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Default The Big UFO Report

Just a short note.

Apparently the NY Times has interviewed military personnel that
have been briefed on the Big UFO Report that's due to land in Congress
sometime before the end of the month.

Apparently it restricts itself to reviewing 120 UFO sightings
involving "highly reliable" military witnesses, incl foreign forces,
over the past 20y.

The main conclusions is --- wait for it ---- wait for it ----
that the observed technology is not any US secret project.

As to whether it's piloted or controlled by some unknown Earth-based
group or comes from other planets has not been determined.

I.e. after 70 years of investigation the US military and intel know nothing.

After recent PR releases hyping the Pentagon wants the US military to
become a "data based organisation" it's a bit disappointing. It doesnt
take too much to run even the "most reliabile" reports through
stats filters and determine what factors are most likely behind
the observations. I guess old dogs in the services just dont trust numbers.

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[We Know Nothing, Nothiing!]
Government Report Finds No Evidence U.F.O.s Were Alien Spacecraft
The New York Times, 04 Jun 2021 0:39Z
The report determines that a vast majority of more than 120 incidents over
the past ... Americans' long-running fascination with U.F.O.s has
intensified in recent ... who was with the Navy for 10 years, told The New
York Times in an interview,...

Bombshell Pentagon UFO report `finds no evidence' Navy sightings are aliens
but CAN'T explain what mystery...
The Sun, 04 Jun 2021 0:45Z
of the 120 sightings made by US Navy personnel over the past 2 decades
were not American military or other govt technology, the New
York Times...