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"Ignore LaDonna Wyss", please read this.

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Old July 20th 04, 06:38 AM
Scott Grissom
external usenet poster
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(LaDonna Wyss) wrote in message . com...
(IGNORE_LaDonna_Wyss) wrote in message om...
" wrote in message ...
Oh, you are really stupid. Really, really stupid. Have you never
heard of bcc's?
I know exactly where I sent that, and I know exactly who sent it to
you, and it was not any person you would have seen on your cc's.
However, I'm quite certain you DO know who sent it to you.
And, by the way, that is not a title for a book.
You show your ignorance more and more with each post.

Hey! Old buddy, old pal! Thanks for confirming to everyone that I
did, in fact, receive a copy of the email you wrote to bergaust and
the pad guy. :-)

And you are absolutely right.... that is no title for a book. In
fact, none of the content you wrote is adequate material for a book.
It's more appropriate for a soap opera... and a **** poor one, at

Here's some excerpts, folks, just to give you a laugh or two.

Do we have a drama queen on our hands, or what???

By LaDonna Wyss

"As tension continued to mount between Scott and myself, the
temptation to quit working on Apollo One altogether was enormous."

[Damn, I wish she'd listened to the voices in her head that were
telling her to quit. Those are the only ones that have made sense so

"Who was lying to me? Was Scott just deluding himself with his own
self importance, or had Mark been playing me?"

[Personally, LaDrama, I think it was Col. Mustard in the ballroom with
a wrench!]

"Mark finally got involved long enough to tell me that since I would
not leave Scott alone, he had no choice but to decide not to work with
me... The documentary was now off the table."

[Ah ha!!! She finally admits that she's been dumped from Mark
Estabrook's project!!!! Gotcha, LaGoner!]

Now, tell me again. Whom did you say was "really, really stupid"???

P.S. "Really, really stupid": What was "really, really stupid"
was for you to put in your message that one of the recipients of that
email was "the pad guy." How did you gain that information from an
email address? :-)
While it has occurred to me you could be Scott in "drag", I've
discounted that possibility for two reasons. 1. Scott is completely
computer illiterate; he doesn't even know what RAM is (that is not a
slam, it is a fact.) If he were going to change his "handle" for the
purpose of posting to Google, someone would have had to have taught
him how. 2. Scott doesn't write this well. Not that you're
particularly educated, but Scott rarely writes in complete sentences,
and when he does he does not write an essay. On the one or two
occasions I've received a lengthy email from him it has been replete
with typos and grammatical and spelling errors.
So, you are either one of Scott's drinking buddies, or possibly his
latest conquest, but the tone of your posts is decidedly male.
Either way, you have made the error Mosley made a while back; you
revealed far more information about yourself in this post than you
intended. Since you're a failure at the spy biz, why don't you go
back to Whataburger?

i guess the "little voices" are bothering you alot, huh?
Old July 21st 04, 12:26 AM
[email protected]
external usenet poster
Posts: n/a

How COMPLETELY juvenile. No wonder you're Scott's "friend;" does he
even HAVE any friends who aren't at least twenty years younger than he
Makes it much easier to be worshipped as a "hero" that way.

Old July 21st 04, 12:28 AM
[email protected]
external usenet poster
Posts: n/a

P.S. I notice you didn't deny my "Whataburger" reference. :-)

Old July 21st 04, 01:28 AM
[email protected]
external usenet poster
Posts: n/a

What's to answer? Perhaps you should ask the FBI. :-)

Old July 21st 04, 01:40 AM
[email protected]
external usenet poster
Posts: n/a

Since you're in such close kinship with Scott, perhaps you can get him
to demonstrate his technical expertise (since you claim I have none).
I notice you ignored my first post earlier this evening in this regard;
let me list some questions for him--but please tell him to answer
rapidly as I wouldn't want anyone to get the impression he drove over
to his mother's house to look up the answers in the Apollo Operations
1. At what point was the Emergency Detection System engaged?
2. What action engaged the EDS?
3. What action disengaged the EDS?
4. What prompted that crew member to engage in that action?
5. What purpose do the BMAG's serve in the event of a guidance and
navigation failure?
6. What piece of equipment ties the switching on of the Delta V with
Gus' hot mike?
7. What piece of equipment was likely responsible for the O2 surges?
8. What is the evidence to support the answer to (7)?
9. What is the role of the gas chromatograph in the event of a
direct/auto abort?
10. How may this have figured in to the "unexplained" signals from the
That should be enough to keep him busy for ANOTHER eight years, because
I guarantee he does not know the answer to THESE or ANY OTHER
questions, INCLUDING the difference between the pyro relays and the iso
When you and your sidekick get it together, feel free to call me.
Meanwhile, crawl back into your hole of ignorance and let the grown-ups
deal with the fire.

Old July 21st 04, 01:43 AM
[email protected]
external usenet poster
Posts: n/a

Oh, yeah, one final question:
11. In the event Scott actually figures out the answer to (5), what
role did this information play in Stu Roosa's ordering a close-up of
the position of that switch and the FBI taking fingerprints from same?


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