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Photon Must be Flat

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Old October 21st 19, 08:42 PM posted to alt.astronomy
herbert glazier
external usenet poster
Posts: 3,025
Default Photon Must be Flat

Good reason for that.bert
Old October 21st 19, 09:24 PM posted to alt.astronomy
external usenet poster
Posts: 2,911
Default Photon Must be Flat

SwineBert "reber G=emc^2" :
You will never-get-any-Nobel/s nor will you ever become famous,
as long as http://tinyurl.com/Swine-Glazier-s-REAL-intent is
SwineBert being a STUPID pig that posts Idiocies and then says:

-mind, namely to do all those deeds-from-item-(1)-to-item-(5):

On 07Feb 2015 & on 08Feb2015, Face-****ter Glazier wrote:
Harlow Campbell HVAC, ,
& Saul Levy
& Jacoby Benj, :
"I'll be sitting on your faces to take a **** & say: "Open wide".

On 06Dec2014, when the Christian-Hater, JewPigBert Glazier
said to "benj"
"Reality is you always post under me for you are an ass kisser.
For Christmas I'll **** on your kisser."
"Benj, you can thank me in advance". - TreBert. ... adding

On 03Aug2017:
"benj, you eat **** and your ****ty brain is coming out your ears."
On 20Jul2018:
Benj, my posts are way over your head.Reality is your head
is up your ass.So fart it out before you get constipated.Bert

On 25Mar2008, the criminal Graveyard Vandal Glazier being
http://tinyurl.com/The-Chosen-Graveyard-Vandal wrote in:
"Hanson, I will **** on your grave. And have a good laugh
when it seeps down on your face". -- Bert

On 24Jun2018 SwineBert Glazier said to
Mark Earnest "your nose is
in a **** bucket all the time. Eat **** and you fit" -- Bert

"That is a given", "Go figure", "Get the picture", Bert
"Being Jewish I know this is so very true". Bert. "O ya".

It does NOT matter what he posts. Everybody tells SwineBert
that he is wrong and STUPID, given that SwineBert never had
nor ever will have an original thought. It's a pity. Go figure. O ya.

SwineBert's aim is different from SwineBert's sanctimonious,
phony posts. It is a ruse by SwineBert to catch well-meaning
respondents so that SwineBert can **** into their mouth etc.

"That is a given", "Go figure","Get the picture", Bert

______ "Why am I not loved by all?". Bert. _________
_____ "Why-WAS-I-not-loved-by-all?". Bert. ________

__________ "Now I am all alone". Bert _____________
__________ "I'm very depressed". Bert _____________
________ I've-never-been-so-depressed. Bert _________

"Why was I posting this, it makes me cry as it always does".Bert

"Being Jewish I know this is so very true". Bert. "O ya",


_____ in **** part of Glazier's Dossier**** one reads _____

Judeo-Nazi Kike Glazier marches in lockstep with the far left
"Open-Borders" communist George Soros (aka Geargy Schwartz)
where Kike's e-mail address
anagrams to (reber.A.Hitler)
where SwineBert's "G=emc^2" is really short for, and says:
------- "Glazier exhibits micro cephalic cretinism" ----------
where Bert's "Bi-polar Brain" (= BB) can not answer hard
questions, as SwineBert's Steady-BB-state tells it all", Bert,
where SwineBert has "profound discussions with the voice that
he hears in his pin-head. Bert lovingly calls & names that voice
as = "Treb" = which is short for "The reeking excrement-bucket"
that SwineBert **** into in his rodent- ant- & cockroach-infested
van (see [2] below),
where onto said ****-bucket-cover SwineBert placed a stolen figurine
of Einstein's-Bobble-head which Glazier uses as SwineBert's Altar
to worship Einstein, pray, whine and cry about, over all those bitter
http://tinyurl.com/Tears-for-Einsteins-Misery. O ya. It's a pity,
where the crack-whore SwineBert-Glazier" bragged:
"My bar-tab for Bud Light broke all records". Bert
"and along the very same line I guzzle my wine". Bert
"I use Cocaine that is a wonder-drug for me". Bert.
"The drugs (21/d) I'm taking are fogging my mind". Bert
"I can't even remember lots of stuff".Bert ... But...
where "I will do even more Drugs till the end of my time". Bert
"I fart & bark in the dark and illegally park my Van. Bert . O ya
where "I feel very safe when I lie. O ya. I will lie till I die".Bert
"Being Jewish I know this is so very true. O ya" --
where "I like the volume of my stupid & phony posts, to show
that at 21 I owned a City-block of Luxury Homes & a Hangar
full of valuable collector cars" Bert... but then "I ended up as a
vagrant & a homeless bum who feeds off the public trough
in California where they call me "The Turdman of Anaheim".
where the Mexicans refer to the hate-mongering racist SwneBert
as _ "Glazier, la judio cerdo idioto" _, (the idiotic Jewish Pig)._
where "Even the FBI has me as a trouble-maker and the FBI
blocks my phone from calling them" bert, after I was turning-in
posters who have disagreed with me and my STUPID Posts,

and where
Bert is http://tinyurl.com/The-Chosen-Graveyard-Vandal who
does this http://pbs.twimg.com/media/A8MGOU-CQAEaZw4.jpg,
while he waits for http://tinyurl.com/Swine-Glazier-s-Undertaker
& makes http://tinyurl.com/SwineBert-s-WRONG-Predictions
by http://tinyurl.com/Loudmouth-Glazier-8Feb2017 who
refuses http://tinyurl.com/Herbert-Glazier-s-Reprieve &
then http://tinyurl.com/Jew-Swine-Glazier-cries as is seen
in his http://tinyurl.com/Blog-of-2-fecal-kikes-Mar2017 that
caused https://tinyurl.com/PigGlaziers-Diseases-2017, since
http://tinyurl.com/Swine-Glazier-s-REAL-intent is different then
the posts from http://tinyurl.com/Glazier-the-loud-retarded-pig
as is seen in http://tinyurl.com/Bert-s-Selfintroductn-Oct2017
while https://tinyurlcom/Glazier-s-sexual-harassments goes
on in https://tinyurl.com/Glazier-s-Xmas-Hitler-Van that badly [[HV]]
failed by http://tinyurl.com/Glazier-the-loud-retarded-pig who is
seen in http://tinyurl.com/Bert-s-Selfintroductn-Oct2017 where
http://tinyurl.com/Swine-Glazier-s-REAL-intent [1] as being
http://tinyurl.com/The-Chosen-Graveyard-Vandal [2] who
waits for http://tinyurl.com/Swine-Glazier-s-Undertaker while
http://tinyurl.com/Glazier-s-de-Minting is going on that puts
https://tinyurl.com/Glazier-in-Mental-Institution documented
in the http://tinyurl.com/Blog-of-2-fecal-kikes-Mar2017 within
https://www.stormfront.org/forum/t1220990/ while considering
within & around https://tinyurl.com/Glazier-s-Xmas-Hitler-Van
doing the http://tinyurl.com/magnum-opus-the-rectal-jew as its
underpinned byhttp://tinyurl.com/The-HW-Rosenthal-interview-XT

Hmmm-snicker-chuckle-chortle- ROTFLMAO

Old October 22nd 19, 11:09 PM posted to alt.astronomy
external usenet poster
Posts: 3,515
Default Photon Must be Flat

On Monday, October 21, 2019 at 12:42:54 PM UTC-7, Herbert Glazier wrote:
Good reason for that.bert

Orthogonal to its velocity vector?


Old October 23rd 19, 06:06 PM posted to alt.astronomy
herbert glazier
external usenet poster
Posts: 3,025
Default Photon Must be Flat

On Tuesday, October 22, 2019 at 3:09:25 PM UTC-7, Double-A wrote:
On Monday, October 21, 2019 at 12:42:54 PM UTC-7, Herbert Glazier wrote:
Good reason for that.bert

Orthogonal to its velocity vector?


Sounds right but I hate when you use big words.bert
Old October 23rd 19, 06:16 PM posted to alt.astronomy
external usenet poster
Posts: 2,911
Default Photon Must be Flat

For "reber G=emc^2" who said:

"I hate when Double-Asshole Abner use big words".bert

Therefore SwineBert, tells us again when and why you have
become http://tinyurl.com/The-Chosen-Graveyard-Vandal
with http://tinyurl.com/Swine-Glazier-s-REAL-intent that
shows SwineBert to "have ALWAYS, 1st & FOREMOST,
ONLY-ONE-THING-on-Glazier's-mind, namely to do all
those deeds-from-item-(1)-to-item-(5).

What are those items, SwineBert?? Pray-Tell. Aftert all you
said: "Being Jewish I know this is so very true". Bert. "O ya",


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