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Default 'STUNNING ADMISSION' Pentagon admits it has been testing wreckagefrom UFO crashes

Between the alien morons and the Jesus morons and the Mohammad morons it's amazing there's any intelligent life on Earth at all.

On Wednesday, February 17, 2021 at 11:59:17 AM UTC-5, Rick C. Hodgin wrote:
On Wed, 17 Feb 2021 23:21:36 +1100
"Andrew W" wrote:

THE Pentagon has admitted to holding and testing wreckage from UFO
crashes in a bombshell Freedom of Information letter, shared with The

They're doing this because the rapture will soon take place, and when
millions of people go missing world-wide, they're going to have to have
some explanation that makes sense to people about what just happened.
The idea that it was the rapture won't be received by non-believers.
But the idea that an alien civilization beamed people away for
re-education or some such will be believed.

The truth is this: There are no aliens. They are demons deceiving

Jesus came to this world to set man free from sin. He teaches people
truth, and guides them rightly in all things. But there is a real
enemy here in this world as well who deceives people. It is from
within that deception that all these "sounds like it could be real"
things pop into existence. But if it goes against the teaching of God,
then you must reject it.

I urge all of you to pick up a Bible and study this for yourself. Do
not take my word for it. But when you are considering these things, do
not discount the Bible and its teachings. It's a comprehensive book
and it takes a lot to get a good handle on it, but if you are
truth-seeking, God will lead you to the right portions Himself. He'll
send people like me into your life who will be there to lead you.

Take that advice and guidance to seek after God for your information.
You can filter everything that's going on in the world by that lens.
And you will see how it all works with regards to God's teaching.

If any of you have questions, please contact me. Peace.

Rick C. Hodgin