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BILLY MEIER RIGHT ON TARGET- Extraterrestrials - UFOs - Space - Mt. Everest

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Old August 4th 05, 12:47 PM
Ed Conrad
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Default BILLY MEIER RIGHT ON TARGET- Extraterrestrials - UFOs - Space - Mt. Everest

(Plenty More Where These Came From)


The Astounding Billy Meier Story



We all grew up believing that Mt. Everest was the tallest mountain
in the world.

Billy Meier, back in the 1970s, said this is not the case. He revealed
an extraterrestrial had informed him Mt. Chimborazo in Ecudado
actually is taller.

The scientific community took this information with a grain of salt.
It scoffed, as it always seems to do when its scientific theories and
evidence are challenged.

Well, in the January 2002 issue of National Geographic magazine,
an article appeared which acknowledged that Meier was absolutely

Scientists determined that because the earth bulges around the middle
due to its spinning action, the tallest mountain is not Mt. Everest
after all but Mt. Chimborazo.

You see, measuring mountains from sea level is not an accurate method
of assessing a mountain's true height.

The article stated that, when measured from the center of the earth.
Mt. Chimborazo is 6,384,450 metres in elevation, relegating Mt.
Everset to second place with a height of 6,382,250 meters.

Meier claimed this information came from a member of a race of
Pleiandians with whom he has had direct contact for 60 years.

Could a poor Swiss farmer who never even graduated from high school
come up with such information on his own? Certainly not!

The Pleiandians had provided much more information to Meier over the

They include many things, thought impossible, that have come true --
the latest being the discovery of a 10th planet in our solar system,
which Meier said the Pleiandians had told him many years ago.

For those who erroneously claim that Billy Meier has been debunked
many times over, this is absolutely not the case. He has not been
debunked even once.

Now we'll let Michael Horn, Meier's official American representative,
carry the ball (His Web page is http:theyfly.com.)

"Meier claims that his voluntary, face-to-face contacts with the ETs
began when he was five years old...and continue to this day," Horn

"During these contacts, Meier claims, he's had lengthy conversations
with the ETs on a very wide variety of matters, many well outside of
his own educational background or personal experience.

"While claims of a UFO contact case spanning 60 years are unique in
themselves, Meier sets himself apart from all other persons alleging
contact by providing irreproducible physical evidence:

"Over 1,200 clear daytime photos of up to four of the UFOs at one

"Eight 8mm film segments of up to three of the UFOs at one time. Sound
recordings of the UFO made outdoors on a cassette machine, in front of
15 witnesses. Metal samples presented to him by the ETs which were
examined by a patent-holding scientist at IBM.

"All of the above physical evidence underwent independent scientific
testing and analysis, was found to be genuine, and remains
irreproducible to this day," Horn continues. "And all of the evidence
was produced and presented between 1975 and 1980 when the technology
to hoax it was unavailable, including computer, special effects, Photo
Shop, digital effects, etc.

"While this alone is simply staggering to anyone understanding the
implications, there have always been those who simply claim that,
somehow, the one-armed Mr. Meier hoaxed every bit of the
evidence...despite absolutely no proof that he did or even could have.

"And Meier is not the only one to have seen or photographed the UFOs.
There have been more than 70 witnesses and four other people who
photographed the spacecraft. As recently as May 2000, 17 people
observed two of the silvery discs hovering above the property in
Switzerland where Meier, his family and some friends live.

"One of the witnesses, Freddy Kropf, took numerous clear photos of the
event. With all this in mind, it was decided that an even higher
standard of proof would need to be set, one that would be impossible
for anyone to hoax, no matter how many arms, how much money or how
many accomplices he would have," added Horn..

"Simply put, the higher standard of proof would be advance knowledge
of things and events that had not yet occurred, been discovered or
proven to be true. In other words, prophetically accurate, highly
specific scientific and world event-related information.

"And, rather than suggest that Mr. Meier come up with some new
prophecies, and thereby give him the opportunity to either attempt to
second guess such matters, or cleverly use the Internet to search out
little known information that he could creatively string together
under the guise of prescience, we searched his already published
material, the thousands of pages of alleged conversations with the ETs
dating back to 1975, to see what we could cull from it that might
either provide evidence of foreknowledge or cast sufficient doubt on
his claims.

"Before presenting the current results of that search, it should be
mentioned that in February of 2001, I contacted the professional
skeptics group, CFI West in Los Angeles (affiliated with the magician
and debunker the "Amazing" Randi) and challenged them to duplicate one
of Meier's photos and one of his film segments," wrote Horn.

"Since I had been assured by a CFI West investigator that these were
easily duplicated hoaxes I was interested in seeing just how quickly
they could duplicate them.
It is now more than three years later "and they have been unable to
duplicate even one of them, despite my invitation to use any
technology currently available to them (and which clearly wasn't
available to Meier.) I did suggest, that to be sporting about it, that
the man use only one arm," said Horn..

"Here is a brief sampling of what we found in a very abbreviated form.
Meier's contact number, date and subject are shown followed by the
earliest date of corroboration: 7th Contact, February 25, 1975, 34th
and 35th Contacts, September 14th and 16th, 1975: Connection of A-bomb
testing, explosions to ozone damage, contribution of bromine gases to
ozone damage, penetration of UV through holes would lead to
disruptions in food chain, genetic mutations, other long term negative
effects for human kind and the planet.

"Corroborated: November 29, 1988, published report from Lawrence
Livermore National Laboratories announced this new discovery: ATOM

"Corroborated: Los Angeles Times on February 24, 1992 revealed: OZONE

"Corroborated: National Public Radio in 1991 confirmed connection
between bromine gases and damage to the ozone layer.

"45th Contact, February 25, 1976 Semjase (the extraterrestrial woman
contact) warned him that our extraction of petroleum and natural gas
from the Earth, damming of waters, construction of huge cities were
major contributing factors to the increase of earthquakes and volcanic

"Corroborated: The Good Life-Independent Journal newspapers, June 27,

"31st Contact, July 17, 1975: Specific information about Venus,
unknown at the time, included: composition of atmospheric gases,
surface temperatures, depth of clouds, wind speeds, atmospheric
pressure, coloration, variation in terrain, etc.

"Corroborated: By both US (in August 1976) and USSR (in October 1975)

"Corroborated: February 1981, USGS was producing a topographical map
of Venus which, it was discovered, further confirmed the details Meier
had published...five years earlier.

"31st Contact, July 17, 1975: Meier was informed that, contrary to his
belief, Mt. Chimborazo (and not Mt. Everest) was highest mountain on

"Corroborated: Confirmed in a report in the June 1996 issue of Earth
magazine, 21 years later. 115th Contact, October 19, 1978: Contained
information on Jupiter's 17 moons, existence of rings around the
planet which were comprised of mostly particles and sulphur ions flung
off by volcanoes on Io, the most volcanically active body in solar
system and which, unlike Jupiter's other moons has an extremely level
surface and is completely devoid of water (exactly unlike the
ice-encrusted Europa), also he learned that Jupiter's red spot is a
rotating, huge funnel-shaped hole in the surface of Jupiter which is
the center of a gigantic storm, thousands of years old which rotates
at great speed in a counter-clockwise direction.

"Corroborated: March 5, 1979, NASA discovers rings of Jupiter, Meier
was 5 months in advance with his information. (Also, only 15 moons
were known at the time, 16th discovered shortly after. Moons are
different from other numerous asteroids and smaller bodies in orbit
around Jupter.) Corroborated: September 15, 1998, Cornell University
scientists confirm particulate composition of rings from JupiterŪs
moons. Meier was 20 years in advance on this.

"Additional prophetic information from this contact was put in to the
possession of the lead investigator in the case, Col. Wendelle
Stevens, USAF (Ret.), Maj. Rudolph Pestalozzi, USAF (Ret.), and Mr. O.
Richard Norton, former director of the Flandreau Planetarium in
Tucson, Arizona.

"They witnessed and secured the information until after the following
was corroborated:

? Jonestown massacre

? Overthrow of the Shah of Iran

? Soviet invasion of Afghanistan

? Chinese invasion of North Viet Nam

? Death of Tito of Yugoslavia

? Mount St. Helen's eruption

? Abdication of the Queen of Holland

? Death of Indira Ghandi

? Iran Hostage Crisis

? Terrorist Attack on Iranian Embassy in London

"1978: In his book, Existing Life in the Universe, Meier predicted
that a telescope would be launched at end of 1980s which would make
unfathomable discoveries in space.

"Corroborated: Hubble telescope was subsequently launched in April
1990, 12 years later. 1978: ETs told Meier that a comet would be
discovered in late 1980s to early 1990s that would ultimately be named
Toutatis, and may threaten Earth in September of 2004.

"Corroborated: 1989, French astronomers indeed discovered a comet,
named it Toutatis. Predicted to come closest to Earth around September
29, 2004.

"Still speculative: Meier stated that there are two small planetary
bodies outside the orbit of Pluto which he calls Trans-Pluto and Uni
which our scientists will discover in the not too distant future.
235th Contact February 3, 1990: Warned of earthquake in California for
February 28, 1992.

"Corroborated: Date of the Upland earthquake. 241st Contact, February
3, 1992: Contained specific Corroborated warnings about: Landslide in
Brazil which occurred in March of 1992.

"Nuclear accident in Russia during the 3rd week of March, 1992 which
occurred on March 27, 1992. Earthquake in the L.A. area foreseen as
occurring on April 23rd or 24th, 1992, hit on April 22, 1992

"Eruption of Mt. Etna predicted for April 1992 was reported April 15,

"Eruption of Cerro Negro in Nicaragua in April 1992 occurred April 9 -

"Earthquakes foretold for Gremany-Holland-Belgium area for April 1992
occurred April 13, 1992 known as Roermond earthquakes. 249th Contact,
June 13th, 1994: (In response to a question Meier asked regarding Mad
Cow Disease), was told that, "BSE pathogens cannot be destroyed by
simply cooking the meat and other items, or by producing meatmeal", he
said that the temperatures necessary for destroying the
disease-causing prions would need to be, "as high as 700?C (1228?F),
and possibly even up to 1000?C (1768?F), for previously mutated
pathogens that have existed for some time now." Our scientists have
been raising their own estimates as to the temperatures necessary to
destroy the disease-causing prions and are now more closely
approaching the figure the ET contact stated.

"251st Contact, February 3, 1995: Contains some of the most startling
information regarding technological developments such as: hybrid
warriors created by mixing humans and pigs(Corroborated: Human-pig DNA
experiments recently begun), people who have bio-chips attached
directly to their nerve endings (Corroborated: People already
beginning to be "chipped"), the creation of half-human half-machine
beings, clones and androids, the jumping of Mad Cow Disease to other
species (Corroborated: Mad Deer, Mad Elk, etc.), discoveries that will
conclusively confirm evidence of previous human life on Mars and many
other things which are still, at this time, speculative. At the same
time, MeierŪs information on the discovery and rectification of what
is called the žaging geneÓ (Corroborated: researchers now recognizing
the genetic role in aging), and Plejaran warnings about a deep impact
scenario and the need for a defense system against dangerous incoming
objects, are already being reflected in our scientific media.

"While daily revelations in the news continue to confirm many of
Meier's prophetic information, some information from this 251st
Contact (which is already in the book "And Yet They Fly!" published on
September 16, 2001) appears to deal with events very close upon us:

On a broader scale, expect a strike involving the USA and its
president that will stun the entire world.Ó (When I asked FIGU,
earlier this year, if this was related to the WTC attacks I was told
no, it referred to attacks that would be forthcoming from the USA
against Iraq and other countries.) Uprisings, revolutions, wars, and
other diverse forms of unrest will escalate tremendously with Islamic
fundamentalism playing a very sad part in the scenario." This
statement, which followed the preceding one, seems to support the
current timeline.

"As provacative as this is information, none is more troubling than
the prophetic information from the 215th Contact, February 28, 1987.
Formerly available only in German, this contact was recently
translated into English and it contains, among many items, advance
warning of detruction of the WTC by terrorists, ominously stating that
it is only the beginning of such troubles for America. While this
contact details events on a worldwide level that appear to transpire
over a number of years, there is specific mention of the destructive
reprecussions of American foreign and military policies that will not
only stun the entire world (as is alluded to in the later 251st
Contact) but come back upon the USA in unforeseen ways.

"What Does It Mean to Us?

"The material in this case plainly states what should be obvious: The
universe, and everything in it, are governed by unalterable laws,
basic among them is the law of cause and effect. Once the pendulum is
sent out on its way, it will eventually return with the predictable
result. The law always fulfills itself, in its own timing and its own

"Foundational to the purported purpose of Meier's extraterrestrial
friends, and his publication of their (and his own) prophetic and
predictive information is the premise that certain things can be
changed when human consciousness recognizes its errors and makes an
effort in the correct, positive direction to alter those outcomes
which can still be changed. Prophecies refer to those events which are
the likely outcome of causes put in motion which are still alterable,
to some degree. Predictions refer to those events which, for a number
of reasons, will occur with certainty. Some predictions are simply
prophecies that went past the point of no return.

"It should be noted that special emphasis was placed, in the 215th
Contact, on America and these very times we are in. More recent
comments by Meier have also carried a heavy warning regarding the
current American administration and leadership and the damger of it
leading the world, irrevocably, into the next World War.

":Certainly it doesn't take an extraterrestrial to hold this or any
other opinion on current world events. So it is up to each interested
person to do the necessary research to determine the accuracy and
authenticity of the Meier UFO Contacts for themselves.

" Should the most important event in human history actually have
occurred, perhaps we may then understand that this is less about
UFOs and extraterrestrials than it is about us and our survival."

http://www.theyfly.com is the web site of Michael
Horn, Billy Meier's official American representative.
He will accept a debate from anyone in the world
on the credibility of the Meier contacts and photos
and everything else concerning the extraterrestrials.
You can e-mail him at

Ed Conrad
Man as Old as Coal and Proof of Life After Death


(Most Documented by State-of-the-Art Testing)















Rank Title Country Circulation (000)

1 Yomiuri Shimbun Japan 14,067
2 The Asahi Shimbun Japan 12,121
3 Mainichi Shimbun Japan 5,587
4 Nihon Keizai Shimbun Japan 4,635
5 Chunichi Shimbun Japan 4,512
6 Bild Germany 3,867
7 Sankei Shimbun Japan 2,757
8 Canako Xiaoxi (Beijing) China 2,627
9 People's Daily China 2,509
10 Tokyo Sports Japan 2,425
11 The Sun United Kingdom 2,419
12 The Chosun Ilbo South Korea 2,378
13 USA Today USA 2,310
14 The Wall Street Journal USA 2,107
15 Daily Mail UK 2,093
16 The Joongang Ilbo South Korea 2,084
17 The Dong-A Ilbo South Korea 2,052
18 Nikkan Sports Japan 1,965
19 Hokkaido Shimbun Japan 1,922
20 Dainik Jagran India 1,911
21 Yangtse Evening Post China 1,715
22 Sports Nippon Japan 1,711
23 The Nikkan Gendai Japan 1,686
24 Times of India India 1,680
25 Guangzhou Daily China 1,650
26 The Mirror UK 1,597
27 Yukan Fuji Japan 1,559
28 Shizuoka Shimbun Japan 1,479
29 Nanfang City News (Guangzhou) China 1,410
30 Dainik Bhaskar India 1,405
31 Sankei Sports Japan 1,368
32 Hochi Shimbun Japan 1,354
33 Yangcheng Evening News (Guangzhou) China 1,320
34 Malayala Manorama India 1,309
35 Liberty Times Taiwan 1,300
36 Thai Rath Thailand 1,200
37 New York Times USA 1,121
38 Hindustan Times India 1,108
39 Chutian Metro Daily (Wuhan) China 1,084
40 Gujarat Samachar India 1,051
41 Ananda Bazar Patrika India 1,046
42 Xinmin Evening News (Shanghai) China 1,045
43 Eenadu India 1,039
44 Nishi-Nippon Shimbun Japan 1,025
45 Kronen Zeitung Austria 1,009
46 WAZ Mediengruppe Germany 1,001
47 United Daily News Taiwan 1,000
48 China Times Taiwan 1,000
49 Daily Sports Japan 999
50 The Hindu India 989
51 Hindustan India 957
52 Beijing Evening News China 950
53 Mathrubhumi India 904
54 Los Angeles Times USA 902
55 Information Times China 900
56 Daily News Thailand 900
57 Al-Ahram Egypt 900
58 Peninsula City News China 860
59 Kom Chad Luek Thailand 850
60 Kyoto Shimbun Japan 825
61 Kobe Shimbun Japan 821
62 Punjab Kesari India 817
63 Komsomolskaya Pravda Russia 817
64 Rajasthan Patrika India 804
65 Dahe Newspaper China 796
66 Chugoku Shimbun Japan 789
67 Ouest France France 783
68 Daily Sakai India 783
69 Jang Pakistan 775
70 AJ India 759
71 De Telegraaf The Netherlands 753
72 Qianjiang Evening News China 750
73 Qilu Evening News China 750
74 Nanfang Daily China 750
75 Daily Thanthi India 750
76 Moskovskiy Komsomolets Russia 750
77 Sandesh India 743
78 Daily Express UK 720
79 New York Daily News USA 715
80 The Washington Post USA 708
81 Daily Star UK 705
82 Today Evening News China 699
83 New York Post USA 686
84 Corriere della Sera Italy 677
85 Wuhan Evening News China 660
86 Modern Express China 651
87 Yanzhao Metro Daily China 650
88 Metro Express China 650
89 Zeitungsgruppe Koln Germany 628
90 Kahoku Shimpo Japan 622
91 La Repubblica Italy 622
92 Trud Russia 613
93 Beijing Youth Daily China 606
94 Chicago Tribune USA 601
95 New Express China 600
96 Daily Sunshine China 600
97 Matichon Thailand 600
98 Khao Sod Thailand 600
99 Apple Daily Taiwan 600
100 Min Sheng Pao Taiwan 600

Old August 4th 05, 06:59 PM
[email protected]
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Wow - thanks for that list of newspapers there Ed. Are they all going
to cover the
first public encounter of aliens?

Old August 4th 05, 11:43 PM
external usenet poster
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if these peaks are all 6km high why would anyone climb the 8km ones

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