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Default Have All Solar Van,and Calif.Sun Makes it Work so Well

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On Monday, December 17, 2018 at 2:17:42 PM UTC-8, Herbert Glazier wrote:
My van is DC all the way down.Electric,time,lights.heat,and cooking.I know how to make instant kosher hot dogs. I have the only 26 years old van that is ahead of its time.Rayco of Indiana made my 250 Dodge into a high rise conversion van.My inventiveness has made it a 2019.With my new hopper they need me. In reality my van creates and stores energy.Energy at control of my finger tips.It runs like new.I give it loving care.Its my Summer Home at Huntington Beach,and my Winter home in Anaheim.This Spring I will be living in it in Malabo.Why not. At 91 a house I would be stuck.My van has wheels,and I pick the location.Bert

On YouTube I see vans that people converted into campers.#1 good bed #2 ref.or ice box.#3 table.Myself I like to eat outdoors.Cook outdoors.Find a park and read outdoors. Van has a micro oven,but I use the one at Senior center.So buy a van cheap and convert it.Save money and have a good time.I paid $30,000 cash for my 1993 250 dodge(318 engine) Rayco did the convergion. I give it loving care.Bert

Having a van as a home gives me great comfort.I love the fact that GOP Progress Energy,and Severn Trent Water and Avatar I do not get their bill scam. In 5 years all police know my van and me.We are friends.Anaheim is taking a big warehouse and putting 400 beds in it for the homeless.In both Fullerton and Anaheim HUD is spending $70,000,000 each on 1 and 2 rooms.for the higher class $$$$$$. Is HUD doing this scam near you? The GOP Mafia will collect the rents.HUD will still pay the upkeep year after year.Is is any wonder GOP Mafia put USA in dept with a number like 21.7 trillion Two trillion since Trump took office. Time to call me a commie as I let the facts come to light.Bert

Giving talks at Senior Centers on HUD Mafia Scam is costing me $650 for pills to keep me alive.If I stop posting you know GOP Mafia killed me. My family Dr.fled.My health adviser for 5 years "Teresa" fled. Bert

How can I say to GOP Mafia that I'm sorry? Best I join them.Its to late for America to go back to freedom of the people.I got a few $$$$$ andAmerica is $$$$$ all the way up and down.Bert

Raining very hard as I type.Cold night cool days.Its winter.Bert

It has been too dry here. They are worried about the water supply for next summer!


I hope the houses on hill sides in LA do not come washing down? I never saw it rain this hard.7" is a lot.The ground water will top.Bert