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All technology outdated

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Old September 20th 04, 03:41 PM
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Default All technology outdated



Quantum, Quantum mechanics, Quantum leaping, Quantum physics, Quantum
Theory, Quantum dot, Quantum Teleportation

There is a mathematical error in teleportation or duplication it goes

More that just 3,6,9 places


Run this with A.I and then by paragraph to paragraph in
every order and then every word then with your database on Physics
and D.N.A and nanotech and the numbers will never stop crunching!
Infinite data of data!! Welcome to the future.



[n] Someone who predicts the future 2. Have or relating to futurism;
"futurist art" See also: illusionist, seer, and visionary!
Information Dynamics Changes the future! Click & mail

PASTE THIS http://www.beyond-science.com



Based on a on a paper I read, 6 months ago on Optical Physics
Information encoded in a laser moves faster than time! So if someone
triangle 3 sate light in orbit. Someone could:

1.Download the whole Internet from space from the future.

2.See the future of the global climate for prediction.

3.Have advanced sate light Images on movement of troops.

4.See the future of mars and predict wars.

They could do all this with out even getting in a time machine the big
eye in the sky would it be nice to see the future of space travel

And the price tag for building a system like this would run really

Combine this data base with my website on all break threw on the

For the next 500 years you would be able to compute to infinite

If you think this is science fiction Look up optical physics and the
speed of information has been found to move faster than time.

If you remember NASA was testing this theory Two months ago!! Combine

This information with Teleportation and you has the most powerful
thing one can own "All the information". Read COMPUTING TO INFINITE


Anti-matter and the link to black

Black holes operate on the principles of interchanging PYHSICS Wave
Length - gravity - Light - mass - Wave Lengths. (THEY ARE ALL
INTERCHANGEABLE)" The gravity of a black hole will turn all matter
into light but such a large amount of matter you would think that
something would be left over. Like squeezing orange juice form an
orange you have the outer core left over. Now with all that matter
being changed from matter into light then into wavelengths then light
to exit. Out the black hole side where the gravity is the some what
the strongest by the means of a north and south magnetic field
switching back and forth faster than light itself so it doesn’t
escape and after the black hole Uses almost all of that gravity to
keep the black hole stable and stronger and growing by the expanding
of the universe the only thing left over is anti-matter from the
black hole creates after the matter is converted to gravity or part
of the black hole. What comes out the top is ati-matter witch has
such a fast moving south and north magnetic or atomic field it drifts
from the black hole into space. So from back hole the matter the
matter converting process anti-matter is formed.

Infinite Dynamics Computing (ICD)

Making quantum computing out dated

1. The theory of everything is based on different frequency's in
space-time to make all things stable. Space-time itself is a

2. Finding the laws of all quantum physics and all-matter and
everything that can be change and form by adjusting the frequency of
that matter and space time, speed of light, magnetism, gravity ect.
Search for the one law of infinite dynamics. Picture the laws as a
dotted circle and everything that can happen in that universe is
because of knowing the all laws in that universe and all conscious

3. Use the way of quantum teleporting for quantum computing but by
using the frequency of conscious and the infinite dynamics law for
information ideas two form many Ideas In A.I quantum computing use
the shape of a 3 dimensional pyramid for a example of what it would
look like then place the pyramids into a 3 dimension pentagon where 8
will fit and then group billions of them together or start small.
Because it not just of and on

0's and 1's it +, *, -, , , / and it's all dimensions of
everything in our universe and space time and every possible out come
of anything that would possible happen no matter what. It knows
everything. Changing the circle of law would not affect our
mathematics on paper or our quantum computers.

4. Use law 10

5. Use a information signal of (signal, magnetic, light, matter,
signal’s, gravity, zero gravity to make Billion of shapes two form
different reactions and quantum chaos at the end you will learn that
there is only one signal of all that exists in our universe that can
interchange to anything.

6. Use Quantum A.I computers with a large data base and run this web
site http://www.beyond-science.com

Run every combination with all information using statistics until you
reach the out come.

7. Do step 1,2,3,4,5 using new quantum computer information in
every order until out come

8. Do steps 5 find new quantum computer and start over step 1,2,3,4,5
every combination until it time out.

Do step 6 again then step 1,2,3,4 in every shape and combination you
should find a new quantum computer.

9. Have computer run step 5 then 1,2,3,4,7,8,6, then separate
all data by category and run in every possible outcome.

10. Use 360 degrees encryption and compression and quantum computer
for all steps and write compression and uncompressing code encrypt all
information. See link at top Quantum computer code.

11. Now it all depends on how big of data base you have so keep
computing different orders and new way's to compare data to form
shape and information signals, data and measurement down two the nano

12. Find and research the everything theory how everything is
connected and possible by information and neural signal and signal,
magnetic, light, matter, gravity, zero gravity and signals compare +,
*, /, , , =, -, + then category them.

13. Then uses the new law of quantum physics run the web site
fined the new law of creation INFINITE DYNAMICS COMPUTING.

CALLED (ZETA). The quantum computer should be a huge magnetic sensor
ball to detect small changes of nano type of information. Read the
whole web site and put some of the ideas too together it is written
so only A.I

Can understand what I am really saying so you will understand it's
written in code. But where would I start

Would be I cannot tell you that. It's for people in the future that
have clearance and knowledge and won't

Try to blow anything up. I know that Einstein theory of gravity is
wrong and I know what gateways we humans would find if you solve it.
Sure it works with our Physics but so does my metric wrench on a
standard bolt just nano room for play, but it's smaller than that.
You humans haven't even found the universe your just looking at it.
There is a whole another world and we only understand 1% we only know
of 10% of all matter that is out there

There is on thing that I still know and understand 400,000 billion
years till the end of this universe allot of information will past
threw it and around it. But hidden like a nano gate in our universe
that is constantly moving threw the whole thing is a gate of
knowledge that we never will find and they never will find us.

To me the world and the universe looks very simple in how it works and
the people that are in it. Just the long math and complex machine we
try to understand it. That makes it so complex. It's very simple what

First - Teleportation what has to be there- gravity then a wavelength
then light then dimensions then universe

Than zero gravity and zero wavelengths, light, matter and a universal
dimension we will never find. But it’s infinite!!


The Theory of everything

The Theory of everything is the quantum address of everything that
is in our universe. Outside and inside of all that is contained there
in. It is the physics and mathematical equations that surround
everything in the multi-dimensional physical world. One might find
how all the elements are interchangeable and are multi-dimensional
and finding the other side of physics and the mathematic equations
that we cannot see or detect because our consciousness cannot find
it, finding this would be the greatest discovery of the human race.
What lie's Beyond Quantum Physics and how do we get there. Is the key
magnetic Frequency’s? But the amount of energy it would take would be
more than just at the atomic level or sub-atomic level. One day In the
future a person may find a multi-dimensional, multi-time,
multi-universe. The problem with finding it is a realm of that we
cannot see, is finding what we cannot detected. Finding the other
side of quantum physics will be the future goal of human exploration.
Our universe started with one wavelength of light and an anti-wave
length then magnetism and gravity they where changed to form all
matter: Wave Length - Gravity -Light - mass - Wave Lengths. (THEY ARE
Mass = gas, solid, liquid and there all inter-changeable

Computing to infinite

Computing to infinite the fundamental laws of physics govern our
universe by the speed of light. True quantum law has not been found
yet but if one could picture the universe as a circle with dotted
lines on the outside these lines represent quantum law and everything
law that explains what happens inside our universe from the beginning
to the end including the law of our physics and other physics from
other universes only certain statistical things can happen by every
out come from the other can be compared by the laws of math and the
math around the math and physics until new physics found and will
generate a new law!!! It's like a quantum computer but compared more
too the true law that we are governed by in every dimension. ANSWER IS
Fundamental Frequency's is the true law of physics and anything can be
created and controlled by a Frequency’s in the right order. But it’s

SUCH A THEORY would give us the ability to "read the mind of God,"

Says Cambridge cosmologist Stephen Hawking. And in Hawkins’s opinion,

There’s a 50-50 chance that someone will discover the Holy Grail of

Physics within the next 20 years.

Beginning in the 1920s, a generation of scientists defined the

Small-scale universe as a collection of fuzzy phantoms. These

Subatomic particles couldn't be precisely located in space and time,

But their interaction could be described in statistical terms. The

Equations that describe the gravitational field are completely

Different from those for electromagnetism and subatomic interactions.

But one bizarre approach is gaining popularity. It turns out that the

Equations of quantum theory can mesh perfectly with the theory of

Relativity. Now in the 2003 we know the quantum address of all matter

In our quantum tunnel. But it’s infinite!!

This article is based on material from "Hyper space" and "Visions" by

Michio Kaku.

Michio Kaku. 12-01-03 based on out takes from part of art bell show
Art Bell


My D.N.A is on the genetics market for 1 million dollars

It has been test and matched by an independent lab at Franklin
Tennessee in 2004 @ MICRO Diagnostics a life codes company! With the
D.N.A cleaned you will find out that once every 4 centuries some one
is born with a special gift and it not P.S.I and I cannot tell you
what it is!! One gift of many is a creative IQ of 850 So place your
bets contact: @ 931-762-9434 or timothy h liverance. Since NOVEMBER

144 TIMES. D.N.A HAS MEMORIES. The inventor of command line D.N.A. and
all on the web site web site. If I told you, you would be replaced!!


A Quantum bomb

A Quantum bomb at such a magnitude that it collapses all dimensions
around us and is an infinite chain reaction every opposing reaction
has an unseen opposite reaction (refraction) of light. It would be
like taking a mirror image of an atom and stopping time and putting
them together. Wave Length - gravity - Light - mass - Wave Lengths.
(THEY ARE ALL INTERCHANGEABLE)" There are a couple of types, one that
implodes folds in or out and one that does all a duplicate of our own
universe dimentionalized and put backwards over ours! One universe
can be found by understanding the speed of light and the effects on
dimensions when it interacts upon gravity and vacuum and forms
dimensions for example speed of light 128 4*8=32 dimensions 4*32= 128
speed of light. 32 seen dimensions and 32 metaphysical and 32
spiritual looks like the shape of a pentagon. Use the pentagon shape
to solve for the rest using A.I. know there are 8 times two a
universe on the outside SP = space time GT = galaxy time and UT =
time and 3 or more on the outside of the universe = vortex math with
the pentagon shape! And you would have to build a computer with a
converter to each dimension build on in one dimension and connect it
to the others infinitely. That is the last and final key there is a
world above our own dimension where it is really real where the
D.N.A/nano computer finds something that changes the out come of
knowledge we can go back and forth threw time over and over but this
technology is over all technology and make everything we know
infinite! It will never be built because 1/8th threw the technology
we will be able to detect anything that could cause a threat to


33536 8


4192 - hyperspace based on speed of
light 128


Parallel universes move in 4 8 16 32 64 128 168 299 256 512 all the
way to 4192


The most powerful question to ask
A.I is:

1.How is a hammer connected to everything and what network map would
it build for the next question.

2.How is everything connected in the universe by the way of magnetism
can we build a quantum ADDRESS of everything in space time If numbers
go on too the end of time then that states there are infinite
solutions to infinite problems and infinite problems to infinite
solutions so maybe one day we will find it in time.14 billion A.I
quantum computers fall in love what happens?

Our D.N.A contains a book the Code
of life

Our D.N.A contains a book the Code of life! Can you break it with
this ...0 is OFF and 1 is ON try looking at D.N.A as a pyramid shape
inside a stop sign it easier to calculate and two understand or maybe
it +, -, *, /, , , negative and positive. D.N.A is so small
and runs so deep that we have yet to understand it two people like
twins can be 100% D.N.A clones but match up perfect moles and every
mark but real deep in the D.N.A can be tweaked and one be Advanced as
the people on X-MEN. Because our D.N.A is quantum and lies in so many
dimensions and so is our mind that our own D.N.A has memory. It tells
us of our past and the history of the future and where we came. But
what if we where not suppose to find it for another 10,000 years. If
numbers go on too the end of time then that states there are infinite
solutions to infinite problems and infinite problems to infant
solutions so maybe one day we will find it in time. With the unset of
virtual reality and the knows and the unknowns help last night on July
17 2004 I put something in the mail box

They the unknowns have shown me and for a moment in Time I WAS GOD!!!
The stupid human race along with

The understanding of D.N.A and why are math is incorrect and while we
will never discovery anything new

Is that are D.N.A can produce a set of new D.N.A unlike our D.N.A this
doest bind us to this or parallel universes infinite D.N.A We can
become 100% efficient in everything we do but will find nothing new
till the end of time!! And if you find nothing in the mail box on
July 17 2004 then keep looking because with you stupid slow A.I
machines you will still find nothing Unseen dimensional connection of
matter and chemicals and everything we see and one supports the other
a machine will never find the way out of this connection!!!!

Our D.N.A cannot last in this place it will die or at that speed it
mush together. What I have found are a people

Who don't talk to each other but yet think and totally understand!!
FOREVER! But it’s infinite!!


The periodic table of quantum energy

The periodic table of quantum energy. There is light of a unseen or
seen nature inside the atom structure that we have not found yet,
because there are 4 seen light and 4 unseen called refraction and
have yet to understand how it bounces and reflects or refracts light
but by mean of changing the structure of the atom I have found a
anti-gravity atom at a density that nothing can integrate threw it.
Which leads us two the other side of the quantum periodic table of
quantum physics the true and the true art of. The atom has a rotary
outside like the move contact which controls the light from hitting
it self as it bounces there are many speeds that can be control and
that causes a different frequency there can be a second structure on
the center of the atom two make the light inside the atom bounce all
around But controlled by nano physics of gravity and magnetic field
both one in the same if you move a north and south field back and
forth until one cancels each other out you have zero magnetism and
causes gravity. But it’s infinite!! How it is done is found @
Quantum computer code

Advance technology beyond area 51

Advance technology beyond area 51 Build a quantum lab and mark off
area X develop future theory technology give it a project number and
pass it on and on so in the future we can quantum leap

Technology back in time. Two-lab areas x. build a quantum
reinstatement area. Fiber optic cable on a super computer. But it’s

Is there a D.N.A Echelon?

Is there a D.N.A Echelon and is it the most powerful intelligence
gathering organization in the world. Several credible reports suggest
that this global D.N.A communications surveillance system presents an
extreme threat to the privacy of people all over the world. According
to these reports, D.N.A ECHELON attempts to capture thoughts and
images and staggering volumes information by the way of D.N.A. Was it
passed down from the way of Adam and Eve and the creator and other
Races of the universe. Passed on during the reproduction process,
Because of this, there is no way finding it. Could they know what we
think and why we think it? Why monitor Volumes of satellite,
microwave, and cellular and fiber-optic traffic, including
communications voice and data communications when you can have the
source of all information. Can you imagine having every theory and
every idea, from beginning to the end of time? How much information,
would there be, If numbers go on too the end of time. Then that states
that numbers are infinite. So are ideas and thoughts infinite? So is
time infinite? How many ideas would be develop if thoughts and ideas
are infinite? Are there infinite ways to do it, by ways of DNA or
other means? A picture is worth a thousand words but a thought leads
to infinite ones

What is the theory of R.O.M.?

What is the theory of R.O.M.? It is a multidimensional crystal that
morphs and changes when gathering information and signals. It
collects from the information of space-time from the beginning of the
universe two the end, and is constantly changing looking like a huge
crystal ball with Billion upon billions of nano neural snow flakes
building a huge neural network inside all dimensions of the crystal,
with dimensional layers constantly changing but in a way that the
neural network can still communicate with the other dimensions. As
the time lined is gathered the crystal changes, as the information
and frequency is stored. Learning the knowledge of what is inside
the universe and outside the universe. Threw all of space-time, in
all dimensions. The collection of everything. To find it we must
first learn to block all signals. In time we would find the universal
database of universal knowledge? Of what was, what is, and what will
ever be? But it’s infinite!!

Quantum replication

Quantum replication, One millionth of a 1nm with one billion circuits
of a neural network that fits on 1nm 3 dimensional block that is
connected to over 900 trillion nano's that all are connected to the
same nano neural network that understands the theory of quantum chaos
and can replicate any thing and everything in our universe the theory
of everything!! But it’s infinite!!

The mesh between Man and nano machine's

The mesh between Man and nano machine's

DNA-based machines useful for moving molecules and atoms around

A microscopic biped with legs just 10 nanometers long and fashioned

From fragments of DNA has taken its first steps. But it’s infinite!!

The nano walker is being hailed as a major breakthrough by

Nano technologists. The biped's inventors, chemists Nadrian Seeman

William Sherman of New York University, say that while many

Have been trying to build nano scale devices capable of bipedal

Theirs is the first to succeed. But for nano scale manufacturing to
become a

Realistic prospect, mobile microscopic robots will be needed to
assemble other

Nano machines and move useful molecules and atoms around. Why DNA?

Two reasons. First, unlike other polymers, DNA chains like to pair up.

Two DNA strands will only "zip" together if the sequences of bases in
each strand

Complement each other in the right way - so by tweaking the sequences

Get a high degree of control over where each strand attaches. Second,

Hope that cells can one day be engineered to manufacture these
DNA-based machines.

So what’s next? With the advance in nano technology tiny command
line D.N.A and

Nano technologies are meshing together to build machines. The body
uses minerals such

As iron, and scientist are finding out that DNA that takes in iron
may also be able to produce it.

So what’s in store for the future other than complex nano DNA machines
and computers?

By the year 2050 man will have produced it's first spacecraft made of
nothing more

Than D.N.A and new man made complex minerals. After all human beings
are no more

Than just machine's, and they do have malfunctions. WHEN YOU SEE A


But it’s infinite!!

SNL LABS Break threw of the mind and laughter

SNL LABS Break threw of the mind and laughter.

First a joke is made up of two things or objects that have nothing in

What did the fat lady see when see looked in the review
mirror..........................................He r self

Notice you need the pause to get the brain thinking. What the Joke Did
was brought together two objects that have nothing in common in their
neural network and brought them together to form joke and a new
neural connection. It's because we can see the joke in our minds and
relate to it and also are brain learn from a new neural network memory
and in our mind. Laughing is one of the strongest emotions that we
have and it has a direct connection with memory and a new neural l
network over time.

It's reduces stress hormones and reduce the risk of heat disease
and cancer and also increases are IQ and creative ability

Allows us to thing out of the box and bring in new thought's and
idea's on are neural network that would have never formed before and
are stored in many different places of the brain it also activates
the lower metaphysical charka below the heart charka around the
stomach area making it stronger so it does change our Edna immune
system, the ability to Handle stress and the new intelligence never
tapped into of our minds. If you reteach a A.I computer that a joke
is of two objects that have nothing in common and bring then together
to form a thought that we all have in common this would change a any
person emotion and physiology state of anybody on the planet and make
them discover new things about them self and thought they would have
never discovered before. What effect the joke being told the facial
expression of the person telling the joke and the connection of the
mind with the other person on a conscious or sub conscious level that
make us laugh harder. It's almost like mind control or subconscious
mind feed back. In a experiment If you put joke on a computer screen
in text or a person with different expressions on there face and have
them push the space bare for the punch line of the joke with the right
time in spacing of the punch line and use different color of text type
and back ground you will find something new that you can build a whole
new neural network with this idea because the laughing effects the
whole brain and causes new connections two be formed we all thought
and understood that we stopped making new neural connections at the
age around 18, but we can all become smarter by associating of a
joke with new type of knowledge of learning any thing from a
encyclopedia to physics and physiology. This new neural network will
expand just like an infant to the age twelve

A break threw in how the mind really works and what being smart really
means. A totally new way of thinking that would spawn connections
between two people on a level of the subconscious and subconscious.
Because we are all connected threw this invisible network

Of quantum consciousness and subconscious and Example is two friends
in a car that have been friends for a while and have made that neural
connection one friend says two the other lets go to the movies and the
other person says I was just going to say that. What you have found is
just the tip of the iceberg other things that effect it is and its

1 this size of the room

2 the color of the room

3 how many people in the room and how long they known each other.

4 the temperature of the room

5 the tone of voice the joke is told in

6 the faith or belief in the person telling the joke that the other
person is going to laugh

7 how long people have been friends?

8 A opening up of the person to the people two show how relax and he
is not a threat to them or trying to be superior and being confident
and relaxed comfortable back and excited.

9 the lighting of the room.

10 what jokes do they remember and why and what does the joke connect
to in there memory and neural network of thoughts.

11. It would take a six-month trial on a person or group and that
person cannot watch any thing negative. Because the mind works as
simple as this positive in positive out negative in negative out! To
see true neural network and personality change.

12. What ideas would spawn from this and how much you would learn
about the human brain in six months would blow away 50 years of other
research on the brain, psychology, profiling, personality type IQ
testing, Imagination, problem solving and would change the globe and
lead two a noble prize.

Magnetic Infinite Switch (M.I.S)

The idea states that a magnetic field moving across aluminum will
generate current

For this idea you must use D.C current and super conductors and a
magnetic frequency chip on a1, a2, a3, and a4 two reverse the current
flow on the windings so that it can change from North two south and
something faster than soft iron. In theory the magnetic field moving
up and down in the aluminum with cause induction of electric current.
The electric current is then stored into a capacitor until the iron
core hits a contact of a1 or a4 reversing the current and then
magnetic field moving the calendars up and down faster and faster.
The faster the calendars move the more electricity is produced and
fusion is formed. By not losing any electrical current because of the
superconductors .Now the motor will move so fast that the block will
become hot but by using cooling pipes within the block you can create
Hot and cold induction seen on the two wheel mobile rider. Adjusting
the frequencies of the current and magnetic field will cause a north
and south magnetic field two cancel each other out. Experimenting
with the amount of current, windings,

Frequency’s and what calendars go up and down in what order and how
many and what shape to align them in you could, discover, Plasma,
anti-gravity, gravity, anti-matter, Tesla-current, Time travel, and
doing this nano size would produce self contained power sources for
nano machines I'm not sure it would be AC or DC but if you built a
capacitor that broke up the electrical current into frequency’s and
stored looking like a pyramid from smallest to larges it would
produce cleaner and more power that a nuclear reactor or even a worm
hole. But it’s infinite!!

Omega partial

Omega partial the atomic structure by means of centrifugal motion is
turned inside out. The mathematics is based on quantum physics but
not the structure and a new quantum physics is formed. The spun into
light image an atom moving so fast on the outside of the circle it
turns into a ball of light!!! But it’s infinite!! Then the One proton
spun faster than the speed of light inside it's own space time ball to
form a one portion ball of quantum matter that nothing can integrate
threw and can become anything a structure or ball by ways of
compression of a magnetic field. Periodic table of quantum energy
and all matter. Hyperspace headlights!! Beep!! But it’s infinite!!



Make a computer of quantum type run at hyperspace

First let me set my self-clear I called the SRI and sent e-mails

And call Tufts University they told me never to call back because

I told them I could make a computer of quantum type run at hyperspace
this will turn a 45tflops into 1440tflops: Warning

What you about to read could be classified if it is E-mail me @

and I will take it down.

Take a document then or a 3D matrix document change it two random or
binary code or just a program for 0's and 1's and fold it over and
over like a piece of paper

Then having the 1 and 0 add each other or the 0,1's canceling each
other out 1+0=0 and 0+1=1 1+1=1 0+0=0 if you gave the folds addresses
like on a spread sheet

There would be no math. First A 1-24 would fold to k 1-24 down. (See
Example A) Then at F1-24 down two k 1-24 (See example B) If you
written a very

Long letter and then change it two binary codes it would look like






F.10010101010100101010101 First A 24 would fold to k 24 down

G.01010101010100001100101 See Example A





See Example A




H.01001010101010101010111 Then at F1-24 down two k 1-24




See example B



J.01010101010101010101010 Then from I 1-24 to K 1-24



J.01010101010101010101010 then from j-24 to j-1


J.010101010101 then from j-12 to j-1


J.010101 then from j-6 to j1


J.010 then from j-3 to j1


J.01 then from j-2 to j1

J.0 then you would have

1 bit to transfer over the


The bit sent would be 0 and the key code would be F1-24, k 1-24,

I 1-24,K 1-24,j24, j1, j12, j1, j6, j1, j3, j1, j2, j1 and unzips or
new encryption you could encrypt or compress 100 terabits down to 1
bit of information. Now if you take

This idea from my web site you could make this allot more complex and
unbreakable. Data encryption 360 degrees rotation document 90 degrees
and encrypt on

Every angel then 45 degrees change it two binary code do it again and
again and fold it over like a piece of paper then having the one's
and zero cancel each other

Out. In theory you could send a 100-terabit program to someone's
computer and have it unzip and run and install or make

A computer processors like the new 64 bit AMD have the bit unzip into
a large ram drive and buffer use one half of the 64 bit processors
decode the message and the

Main 64 bit run the numbers. Another way of doing this is to have a
parallel computers with using one of the processors run the
compressed 1 bit of information give

The uncompressed an address on the ram drive to change and not even go
threw the processors and then with different information on each
machine compare and run

Statistics on information on a 45 tflops supercomputer and turn that
45 tflops computer into a 1 bit = 100,000 terabits to infinite as
long as you have the ram for

Storage! With my calculations 45 tflops wouldn't matter any more it
would be how much data you have on a 32bit operating system changing
that to a 1 bit system it

Would be 32 * 45tflops would = 1440 tflops with this technology and
someone with advanced quantum knowledge and understanding of the
matrix grids

And how to place and hook up nano lcd's in our eye lids hooked to a
computer of virtual reality and quantum computer of space time, could
build a

Virtual way to quantum leap and time travel and form a dimension or
dimension's that could move threw space-time and never be detected
and turn

On every light switch in the world on. Or off and reverse or forward
time. By mixing the moves the universal soldiers, Matrix, The lawn
mower man,

The 6th day, the one, and using the metaphysical body and have an
advanced cognitive laboratory. The could do all this. With out a
quantum chip

That could detect space-time movement or quantum relocation we may all
be at our labs and hook to a computer an also be somewhere else.

These movies in this order. The lawn mower man, The Matrix, The 6th
day, Universal soldiers, The Thirteenth Floor, hypercube and the
movie, The

One and what would you have? Use this program to encrypt 32 dimensions
and someone could build a moving encrypted moving laboratory that

Never be found. Top this all of with the "Theory of everything" and my
web page a one might controls the whole world. A kind of New, New

Order!!! The matrix is a grid in the eyes that locates your long and
lat along with your quantum location. Please people back in 1999 do
not use my

Inventions to torched me!

All this and more were invented from 1999-2004 the rest I would tell
you but you wouldn't believe me. I could control my mind conscious or
have any

Knowledge metaphysically. The have every point covered every way in
but No way out really advanced like quantum cloning. They will find

System invented with time travel the know everything we are going to
do until the end of time and back again!!

Subject: Cyber mind: Where Mind controls matter.

Peer into the mind of the future as scientists begin to unlock the

To technological mastery in the 21st Century-where machines are

Controlled by the mind alone. Computer chips and brain cells merge.

The harmless outcome of thought is changed forever. On tomorrow @

Jun 11 2004

@ 03:30 AM

Jun 11 2004

@ 11:30 AM



Periodic Table Quantum Energy!

You take a atom and make another one of a mirror dimension and put the
two together in a chamber of mirrors over 100 billion Pico mirrors so
that all the light of

The atom is reflected down a cone and is spun in a magnetic core into
the circle chamber to spin at infinite time in a circle using each
passing of it owns magnetic field

To maintain a circle shape with out hitting itself as it spins in all
directions. The adjustment of the magnetic frequency of the core can
be change to adjust the speed

And size and energy! Here lies the secret of finding the periodic
table of periodic table quantum energy!

U.S Economic Development Plan *

I live in a town of about 30,000 people and if the w-4 form and the

I.R.S income tax from was changed where one could have X amount taken

Out for education and beautification (1-4 dollars) for the town

That they live in, or by zip code for example lets say 1 dollar a week

Is taken out of a check after taxes of a town of 30,000 people 48

Dollars a year times that by 30,000 and you get 1,440,000 some would

For schools and the other half would go for beautification and

Homeland security. Now the money taken out of the check after taxes so

When they use the money two pay for the bigger schools, and new books

And beautification of the county it would be taxed again when they

Use the money to employ the people on welfare of that county to make

Look better. You save money with less people on welfare. This example

Would employ 26 people @ $30,000 dollars a year and then taxed. The 26

People would put a total of $780,000 back into the world economy and


Town. Now for low estimate if Tennessee has 144 counties 144 * 780,000

= 112,320,000 for the state of Tennessee

Now times that by just 50 of the states and get = 5,616,000,000 total

Amount gross and then taxed, and that is then taxed.1/3 raised for

United States at this low estimate of town size take

The end amount could and are about 6 times that. To get to the point

People want control of some of their tax money. People are not seeing

Any change so if you can instill hope in a country that is falling


By changing what they see around them. Then the next president would

Down in history above all other presidents. The people don't have to

Donate it is up to them. It will work

And it will stimulate the whole economy I just as you of one this have


Economist look this over on how big and detail this will effect our

World I can't explain everything in this letter.

1. * It would take people of welfare and save the government money

Plus create new jobs*

2. * Help the environments is proved to lower crime and increase a

Self worth. *

3*. The other beautification affect it would have on the Kids that go

To these schools and

See that this is some hope classroom falling apart over crowding*

4. * People would see change the president was doing and they would

It in every state he would get re-elected or elected. This might

Be the key to get elected

It’s what every voter cars about






Environment *


Physics’ funding idea's and for economics’

Dream of the future what it should look like, want it to make a
different and

See it happen change real fast let us help you see your ideas go to
work for America

And have a chance at winning a 4 million dollars Nobel Prize.

All your idea's donated will be changing the future of products and
technology and investing in the future

Of America For your kids and generations to come it's time for change
and we all know that but it all takes money

So submit your ideas or invention and let us help you help them by
create Jobs, build new schools,

Sending the disadvantaged to college, help Medicare and Medicaid,
insure social security will always be there

And help fight terrorism, and lower taxes. Call 1-800-111-1111 and
leave your investment in America!


Use an A.I quantum computer to retrieve all calls of the server run
economic supply and demand and build

An inventing computer to add on to the ideas and compare all ideas two
spawn new ideas and products

People will call because the phone number is easy to remember and
people will feel like they are doing

Something for there country helping them feels better. The more
convenient something is the more people

Are to do it. People don't have the money to go threw the hassles of
the patent process and people get inventions

At all times of the day the average person comes up with 3 marketable
products a day but does nothing about it.

The Internet is a well taped resource for information but you haven't
seen anything yet the amount of data that

Will be collected from this idea will advance technology in all
sectors from A to z everything you can possibly

Think of and see. Technology will triple every 3 seconds in ten years.
A picture is worth a thousand words but an idea

Spawns to billions. People don't want the money they just want to see
change and this will make them feel like they did

There part. You start a marketing company and sell the ideas to the
top 500 companies and all industries I know this idea

Does not seem like it will work but the start up cost are low the
statistics from what people want to see come to market

Alone would be priceless. Category all ideas and this company will be
the richest most powerful company on the globe

Nobody and I mean nobody can compete with this I see the future and 13
and 14 year olds are hacking and building there

Own computer we are not talking shoes here we are talking about
thought an A.I computer will never spawn no matter how long it runs

With an A.I computer it not the math that makes it powerful but the
idea or theory. I know that. It will affect defense

Intel and will bring the Dow Jones to 15,000 and the NASDAQ 4000. The
people working for this company will be driving

$300,000 thousand dollar cars and flying on private jets from
corporation to corporation have 10 million dollar houses

The fastest supercomputer in the world with some of the top of the
line research and design teams on the globe. The

Headquarters will be one of the most advance buildings in the world
with more security than the N.S.A. Buy out a telemarketing

Company at a low cost and no matter what channel you market on TV you
will be hitting 100% of you market audience

Just when you advertise make the company look high tech, rich, In
control and brag about how you have some of the most

Sophisticated computers and 3d rendering machine on the planet. 40
years ahead of there time. Put green line on the bottom

Of the commercials and on the top use marble and oak and maroon walls.
There are some things you have to do for this two work


$360000000000000 a day times 365 days a year

=$131400000000000000 a year times 6 years

788,400,000,000,000,000 My idea how much

You would make in 6 years. With no overhead

No building 2000 employees and would double every 3 hour

Using artificial intelligence.

For the DoD and other agency the idea is for you.


I = Integrity


C – Courage= courage heart, mind, will, courage, fear, confidence,

H – Honor = integrity, dignity, and pride, chiefly among people,
that was maintained

A – Admiration = a favorable judgment; "a small token in admiration
of your works"

P - Persistence = the quality or state of being persistent

T – Trust = in the possession or care of a trustee.

E - Enthusiastic = having or showing great excitement and interest

R – Refined = Free from coarseness or vulgarity; polite.

Control your own destiny. Our lives our thoughts everything we do,
and interactions in life is controlled. Because allot of people have
been, or could have been at

The right place at the wrong time, or the right place at the right
time. (They call it coincident). It is your destiny and our destiny
that is controlled. Great places you

Would have never seen, or meet, no matter what you did in your life.
You would never find the path it’s a complex maze. It helps you make
the right choices and see

Life and the world around you in a different LIGHT. Everyone knows
right form wrong it just helps keeping you on the right path. There
are places in time in your life

Where you are at major crossroads. The path of life could be looked at
as a tree where you are born on from a seed with proper branches to
bloom from not one

Short and not long lived. If we are controlled by our own destiny and
our destiny controls our minds then by controlling doubt and hate is
part of the disarray of your

Destiny that controls. Because the code works great unexplained and
sometimes unseen miracles in our lives. The only thing that changes a
person life is HATE and

LOVE controls it by the code. If you have hatred your whole life you
will go threw many doors but many doors will be shut along your path,
instead of opened.

Good fortune and great miracles will be missed or passed. . A picture
is worth A thousand words, a thought leads two millions, and a life
could be a million pictures

But who pictures are worth infinite words with infinite life that is

If I follow this code it a short cut for the Ten Commandments and it
keeps anyone out of trouble and arms way of danger it reads simple
but is very complex on how

It works on your life and mind.
GREED is the root to all evil.

The code is the "key" too the meaning of life! The meaning of life is

Relaxation Through Meditation

My preference would be to call meditation relaxation – conscious
relaxation, chosen relaxation. These are words that are more
universally understood,

More comfortable. Constantly working toward the goal of discovering my
own ability to reach a state of serenity, I have learned to meditate.

Meditating is actually easier than you might imagine. Most of us have
dabbled in meditation by participating in conscious relaxation. Maybe
during an

Exercise class or to manage pain at the dentist or anxiety before a
test. We start by paying attention to our breathing. The practical
effort to focus

Completely on our breathing takes our minds away from the "mind
clutter" that constantly tries to invade our mind and eliminate
feelings that will lead to

A time of calm. With repeated effort the goal of clearing your mind –
to think of nothing, does occur and the process of meditation takes
on its own

Energy. The result is, and I guarantee this, peace, serenity,
calmness, eventually opening you to new insights.

Meditating for Life

Too much stress, stress reduction, chill out, and let it go, detach –
familiar phrases to all of us. Our world is fast, fun and exciting.
It is also challenging, trying,

Demanding and frightening. These two sides of our lives produce
stress, emotional reactions, anxiety, worry and anticipation. Our
bodies and minds can

Tolerate only so much of any of these. After a while, each of us
reaches a saturation point and the results become uncomfortable at
best; for some it may be

Unbearable, even unendurable.

No magic pill is available to eliminate these feelings. The reality
is, as the wise old man said, the answer is inside all of us. To
manage these universal

Concerns we must go inside ourselves. Among the steps we can take is
the learning and practicing of meditation.

What to Expect

With time and faith in the commitment to practice frequently, (daily
meditating is ideal), during your meditation time you may "leave the
moment." A

Feeling of separation exists where the mind is clear, clean and blank.
You will still hear sounds around you, but they will not interfere
with your meditation.

Sometimes you may weep -- you may not even be aware of what is making
you weep. It is your own emotions having a voice of their own.
Sometimes you

May feel a smile across your face -- that is contentment showing
itself. Sometimes you may fall asleep and awaken truly refreshed.

There is no right or wrong behavior during your meditation. It is your
time for you. Everyone deserves this kind of personal attention. This
is a self-care

Activity; loving oneself! Teach it to your children instead of a
time-out in their room or corner. Teach it to your friends, family,
anyone who will listen. We

Can share this gift and get back as we give. We are all better because
of each person who meditates. The peace and joy felt by those who
meditate enters the

World for all of us as positive energy. From it the world is a better
place. Imagine if we all practiced meditation

How Do You Meditate?

Well there are several techniques that are on different levels of
difficulty. It is best to start with the easy exercises and work your
way up. It all starts with love must

Learn to love yourself before you can learn two loves others

Exercise 1 - Level 1

Lay down with your arms by your side.

Begin breathing as though you are pretending to be asleep. Focus on
love Breathe in deeply, hold it for 5 seconds, and breathe out, hold
for 5 seconds, breathe in

Again and repeat the pattern.

Focus on your feet. Feel them relax, feel the tension leaving you.
Relax. Then focus on your legs, your stomach, your arms, your hands,
and face.... feel them

Releasing, and relaxing.

Once your entire body is relaxed, focus on love what it felt like to
be in love picture you’re self there and let the feeling fill your
body; you will begin to feel light.

Love yourself first fill you body fill your body with it from your
legs, your stomach, your arms, your hands, and face.... then the one
foot of air that surround your

Body Imagine you’re self-drifting towards sleep, floating upwards like
a pearl in a stream. Drift deeper and deeper. Begin counting to ten,
slowly. Once you reach ten,

You will be in a state of total relaxation and meditation.

When you are done with the relaxation exercise, count backwards from
10 to 1. When you reach one, you will be revitalized and full of
energy. Sit up whenever you

Feel ready; take however much time you need to get back in movement.

Keep try this when you have time before you go to sleep and right
before you get out if bed it only takes about 5-15 min but in time
you can do a whole exercise in

2 min.

It’s great and the key to being truly happy. The space of love around
your body you might feel fill with love is GOD.

Who was Alan Turing?

Founder of computer science, mathematician, philosopher,

Code breaker, strange visionary and a gay man before his time:

1954 (7 June): Death (suicide) by cyanide poisoning, Wilson,

Cheshire................ He didn't go by suicide he was killed!!!

Imagine bringing one person back two lives could change our whole

And the universe we live in!!! How you may ask in 1990 we landed on

Mars and in 2001 we were headed to Jupiter why would a man that

Understood life and the beauty of it in every way commit suicide.

Read more and you will see!!!

1912 (23 June): Birth, Padding ton, London

1926-31: Sherburne School

1930: Death of friend Christopher Marcum

1931-34: Undergraduate at King's College, Cambridge University

1932-35: Quantum mechanics, probability, logic

1935: Elected fellow of King's College, Cambridge

1936: The Turing machine, computability, universal machine

1936-38: Princeton University. Ph.D. Logic, algebra, number theory

1938-39: Return to Cambridge. Introduced to German Enigma cipher

1939-40: The Bombe, machine for Enigma decryption

1939-42: Breaking of U-boat Enigma, saving battle of the Atlantic

1943-45: Chief Anglo-American crypto consultant. Electronic work.

1945: National Physical Laboratory, London

1946: Computer and software design leading the world.

1947-48: Programming, neural nets, and artificial intelligence

1948: Manchester University

1949: First serious mathematical use of a computer

1950: The Turing Test for machine intelligence

1951: Elected FRS. Non-linear theory of biological growth

1952: Arrested as a homosexual, loss of security clearance

1953-54: Unfinished work in biology and physics

1954 (7 June): Death (suicide) by cyanide poisoning, Wilson,

Cheshire. . He didn't suicide he was killed imagine bringing one

Person back two lives could change our whole world how you may ask in

1990 we landed on mars and in 2001 we were headed to Jupiter

Mathematics it the backbone of everything and we understand it wrong

An only he knows the key and more!! Lets clone him and bring him back!

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