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Default Proof that NIST hired comedians for their "Thermal Expansion" BS

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Although the title of the contract below states "External Experts"

it is clear from the cartoon physics that Applied Research

Associates gave NIST that they were really comedians.

Awarded Contracts for External Experts to Support the NIST World

Trade Center (WTC) Disaster Investigation

From the wording of the contract you can see that Applied Research

Associates was not hired to investigate but only come up with some

possible reason for the collapse of WTC7 regardless of how true of

false it was. In other words Applied Research Associates did what

they were hired for and nothing else but in the process they

to the world that they were really "Comedians for hire."

More at:

Response to NIST's WTC7 Briefing

Published on Sep 3, 2013

And I've already seen evidence (link below) that garbage

used to haul away a controlled demotion were in place before WTC7

was pulled and that tells us more than NIST ever did.


*** Slow down Wocky ... next you'll tell us the Columbus

If you are so smart then tell us what parts of the NIST WTC7

documentation and cartoons came from Applied Research Associates.


*** You really must thrive on ripping air-biscuits (brain-fartz, for

the uninitiated).

*** You Liberal Loons let you hatred for George Bush and Dick Cheney

blind you beyond repair ... well, perhaps a Frontal Lobotomy ...

Just think about the time frame ... when was the last time, or the

first time, for that matter, that the Federal Government was capable

devising, organizing, funding and executing such a project of high

traffic, demolition, prepping activities in the middle of the densest

population center in the US, without screwing it up ???

It all points to the Clinton Administration. Bubba was attempting to

mask the impending implosion of the DOT COM economy. It was Bill and

Hillary !!!

Your complete inability to state any facts about Applied Research

Associates despite the fact you were asked proves you are trolling.


*** I think you and your skewed "facts" are trolling. I have no idea

Applied Research Associates are

You would have known if you looked at the PDF of their contract above so

all the **** you have posted on this thread is because you are Troll.

*** Excuse me, but all the "****" is in the PDFs and in your head.

Now you want us to believe each and every word of our oligarch/bilderberg
run government, where all of your fellow Operation Paperclip guys and gals
get to hide out.

I thought you were against such stupidity and insider corruption.
snip rest of whining drivel

*** I am against any and all corruption and there are ways to correct that
.... but the "stupidity" part is extremely difficult to deal with,
considering the single digit IQ level of contributors like you and Wocky ...