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Default Great SF writer - Peter Cawdron

On 4/3/2021 3:51 PM, GeoS wrote:
Peter Cawdron is my new fav SF writer. He puts the science back in science fiction unlike the silly Star Wars cops & robbers in space garbage.

He has certainly written a large number of books.
Many raters grade some of them very highly.
(Interesting to me, most books by the same author
generally are rated fairly close to each others, but his
ratings on Goodreads vary considerably.)

Many of the book 'blurbs' seem very interesting.

"Peter Cawdron
Peter is an Australian science fiction writer, specialising in
making hard science fiction easy to understand and thoroughly
enjoyable. His FIRST CONTACT series is topical rather than
character-based, meaning each book stands alone. These novels
can be read in any order, but they all focus on the same topic
of First Contact with extraterrestrial lifeforms. "

"Wherever Seeds May Fall" is VERY highly rated by
the Goodreads raters - 4.54!

Thanks 'GeoS' for the 'heads up'.