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The tsunami of websites carrying RA/Dec modeling within the last few years is quite a spectacle. The seasons are a result of two surface rotations to the Sun acting in combinations yet because celestial sphere software has emerged as a dominant tool, the descriptions have followed suit when I thought it was simply an anomaly by a NASA technician.

The Moon's circle of illumination always runs parallel with the Earth's as the axiom is that the circle of illumination is always at a right angle to the orbital plane -

How a society strayed into something worse than a flat Earth ideology should occupy the efforts of many people who can exercise their basic intuitive qualities to recognise what is beautiful from what is absurd.

An Earth with a zero degree inclination and a pivoting circle of illumination as a dynamic turns the mind to stone yet it is supported as though it was actual !. I thought people would at least have some pride in astronomy left but this will mark our era as the worst if it remains unchallenged.