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On Friday, May 21, 2021 at 2:21:08 AM UTC-7, Bast wrote:
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On Thursday, May 20, 2021 at 7:36:01 PM UTC-7, Bast wrote:
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On Tuesday, May 18, 2021 at 8:39:08 PM UTC-7, Bast wrote:
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On Tuesday, May 18, 2021 at 1:20:09 AM UTC-7, Daniel65 wrote:
R Kym Horsell wrote on 18/5/21 1:09 am:
In alt.astronomy Bast wrote:
Amazing how the whole point of this thread continues to be
missed, that distances are FAR too great for any practical
travel between stars, even in the very unlikely event of
traveling near light speed, or of any communications. All
experience so far has confirmed this.
You mean,......SO FAR
It was not that long ago the same thought about being impossible
was said about beng able to travel at speeds of over 30 miles per
Until it happened.
If I have missed the point that some people willl always refuse
to believe that limits are only something thet has not been
figured out yet, then you are right.
Wait until we discover that light actually can travel faster than
"C", and it's medium is actually the "stuff" we now wrongly call
"dark matter".

Sounds a bit speculative.

We know the speed of light in a vacuum is faster than the speed of
light in a material with a refractive index 1.

But we also know the vacuum is nowhere near empty -- there are
virtual particles, mostly electron/positron paris, jamming around
any photon trying to motor along. If you had a "real" quantum
vaccum then you might find photons moved faster.
O.K., pick me, I'll ask the question that everyone's thinking!! (My
theory is ... "The only dumb question is the question that goes

Doesn't a 'photon' have Mass?? If so, then how could 'a "real"
quantum vacuum' possibly contain a photon??

A photon has no mass but it does have momentum. Recall that nothing
with mass can attain the speed of light.
There you go, BREAKING THE RULES again.
No mass, can not have any momentum. THAT is the rule, and has been
for decades

Funny how alll the rules of physics are total and
unquestionable,.....until somebody discovers something that doesn't
fit, so a new rule gets made up.

Even the new 2020-21 rule that no mass is allowed for any photon, or
any other Christian. Churches are closed, Masses are outlawed.
Get with the globalist programs and quit thinking for yourself. Or
the Ministry of Truth thought police will come for you.

Your ignorance of freshman physics is showing again, Bast. Photons
have momentum, just look it up. It is in every physics text ever

Sorry, but do you remember how years ago, almost every home had a set
of encyclopedia books ?
If you grew up in a house with them,......were they passed on to new
generations and still are referred to as bibles of information.

I betcha, you don't. And do you know WHY ?

Because after 10 years most of what was written in those "textbooks" is
outdated garbage that can only be used for comedy.

Nice try, Bast, but still a big loss for you. Encyclopedias are ancient
history. No matter how much you want to be correct, the fact of that
matter that all MODERN textbooks STILL show how and why photons have

You can lead a horse to water but you cannot make him drink.

Photons have momentum. Ask any of the tens of thousands of physicists
around the world, they will all tell you the same thing. If you have
evidence to the contrary, let's see it.

Good luck with that!

I am not making any claims, other than what we are told to "accept" as
truth. Is often later discovered to be a FLAT OUT LIE.
So I have no need of offering any evidence.

Yes, Bast, you certainly DID make a claim! You said "No mass, can not have any momentum. THAT is the rule, and has been for decades." Since a photon has no mass but has verifiable momentum, your claim is easily refuted.

We've all been dragged through over a year of covid based lies, and you
STILL, do not see.

Which covid hoax is that, Bast? Is it a hoax that, as of today, there have been 3,452,766 worldwide deaths due to this disease? Just what hoax are you referencing?

You also are falling into the latest media hoax of "UFO's" , that is meant
to draw the minions attention away from the fact that everyday you are
losing any rights you had left.

I made no statement at all about UFO's, Bast, not a single word.

If you really want a "TEXTBBOOK" to read,......try Orwell's 1984. And pay
attention to how easily the "ministry of truth" actually controlled the

Orwell's book was a science fiction novel, Bast. Why would you make the false claim that it is a textbook? You always seem to confuse facts and fiction.