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Default Jupiter: Spectacular picture of Jupiter's storms

On Friday, March 22, 2019 at 10:47:10 AM UTC, StarDust wrote:

This beautiful picture of Jupiter was assembled from three separate images acquired by Nasa's Juno spacecraft as it made another of its close passes of the gas giant.

"Scientists hope their various investigations will reveal the key mechanisms that drove the spot and keep it from dissipating."

Easy enough to present a partial answer to that one and it is partial.

Jupiter, with its 3 ° inclination, has an Equatorial climate which means conditions do not change appreciably across its orbital circuit or rather, the temperature fluctuations across latitudes based on the exposure to solar radiation is minimal compared to the Earth -

All planets in the solar system, so long as they have an atmosphere or any fluid composition, possess a climate between a spectrum of Equatorial and Polar with the Earth's climate towards the Equatorial end of the spectrum.

Mathematical modelers of climate do not take into account the dynamics which provide seasonal effects arising from planetary motions and specifically dual surface rotations responsible for seasonal weather on a meta scale (hurricane season, Arctic sea ice evolution. ect) and localised weather depending on maritime or continental conditions. What is called 'climate change' presently is an attempt to present planetary climate in experimentalist form thereby omitting the traits on a solar system or planetary scale.