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Default CNN caught 20 000 votes flipped in PA resulting in 40 000 difference

we already know that they sold this country. Its not America
anymore. And no way, will we pay taxes.

It is quite clear, that they know the logs in the machines, and they
know it has been tampered with. Every computer has a log it keeps, of
any ip addresses that speak to it, and it tells you also, what it said
to do. Only a real computer operator knows how to access those logs.
Most of you, are nothing of the sort.

And its a fact, glitches were everywhere during the election, We know,
the machine destroyed and flipped votes both. Any idiot, would think
differently. You better believe Biden thief stolen ****, he has you
all fooled with corona, verses pet coke. His money is all tied up in
the pet coke industry that yes, has been being shipped everywhere in the
world, and the world knows it kills people. Just him firing the
Surgeon General when he took control, is enough to spill the beans.

Its proof, the man is a murderer, and a thief. He will give you what is
not his to give. He has already proved that also, and take, what is not
his to take.

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Some people will believe anything! Get a life...