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The Fifth Element....Quintessence! Princeton Physics Dept Dark Energy Intro.....

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Old January 16th 04, 05:07 AM
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Default The Fifth Element....Quintessence! Princeton Physics Dept Dark Energy Intro.....

Thanks to Jack Sarfatti for posting the link.

A Quintessential Introduction to Dark Energy

"Should we believe, as most cosmologists suggest, that this is the
last missing piece of the puzzle and our understanding of the universe
is virtually complete? Or have we just uncovered a deep dark secret
that will revolutionize our whole view of the universe and our place
in it? I must confess to my own prejudice that the latter seems
more likely."

Paul J Steinhardt
Dept of Physics, Princeton University

The concepts of dark matter/energy recently has undergone a major
overhaul. It is now identical in form and principle to the concepts
of self-organizing systems and complexity science. The same
language, the same mathematics, the same properties that describe
the big bang and the structure of the universe, are ....the same....as
those that describe....Nature and life.

The Big-Bang, the birds and bees, owe their creation to the
same processes.

If that realization does Not cause you to STOP and THINK!

If the concept that the same adaptive, self-tuning and magical
properties of Nature, life and even market systems we all know
are also responsible for the creation of the universe....doesn't
make you STOP and THINK.

A seamless connection between the physical and living worlds
has been made.

Life will be everywhere it can be, intelligence will evolve whenever it
can, the universe is just the Opposite of what science has
for so long implied.

We are not a lonely planet, we did not just get lucky, the universe
is not chaotic and random. We are not alone and God can be
envisioned. These are the clear implications of
the /latest/ physics and math.

The Universe is Simple in design, it is Alive, and She is Magnificent.

Quintessence, dark matter/energy, is simply the same
mysterious creative force that gives Nature and evolution
it's awe-inspiring properties. When you can ...shake-a-stick
at that 'thing' Nature does, you will find dark matter/energy.
Good luck!

We can't touch it, weigh it or see it. But we can understand and
visualize it. Easily.

Read for yourself......don't take my word for it.

Read the page on quintessence from the Princeton ..Physics... Dept
below, then read the page from the Dept of ...Zoology... from Oxford.
Both share the same ideas of self-organization and attractor

Neither of those pages existed a year or two ago. Everything
we've believed is changing ...right now.

A Quintessential Introduction to Dark Energy

An Introduction to Complex Systems
Torsten Reil, Department of Zoology, University of Oxford

Selected Quotes..

"...The observations are telling us that, somehow, the ratio was set initially
just right so that now, fifteen billion years later, the ratio is of order unity.
Accounting for the special ratio in the early universe will be referred
to as the "coincidence problem". ...The fine-tuning and coincidence problems
are vexing. They are often posed as a paradox. Why should the acceleration
begin just as humans evolve? In desperation some cosmologists and physicists
have been led to give renewed attention to anthropic models. But many
continue to seek a dynamical explanation...."

I. What is Dark Energy?

"The two logical possibilities for dark energy are the cosmological
constants and quintessence.

"Quintessence is a dynamical, evolving, spatially inhomogeneous component
with negative pressure....In the current context, quintessence would be the
fifth dynamical component that has influenced the evolution of the universe..."

"Why consider quintessence....

1. quintessence has different implications for fundamental physics.
2. quintessence may explain the 'cosmic coincidence' problem
3. quintessence may fit the observational data better than the
cosmological constant and...
4. may suggest a radically new picture of the overall history
of the universe.

"...it is the dynamical attractor behavior which is responsible for the highly
novel features. First, the nature of an attractor equation is that the evolution
of the scalar field is completely insensitive to the initial value of the field
and its time derivatives. As indicated in fig. 1, the evolution of the dark
energy component rapidly approaches an attractor solution which depends
only on the action itself. What is more remarkable is that the attractor
solution depends on what is happening in the rest of the universe."

"But then something truly remarkable happens to k-essence models when the
universe becomes matter-dominated. The radiation like attractor solution becomes
unstable, and the energy density in the k-essence field begins to drop several
orders of magnitude until a new matter-dominated attractor solution is found.
This attractor solution keeps the k-essence density constant, as if w = -1.
The drop in energy density means that the k-essence cannot dominate
immediately. But once it hits the w =-1 attractor, the universe can only
expand for a short time before k-essence overtakes the universe and throws
it into a phase of cosmic acceleration."

"In this scenario, the cosmic coincidence problem is beautifully addressed...."

And on and on. Formulas, graphs etc can be found at the links.



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Crystal blue persuasion ....crystal
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"Look over yonder
what do you see
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most definitely
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people are changin'
Ain't it beautiful
crystal blue persuasion ...yeah"

Jonathan aka the happiest man alive.

In plain and easy English these ideas are presented below
in their generalized form.

The Complexity & Artificial Life Research Concept
for Self-Organizing Systems



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