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Default ASTRO: NGC 5448

On 7/5/2010 3:29 PM, Stefan Lilge wrote:
Another "new found" processed b/w image is NGC 5448 in UMa (about the same
RA as M101, but a bit lower).

Taken from the middle of Berlin with a Meade 10" ACF at f/7.2 on a G11
mount, SXV-H9 camera, 36x5 minutes.


You got far more of the outer arms than I'd expect from your location!
very well done. I'd sure never forget a processed image that did that
well under your conditions. I can't handle a 4 day moon on the other
side of the sky. You light pollution would kill me.

I find forgotten data, never forgotten processed data. Maybe you have
some elves in that compute that work on your data when you aren't
looking. I just counted up and am 141 behind in processing. Thought it
142 but one turned out unusable due to clouds. I'll have to redo it.
Probably one or two others like that in there. I look at the first and
last frames but usually that's it, the next morning. See I need to
check the middle too as only the first and last were usable. One L and
one blue doesn't help me much.


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