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Default NASA to land payloads on the far side of the Moon for the first time

"NASA has chosen three new scientific payloads under its Commercial Lunar
Payload Services initiative, which is part of the Artemis program. Of the three,
two will be landing on the lunar hemisphere that always faces away from our
planet. It will mark the first time NASA is landing payloads on the far side of
the Moon, and the purpose is to gather data about the area as a potential
future destination for Artemis astronauts.

The far side of the Moon remained untouched by machines and spacecraft
until China's Chang'e-4 mission landed on it back in 2019. There's still a lot we
need to find out about the hemisphere before we start sending humans to visit
it. One of the proposals NASA picked, for instance, will land on an impact
crater called Schrödinger basin to better understand tectonic activity on the far