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Default Gravity = mass-gravity + positron-space-gravity; superfluid heliumbehaviour #368 Atom Totality 4th ed

Anyone who has a true theory of gravity, must be able to explain why
superfluid helium acts the way it acts, for it seems to disobey

If gravity is a two component force of where the positron space
gravity is a pseudosphere
inside the object composed of positrons, in the case of the Sun, it
would be the volume of a
cherry and in the case of Earth, the volume of a red blood cell. And
these positrons forms
the pseudosphere.

So we picture the gravity of the Sun as (1) mass gravity that bends
space into a elliptic shape and then we include the second component
(2) the amount of the Sun's mass forms
a cherry sized volume of positrons which forms a Sun pseudosphere and
this elliptic Sun and pseudosphere Sun account for the force of
gravity. General Relativity is the elliptic Sun
but it fails to account for why Sun ecliptic if formed or why Saturn
has rings. The Sun ecliptic and Saturn rings are due to the equator of
the pseudosphere as a stability equator.

So what about superfluid helium as the liquid defies gravity and the
helium starts to flow up along the walls of the container and out of
the container? It is something like osmosis carrying water up to a
tall tree, but here the pseudophere shape of the superfluid helium
is the conduit of motion, that the tissue of the tree limbs are for

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