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Default Perihelion advance of the moon

On Wednesday, 21 April 2021 at 14:24:37 UTC+10, wrote:
My proposal that perihelion advance rates are proportional to m/M*180,
gforce(m)/gforce(M)*180, orbitrad(M)/orbitrad(m)*180 (relative to the
barycenter), etc. is reinforced by the attached Qbasic program.

The program is designed to demonstrate the perihelion advance rate of
the moon in orbit around the earth.

Variable width fonts and the removal of normally inconsequential spaces
has caused a few problems in my program. The simple fix is, in all but
the second last set of " ", place a dot between them where they appear
in the data section ". "
DATA "involved. Nothing can be gleaned from this. "
DATA " "
DATA ". "
DATA "cls"

My apologies. I should have remembered.