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"Nazis Run Our Space Program" -- Peace Activist Bruce Gag-Me

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Old March 22nd 05, 07:52 PM
Eric Chomko
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D Schneider ) wrote:
: Eric Chomko wrote:

: Rand Simberg ) wrote:
: : What leverage is needed? If the employee doesn't get paid what was
: : stipulated at the time of hire, the employer is in breach of the
: : contract, and he can quit, just as he can be fired if he doesn't do
: : the job. That's why it's a mutually-agreed employment contract.
: The contract is nothing but a piece of paper without a fair justice
: system.

: Fear of retaliation seems to be why so many WalMart workers don't argue
: when told to do "off the clock" overtime. This results in many of them
: being paid less than minimum wage; certainly less than the contract
: promised. Corporations can and do operate successfully while still
: treating employees as humans and the common weal as important, but it is
: rare in a society without something to keep greed from being excessive.

I'm sure WalMart doesn't push it. How much cheaper is WalMart stock to
those employees than it is for me a non-Walmart employee? IOW, do they
offer a company matched stock option plan for their 401Ks?

Just came from Arkansas not 10 miles from where the first WalMArt store
was built. Saw Clinton's museum in Little Rock, too.


: /dps

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Old March 22nd 05, 07:57 PM
Eric Chomko
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Peter Stickney ) wrote:
: In article ,
: "Ami Silberman" writes:
: "Pat Flannery" wrote in message
: ...
: Rand Simberg wrote:
: Depends on calibre and muzzle velocity. With fish like Eric, though,
: a shotgun is adequate, and one shot will do ya.

: Netting Eric is like fishing for Farm Trout. It's so easy, you feel
: guilty.

The only trout you're familar with is another's trouser trout...
Perhaps THAT is what makes you feel guilty?

Old March 23rd 05, 05:09 PM
Mary Shafer
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On Mon, 14 Mar 2005 15:20:12 -0600, Herb Schaltegger

In article ,
Pat Flannery wrote:

What's interesting about the situation is that the meth labs are
supposed to be endemic around here, but I don't think I've ever seen
anyone high on it- so I presume it all gets exported out of the area.
(cut to scene in Colombia: "Hey mister... could I interest you in some
'Nodak Ice'?")

You won't, in all likelihood. Meth tends to be fast- and
short-acting. Meth users DO get very twitchy and spastic and don't
tend to make a lot of sense BUT WHAT THEY HAVE TO SAY is ALWAYS very
VERY IMPORTANT! The common phrase around here is "tweaked out." And
if you have fairly common, random explosions of houses without nearby
propane or natural gas pipelines, good chances it was due to a meth
lab cooking itself off. Also, watch for lots of corroded brass and
stainless steel fixtures in homes and apartments - the cooking process
apparently results in lots of corrosive fumes.

Even when they blow their labs up, there's a lot of clean-up required.
Intact labs are even worse, of course. It's a big HazMat deal with
people in bunny suits and OSHA and EPA involved.

There are a lot of meth labs in Iowa (at one time there were,
supposedly, more meth labs in Iowa than in California) and the
clean-up costs were really hard on the counties. The state now takes
care of that, though.

We have a fair number of meth labs in the Antelope Valley, probably
because it's close to the Los Angeles market and there are a fair
number of abandoned structures around.

The saddest part of the mess in these parts is the great number of
kids taken away from deadbeat meth-head parents. It's just swamping
the foster care system. There are simply not enough spaces in the
available homes to take them all in while their parents are in jail
(for making the stuff), incapacitated (from doing it) or dead (from
doing too much of it).

The motivation behind the people who make meth is to not be deadbeats;
it's capitalism in action. It's no different from moonshiners or
Afghani opium farmers. I'm not going to mention the tobacco industry,

It's too bad about the kids, of course, because the foster system is
so crummy that getting put into it is usually no better than staying
with rotten parents and is sometimes much worse.


Mary Shafer Retired aerospace research engineer


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