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Default Updated blue-chip slam leaders

On Friday, September 20, 2019 at 9:46:59 AM UTC-7, Whisper wrote:
Nadal 18
Federer 14
Sampras 12
Borg 11
Tilden 10
Djokovic 9
Laver 8
McEnroe 7
Connors 7

Moody 19
Graf 18
Evert 16
Serena 16
Navratilova 15
Court 13

Nadal really starting to get into 'untouchable' status in this category.
Federer is well behind, Djoker way way behind with 50% of Rafa's
total (9 v 18).

Serena not likely to break Moody's record at this age.

This all depends on what *you* mean by 'Blue Chip Slam', because that is not a recognized category in tennis, AFAICS. Thre are 4 "Grand Slam " recognized major tournaments each year around the world. Here is what Wiki has to say about major tournament records in tennis...

.... where we can see that Federer is on top in almost every category on the men's side and Serena Williams is second in all-time major tournament victories to Margaret Court... so just who is Moody?

Also, what does this have to do with astronomy?