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Default SpaceX Falcon 9 first stage reuse economics

In article , says...

On 8/19/2020 5:44 PM, Jeff Findley wrote:
This FUD says more about ULA than SpaceX though. It says ULA won't be
an ongoing concern in launch vehicles once Blue Origin perfects first
stage reuse. And if SpaceX ever gets full reuse out of Starship/Super
Booster, it's definitely game over for ULA.

I think you are ignoring the possibility that ULA makes a buyout bid for
Blue Origin from Bezos. After which, after much consideration, Bezos
buys ULA for the parts and infrastructure.

That's a possibility. But at that point, ULA ceases to exist as an
independent entity. The biggest advantage for ex-ULA employees is that
they'd finally be free from the meddling and lack of investment by their
original parent companies. They'd could finally be free to work on ACES
which includes technologies necessary for propellant depots (a necessary
technology to literally fuel a lunar water ice based economy). This
sort of tech is going to be necessary to fulfill Bezos' vision of moving
manufacturing off planet.

The bigger question would be whose management would be most in control
of the new entity? I've been in a situation where the part of the
company I work for bought another company and their management came to
dominate the organization. It was a strange twist I wasn't expecting at
the time. Such a situation inside Blue Origin might be a good thing,
depending on exactly who from former ULA is in charge (e.g. someone who
really wants to push new technologies and was held back by ULA's parent

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