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Default No such thing as "Christian Astrology" Astrology = 666

(or somebody else of the same name) wrote
thusly in message .com:

No such thing as "Christian Astrology" Astrology = 666

Verify that Astrology = 666 at the link above.

You can repent! I have!

Non-Atheist wrote:

WHY DO THE WORLDLY "Christians", Atheists, and so many others
who've forgotten who they are, fear "forbidden" knowledge like
judicial astrology, tarot, sacred geometry, intelligent design
(which is all part of the Universal Law & Grace of God Eternal),
why do they "run" from it--and mock what they don't understand?
[& mucel mo vpon this wyse]

Astrology fulfilled its purpose in guiding the Wise Men to Jesus. It's now
just a hanger-on, a non-science among the genuine sciences.
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