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No Alien Visits Ever

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Old February 4th 19, 09:59 PM posted to alt.astronomy
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Default No Alien Visits Ever

On Sunday, February 3, 2019 at 1:58:26 PM UTC-8, Herbert Glazier wrote:
On Friday, February 1, 2019 at 8:59:12 AM UTC-8, The Starmaker wrote:
The Starmaker wrote:

The Starmaker wrote:

The Starmaker wrote:

The Starmaker wrote:

The Starmaker wrote:

Chris M. Thomasson wrote:

On 12/18/2018 10:40 PM, The Starmaker wrote:
Chris M. Thomasson wrote:

On 12/18/2018 11:29 AM, The Starmaker wrote:
Gary Harnagel wrote:

On Tuesday, December 18, 2018 at 11:09:51 AM UTC-7, The Starmaker wrote:

Gary Harnagel wrote:

On Monday, December 17, 2018 at 11:42:19 PM UTC-7, The Starmaker wrote:

When are you people going to learn...there is no one out there?

Have you been there, Witless?

Yes, I'm out there...where do you think I'm at????

And since you yourself said there's no one out there, you admit that
YOU are no one. a nobody, a zero.

Earth is my home..I'm not an alien visitor..

there are no alien visitors...out there.

There is no one out there!

Do you happen to believe in the:

Space is a dead, vast waste of space: except for my home planet...

line of thought?

Does a tree look alive to you?

Yes. Even a rose bush in the dead of winter looks dead, however, it
comes right back in the summer.

Or that couch in your living room, or the door, or the kitchen table,
or the rug, or the stove, or the window, everything around you is ...dead.

Just because you animate doesn't make you... alive.

I think we are both alive.

Oscillating motion is just an atom doing the jiggle.

You simply cannot stand ...still.

In other words...you are not alive or dead.

Limbo? ;^)

There is no limbo..

no one is alive or dead...

you're just rearrange with the illusion of being alive.

An atom is not alive.

All things are made of atoms.

All things are not alive.

and if you understand the charactitics of a atom..like, repeatition...you understand why so many here just keep repeating the same thing over and over again....

i don't need to name names...all of yous!

Yeah, like hanson.., JanB, beji the barking dog, the numbers guy...the list is too long.

There are criminals walking the streets that are called...repeat offenders, ...well of course...they ...repeat.

wat else can an atom do?

Do you tell your wife or girlfriend, "Are we going to have the conversation again?"

She wakes up the next day amd repeats the same thing...

it's like a broken record.

programmed to...repeat.

Are you people even 'aware' of your repetitive nature????

It's just one of the characteristics of an atom.

You're going to come back and jiggle inside a newgroup...

Let me put it this way...

Life does not exist on Earth.

It's just a collection of atoms
running around
rearrange itself to
like a tree
or rearrange it self to
like a person.

Even managing to
with it's atoms to
produce a
or what you call

To give the illusion
of you so that you
can continue
with it's

Now, for me to
the pack of
atoms is running
making all

is a little bit beyond your level of understanding

as long
as you continue
to believe life
exist on earth.

You just
the illusion
when you allow
women to wear dresses.

Earrings??? A bra!

You dressing up the illusion?

wats a christmas tree????

Now, this illusion that persist..
needs to be removed in order to see
what a person really is...

so, look at a profile of a person..
you see one foot
one leg
one arm
one hand
one ear
one eye
one nose
one mouth..

but looking forward
at a person...
the line in the middle
the nose rest and
the mouth

you now see two eyes
two ears
but..the nose appears
to be one nose..
even though you use
one side of the
nose to
snort cocaine.

An you certaintly don't
chew with the front
of the mouth..
either left or

The line in the middle
can be visibly seen
to divide the whole
part of the person..
the line creates the illusion
of one nose and
one mouth.

You can go further..
and discover you have two
brains...left and right.

Both serve different funtions.

The minds eye is of course in
the middle...not on the
left side of your ear.

Now, what does this all mean?

I was watching a gangster movie
and at the funeral the mother sez...
"He was a good boy."

And the cop at the funeral sez
"He was a bad boy."

You arrest the bad person who
commits a crime, but you end up throwing
both persons in jail...because
you haven't yet figured out
how to separate the good person from
the bad person.

Or even know that everyone
has two noses and two mouths...

It goes back to the ...illusion..
the line in the middle..
that separates
the left
from the right.

If you study the line..
then you discover...
there is no such thing
as people on earth.

You have simply..
an atom with
a good boy and bad boy.

Or what the 'scientific community' call
positive and negative charged.

A walking nucleus????

Now, as I explain the new laws of physics (that haven't even been discovred yet)

you have the...line...in the middle.

Going back to the good and bad boy..

the good boy resides on one brain and
the bad boy resides in the second brain.

Taking one step further..

the good boy
only through
one eye...
and the bad boy
sees through the other eye.

Two brains
two eyes

These are laws of bio physics yous people haven't even discovered yet.

In other words...
it's simply impossible
for the good person
to see through both eyes.

see no evil
speak no evil
hear no evil

you just have to cover...one eye.

The other eye is for the bad boy to see the evil.

We're talking undiscovered laws of bio physics.

You are not going to have an understanding of
'What Is Life' until
you uncover news laws of physics.

Yous are too busy...chasing stars.

The Starmaker

or too close to the trees because ...you are the tree.

How can a tree...tree itself?

Aliens will visit Earth as computer robot domes.No organic material can go through space over LYs of time. Bert

The Grays are thought to be robotic.


Old February 8th 19, 01:38 AM posted to alt.astronomy
herbert glazier
external usenet poster
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Default No Alien Visits Ever

On Monday, December 17, 2018 at 10:04:55 AM UTC-8, Herbert Glazier wrote:
On Monday, December 17, 2018 at 9:58:53 AM UTC-8, Mark Earnest wrote:
On Monday, December 17, 2018 at 10:44:48 AM UTC-6, casagi... wrote:
A very good reason why we're never visited by any aliens :

Distances between stars are way too great, as to preclude any
possibility of practical travel between them. Like everything, Aliens
would be limited to the accepted and proven speed limit of
c = 3E8 m/sec, and practically and likely something FAR slower.
Distance = Speed x Time. Do the simple math.

Probably just as well. If Man is any example, then aliens who would
likely be more advanced, and would view Mankind as a primitive entity
to be used at will. We might make delicious hors d'oeuvres !

I don't think space aliens made the same bad choices we did.

Evil Gods are in all ids.Smite,kill for the state,and Gods will always be in.Brain washing sees to it.Proof of this is religious people hate me.Call me bad names,and in reality like to smite me in the name of their God.So sad so true Bert

Jews are all Aliens.They gave us chicken soup.Matzy balls,potroast,boardwalks.Bert

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