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Default Vic Winter ... RIP

oh so you are not an atheist good for you but that still leaves
the question whether victor was an atheist

Why the anger towards atheist? Not all atheist are bad people. Many
atheist are honest; have rather high morals values in general.

Is it strictly because they don't share our faith? That's not a very
good reason. After all, it is a faith right? I mean if there was solid
evidence to prove beyond a shadow of doubt that theism was true, then
there would be no need for a faith. Everyone would believe equally
having equally seen the facts. But since no such undisputed evidence
exist, theism will remain a *faith*.

It is only logical that some people will not share the faith, and for
that, they will answer to God. I hope he has a *work around* for the
true good atheist.

BTW, Have you seen any of Vic's work? He has contributed quite a bit
to bringing many of the wonders of the Divine creation for all to
admire. For all we know, it was part of God's plan (like the Pharaoh)
that he be used to serve in the capacity that he did.

I think God would appreciate that. Don't you?