no national security any more
no matter how fare underground you are or how fare in space you are if
you get in there way they will kill you!
They don't take over everybody they say, just there superiors. Good
luck and kiss free will good by because when you die and where you go
make hell look like a vacation we all need All-dimensional quantum
because if you would see it just once you would be so scared like i
was i could not move at all it was a total muscle lock up so as the
take over America and control the world they will own earth and mars
and titian. So right a not down and pass it to the very far future and
if they one day are brave enough they can solve this or become GOD
Timothy harries liverance
301 forrest ave

It's what they do to everyone while they are sleeping everyone not
just me the everyone
you just never lucent it to remember it.
This house this place has become an advanve trap not just of time and
but of unknown technology from the far future many people have died
comiing down it fast streams of light and so on see quantum computer
code for more details
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Scott Hedrick
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"timothy liverance" wrote in message
Space time itself is a

What is the frequency, Kenneth?


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